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Articles from Security and Communication Networks (April 30, 2019)

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A More Efficient Fully Homomorphic Encryption Scheme Based on GSW and DM Schemes. Wang, Xun; Luo, Tao; Li, Jianfeng 12330
A Novel (t, n) Secret Sharing Scheme Based upon Euler's Theorem. Chen, Hefeng; Chang, Chin-Chen 4407
A Quantum-Based Database Query Scheme for Privacy Preservation in Cloud Environment. Liu, Wenjie; Gao, Peipei; Liu, Zhihao; Chen, Hanwu; Zhang, Maojun 9878
A Short Server-Aided Certificateless Aggregate Multisignature Scheme in the Standard Model. Trinh, Viet Cuong 10915
Avoiding and Isolating Flooding Attack by Enhancing AODV MANET Protocol (AIF_AODV). Zant, Mahmoud Abu; Yasin, Adwan 7582
Corrigendum to "Flow Correlation Degree Optimization Driven Random Forest for Detecting DDoS Attacks in Cloud Computing". Cheng, Jieren; Li, Mengyang; Tang, Xiangyan; Sheng, Victor S.; Liu, Yifu; Guo, Wei Correction notice 233
Designated Verifier Proxy Blind Signature Scheme for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Network Based on Mobile Edge Computing. He, Lei; Ma, Jianfeng; Mo, Ruo; Wei, Dawei 8911
Dynamic Nonparametric Random Forest Using Covariance. Choi, Seok-Hwan; Shin, Jin-Myeong; Choi, Yoon-Ho 7552
EPLC: An Efficient Privacy-Preserving Line-Loss Calculation Scheme for Residential Areas of Smart Grid. Xiong, Yinqiao; Zhu, Peidong; Liu, Zhizhu; Yin, Hui; Deng, Tiantian 8667
Machine Learning for Wireless Multimedia Data Security. Pan, Zhaoqing; Yang, Ching-Nung; Sheng, Victor S.; Xiong, Naixue; Meng, Weizhi 1381
MalDeep: A Deep Learning Classification Framework against Malware Variants Based on Texture Visualization. Zhao, Yuntao; Xu, Chunyu; Bo, Bo; Feng, Yongxin 5263
Malware Detection on Byte Streams of PDF Files Using Convolutional Neural Networks. Jeong, Young-Seob; Woo, Jiyoung; Kang, Ah Reum Report 6479
Measuring the Sum-of-Squares Indicator of Boolean Functions in Encryption Algorithm for Internet of Things. Zhou, Yu; Wei, Yongzhuang; Zhang, Fengrong 13349
MSFA: Multiple System Fingerprint Attack Scheme for IoT Anonymous Communication. Lu, Tianbo; Meng, Ting; Li, Chao; Dong, Guozhen; Li, Huiyang; Zhang, Jiao; Zhang, Xiaoyan 7151
On the Constructions of New Symmetric Ciphers Based on Nonbijective Multivariate Maps of Prescribed Degree. Ustimenko, Vasyl; Romanczuk-Polubiec, Urszula; Wroblewska, Aneta; Polak, Monika Katarzyna; Zhupa, Eu 16111
On the Development of an Optimal Structure of Tree Parity Machine for the Establishment of a Cryptographic Key. Dorokhin, Edgar Salguero; Fuertes, Walter; Lascano, Edison 6344
Optimizing Computer Worm Detection Using Ensembles. Ochieng, Nelson; Mwangi, Waweru; Ateya, Ismail 4925
RAMHU: A New Robust Lightweight Scheme for Mutual Users Authentication in Healthcare Applications. Zubaidie, Mishall Al-; Zhang, Zhongwei; Zhang, Ji 16268
Secure Multiparty Computation and Trusted Hardware: Examining Adoption Challenges and Opportunities. Choi, Joseph I.; Butler, Kevin R.B. 24562
Security Measure for Image Steganography Based on High Dimensional KL Divergence. Song, Haitao; Tang, Guangming; Sun, Yifeng; Gao, Zhanzhan 7600
SSPSoC: A Secure SDN-Based Protocol over MPSoC. Ellinidou, Soultana; Sharma, Gaurav; Rigas, Theo; Vanspouwen, Tristan; Markowitch, Olivier; Dricot, 6984
The Meeting of Acquaintances: A Cost-Efficient Authentication Scheme for Light-Weight Objects with Transient Trust Level and Plurality Approach. Dang, Tran Khanh; Tran, Khanh T.K. 13425
Usability Evaluation Model for Biometric System considering Privacy Concern Based on MCDM Model. Oh, Junhyoung; Lee, Ukjin; Lee, Kyungho 9499
Visual and Textual Analysis for Image Trustworthiness Assessment within Online News. Lago, Federica; Phan, Quoc-Tin; Boato, Giulia 9605

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