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The characteristics that make mobile technology so
attractive--portability and convenience--are also what make it
vulnerable. Mobile devices are easily lost or stolen, putting data at
risk. In addition, wireless communication isn't as protected as we'd
like it to be. So, the old adage, "better safe than sorry," still holds
true when it comes to this modern technology. These products help keep
your data and devices safe now, so you won't be sorry later.


AirDefense Enterprise

AirDefense                   By monitoring all 802.11 activity and           correlating events from across your
Call for prices              wireless network, AirDefense Enterprise
                             promises a complete enterprise view of
                             everything happening in your airwaves.
                             This lets you detect wireless intrusions,
                             rogue WLANs policy violations, and other
                             adverse factors affecting the security
                             and performance of your wireless LAN,
                             and mitigate the risks either
                             automatically or via predefined policies.

Aventail SSL VPN Appliance

Aventail Corporation         The Aventail SSL VPN Appliance is a             scalable, enterprise-class, clientless,
$6,995 for EX-750            remote access solution. The appliance
$9,495 for EX-1500           offers policy management and high
                             availability that promises around-the-
                             clock access to critical information.
                             For users, Aventail appliances offer
                             three access options: Web browser access
                             for internal Web applications and file
                             servers; Aventail OnDemand, a small
                             downloadable Java agent for broad
                             application access to client/server
                             applications; or Aventail Connect, a
                             Web-delivered Windows client for
                             application access with additional
                             network and desktop protection. The
                             appliance comes in two versions: Aventail
                             EX-1500 for up to 1,000 concurrent users
                             and Aventail EX-750 for up to 50
                             concurrent users.

Bluefire Mobile Firewall Plus

Bluefire Security            Bluefire Mobile Firewall Plus is a
  Technologies               firewall for handheld devices. It     provides firewall, intrusion detection,
Call for prices              integrity management, encryption, device
                             authentication, and policy-based
                             enterprise security management features.
                             The solution operates over multiple
                             communication protocols including 802.11,
                             CDMA, and GPRS to provide always-on,
                             device-level security. Key features
                             include: real-time logging and alerting;
                             a device-wipe function; password
                             override; device quarantine; and
                             Bluetooth, IR, speaker, and microphone

Credant Mobile Guardian

Credant Technologies         Credant Mobile Guardian centrally              manages security policies across device
$49 per user for client      types and enforces compliance through
  software                   on-device access and application
$999 for policy editor       controls, encryption, and authentication,
FlexySafe Pro                promising enterprise information remains
                             safe beyond the network's "edge." The
                             Credant Mobile Guardian Personal, Group,
                             and Enterprise Editions are building-
                             block" solutions that address device
                             security for individuals, groups of
                             users, and the enterprise.

FlexySafe                    FlexySafe Pro is a steel safe designed   for field engineers and mobile
Price starts at $397         salespeople who need a way to secure
                             their laptop when they leave it in
                             their vehicle. Users can install it in
                             their vehicle using a police-approved
                             securing method that doesn't require
                             bolts or screws, so there's no damage to
                             the vehicle. The safe itself is made of
                             heat-treated hardened steel.

Fortress Technologies AirFortress

Fortress Technologies        The AirFortress family of products         promises a robust, scalable, and easy-
Call for prices              to-manage line of security gateway
                             solutions to ensure privacy of wireless
                             networks and mission-critical enterprise
                             applications. This FIPS-certified
                             security product provides user privacy,
                             access control, device and user
                             authentication, as well as data link
                             layer integrity to guard against denial-
                             of- service attacks. Key features include
                             no-compromise roaming capabilities and
                             VLAN policy support for the deployment,
                             change, and growth of wireless LAN
                             services throughout your enterprise

F-Secure Anti-Virus Small Business Suite

F-Secure                     F-Secure Anti-Virus Small Business Suite             is a centrally managed information
Price starts at $490 for     security solution designed for small-
a five-user pack; volume     and medium-sized businesses using
discounts available          Microsoft Small Business Server. The
                             product includes all needed components
                             in one package: F-Secure Anti-Virus
                             Client Security for antivirus and
                             desktop firewall for workstations; F-
                             Secure Anti-Virus for Windows Servers
                             for antivirus for file servers; F-Secure
                             Anti-Virus for Microsoft Exchange for
                             antivirus for e-mail servers; and F-
                             Secure Policy Manager for central

JP Mobile SureWave Mobile Defense Professional

JP Mobile                    JP Mobile SureWave Mobile Defense locks             mobile devices with an easy-to-use
Call for prices              interlace and flexible protection system.
                             It lets IT departments instantly and
                             wirelessly deploy, update, and enforce
                             security policies enterprise-wide.
                             Administrators have complete control over
                             a wide range of security options,
                             including mandatory device-lock and group
                             settings, remote device wipe, and remote
                             password reset. SureWave Mobile Defense
                             offers optional integration with JP
                             Mobile SureWave Mobile Office, which
                             offers wireless push e-mail and PIM with
                             Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, or
                             Novell GroupWise.

