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Security sense.

Michael McCann's "Tips for Affluent Women Travelers" (Jul/Aug 2008 issue) makes so much sense. There are just too many stories of women traveling on their own who get robbed or swindled in foreign countries and are still clueless why it happened. I used to work for a New York socialite who traveled overseas very often on her own. I suggested to her many times to tone down her clothing and accessories so that she would not be a target for unscrupulous people in the countries she visits, but she never took my advice. After I left her employ I heard that she was attacked and robbed of a very large sum whilst in Turkey earlier this year. Luckily, she was not badly hurt. Good advice, Michael!

Mark C.

Norfolk, VA

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Title Annotation:Readers Write
Author:C., Mark
Publication:Celeb Staff Magazine
Date:Sep 1, 2008
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