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Articles from Security and Communication Networks (July 31, 2020)

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A Lattice-Based Authentication Scheme for Roaming Service in Ubiquitous Networks with Anonymity. Zhou, Yousheng; Wang, Longan 13501
A Multimode Network Steganography for Covert Wireless Communication Based on BitTorrent. Wang, Mingqian; Gu, Weijie; Ma, Changshen 7442
A Systematic Literature Review on Using Machine Learning Algorithms for Software Requirements Identification on Stack Overflow. Ahmad, Arshad; Feng, Chong; Khan, Muzammil; Khan, Asif; Ullah, Ayaz; Nazir, Shah; Tahir, Adnan 14370
An Encrypted Traffic Identification Scheme Based on the Multilevel Structure and Variational Automatic Encoder. Zhai, Jiangtao; Shi, Huaifeng; Wang, Mingqian; Sun, Zhongjun; Xing, Junjun 5696
Authentication and Secrecy of Multicast Communication Scenario: Artificial Noise-Aided Costas Sequence Matrix FDA Approach. Nusenu, Shaddrack Yaw 6521
Certificate-Based Encryption Resilient to Continual Leakage in the Standard Model. Guo, Yuyan; Li, Jiguo; Jiang, Mingming; Yu, Lei; Wei, Shimin 9780
Cryptanalysis and Improvement of a Group Authentication Scheme with Multiple Trials and Multiple Authentications. Xia, Zhe; Liu, Yining; Hsu, Ching-Fang; Chang, Chin-Chen 6726
Deep Autoencoders and Feedforward Networks Based on a New Regularization for Anomaly Detection. Albahar, Marwan Ali; Binsawad, Muhammad 6306
Deep Learning-Based Cryptanalysis of Lightweight Block Ciphers. So, Jaewoo 7015
Efficient Searchable Symmetric Encryption Supporting Dynamic Multikeyword Ranked Search. Zhang, Yu; Li, Yin; Wang, Yifan Report 10119
Evaluator: A Multilevel Decision Approach for Web-Based Landmark Evaluation. Yin, Meijuan; Yang, Wen; Liu, Xiaonan; Luo, Xiangyang 8587
Modelling Features-Based Birthmarks for Security of End-to-End Communication System. Li, Meilian; Nazir, Shah; Khan, Habib Ullah; Shahzad, Sara; Amin, Rohul 5862
Neural Network-Based Voting System with High Capacity and Low Computation for Intrusion Detection in SIEM/IDS Systems. Moukafih, Nabil; Orhanou, Ghizlane; Hajji, Said El 9815
Parallel and Regular Algorithm of Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication over Binary Fields. Li, Xingran; Yu, Wei; Li, Bao 7008
Research on SKINNY Optimal Differential Trail Search. Liu, Shaoqiang; Peng, Chaiyang; Li, Chunjiang 6676
Spam Detection Approach for Secure Mobile Message Communication Using Machine Learning Algorithms. GuangJun, Luo; Nazir, Shah; Khan, Habib Ullah; Haq, Amin Ul 3236
Unordered Multisecret Sharing Based on Generalized Chinese Remainder Theorem. Li, Xiaoping; Chen, Hefeng; Liu, Yanjun; Chang, Chin-Chen 6548
VoNR-IPD: A Novel Timing-Based Network Steganography for Industrial Internet. Wang, Mingqian; Cao, Shuai; Wang, Yunliang 6958

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