PhatWare PhatNet Professional

PhatWare                     PhatNet Professional is network             monitoring software for IT administrators
$299                         using Microsoft Windows Mobile-based
                             Pocket PCs. Network administrators can
                             troubleshoot a range of packet-based
                             networks and use the real-time analyzer
                             to decode and filter data transported
                             over virtually any kind of LAN or WAN.
                             PhatNet supports monitoring of wired and
                             wireless networks and features a
                             graphical user interface. PhatNet
                             Professional can collect and filter data
                             in a promiscuous mode, letting you export
                             security information in standard formats
                             for charting and statistical analysis.

Stealth Signal XT00 Asset Manager

Stealth Signal               Stealth Signal XTool Asset Manager helps        you inventory and track company laptops.
Price starts at $25 for      The system constantly updates information
one year of service;         about hardware and software so you can
volume discounts             keep track of what software and hardware
available.                   has been installed or removed and when
                             such changes occurred. This solution is
                             designed for organizations that are
                             geographically dispersed with remote
                             offices and/or a large number of mobile
                             users; organizations going through
                             acquisition or merger and needing to
                             assess true asset value; and
                             organizations planning a platform
                             migration and needing a fast and accurate
                             inventory of existing hardware and

Stealth Signal XTool Computer Tracker

Stealth Signal               Stealth Signal)(Tool Computer Tracker
www,        helps assure portable and desktop
Price starts at $49 for      computers are safe and traceable. X fool
one year of service;         Computer I rocker is a software-based
volume discounts             transmitter that, once installed,
available.                   secretly connects to the Stealth Signal
                             Control Center via phone line or Internet
                             connection, allowing the Stealth Signal
                             Recovery Team to track its location when
                             it's reported lost or stolen.) (Tool
                             Computer Tracker also lets you delete
                             files remotely.

Stealth Signal XTool Data Protector

Stealth Signal               Whether you're looking to protect        confidential information from getting
Price starts at $35 for      into the wrong hands or from the
one year of service;         permanent loss of unique data due to
volume discounts             corruption and human error, Stealth
available.                   Signal XTool Data Protector equips laptop
                             computers with the ability to encrypt,
                             hide, and automatically back up important
                             information 24/7.

Symantec AntiVirus for Handhelds

Symantec                     Symantec AntiVirus for Handhelds promises             virus protection against malicious code
$39.99                       that targets Palm and Pocket PC operating
                             systems. Device-resident virus protection
                             safeguards corporate assets and prevents
                             the spread of viruses to the enterprise
                             network. Symantec AntiVirus for Handhelds
                             Corporate Edition with Event and
                             Configuration Manager also provides event
                             and configuration management capabilities
                             that enable logging, alerting, and
                             reporting through a centralized management

Symantec Norton Ghost

Symantec                     Symantec Norton Ghost promises advanced             backup and recovery for laptops. Protect
$69.95                       mobile data by making a backup of the
                             hard drive's contents without restarting
                             Windows. Incremental backups save time
                             and disk space. You can schedule backups
                             to run automatically, and quickly restore
                             individual files, selected folders, or
                             the entire hard drive.

Symantec Norton Personal Firewall

Symantec                     Symantec Norton Personal Firewall             promises to keep personal data in and
$49.99                       hackers out. Out of the box, it makes
%on dabs Zone _77            laptops invisible on the Internet so
                             hackers can't find them. The program's
                             intelligent intrusion prevention
                             technology blocks suspicious Internet
                             traffic, and privacy controls prevent
                             personal information from being
                             transmitted without the user's knowledge.

ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm Pro

ZoneLabs                     ZoneAlarm Pro is a personal firewall for             laptops and desktop machines. It promises
$49.95                       to keep personal data safe from Internet
                             hackers and data thieves. It protects
                             against worms, Trojans, spyware, and a
                             wide range of malicious e-nail
                             attachments. ZoneAlarm also includes
                             cookie-control and ad-blocking software.
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