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Security company warns of \ Back to School\ online safety.

Children will be back studying and researching in front of their computers, tablets and smartphones as they head back to school this week and Kaspersky Lab has warned that parents need to pay special attention to their children's online activities.

The company said that as well a wealth of

useful material online, kids can easily find undesirable content like adult

material or violence and sites focused on drug abuse, self-harm or even suicide,

so are recommending ways to parents of how to keep their children safe online.

"Limit the amount of time kids spend online. Everybody

would agree that most children are probably spending too much time online.

That's why it is important to have strict guidelines about the time a child

spends on a computer." Kaspersky Lab said in a statement.

It also advises parents to control the content

that their children look at by using a parental control feature which can

enable parents to limit how long their children can use the Internet, as well

as blocking access to inappropriate sites and games and prevent personal data

being shared with others.

Kaspersky's recommendations of what tips parents

should share with their children include: not making private information

available to the public or sending it to strangers, especially contact details,

address and school name; not to tell anyone their phone number or e-mail, or publish

the information on a social network page; not to click any links from unknown

senders; and not

to trust tempting messages of any sort, such as free stuff and discounts but to delete those messages and not to click any links.

As children also

have access to the Internet via tablets, smartphones and other devices, Kaspersky has also advised that parents should ensure those devices are protected against cyber threats

as well.

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Date:Sep 2, 2014
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