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Articles from Security and Communication Networks (January 1, 2018)

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5G NB-IoT: Efficient Network Traffic Filtering for Multitenant IoT Cellular Networks. Salva-Garcia, Pablo; Alcaraz-Calero, Jose M.; Wang, Qi; Bernabe, Jorge Bernal; Skarmeta, Antonio 11539
A Balanced Trust-Based Method to Counter Sybil and Spartacus Attacks in Chord. Pecori, Riccardo; Veltri, Luca 12547
A Cascaded Algorithm for Image Quality Assessment and Image Denoising Based on CNN for Image Security and Authorization. Li, Jianjun; Yu, Jie; Xu, Lanlan; Xue, Xinying; Chang, Chin-Chen; Mao, Xiaoyang; Hu, Junfeng 5753
A Cascading Failure Model for Command and Control Networks with Hierarchy Structure. Gao, Xiue; Zhang, Duoping; Li, Keqiu; Chen, Bo 8673
A Cheating Detectable Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing Scheme for Cloud Computing. Wang, Xin; Yang, Bo; Xia, Zhe; Zhao, Yanqi; Yu, Huifang 9168
A Classification Detection Algorithm Based on Joint Entropy Vector against Application-Layer DDoS Attack. Zhao, Yuntao; Zhang, Wenbo; Feng, Yongxin; Yu, Bo 4655
A Closer Look at Intrusion Detection System for Web Applications. Agarwal, Nancy; Hussain, Syed Zeeshan Report 19770
A Clustering K-Anonymity Privacy-Preserving Method for Wearable IoT Devices. Liu, Fang; Li, Tong 4514
A Combined Static and Dynamic Analysis Approach to Detect Malicious Browser Extensions. Wang, Yao; Cai, Wandong; Lyu, Pin; Shao, Wei 12386
A Comparative Analysis of Information Hiding Techniques for Copyright Protection of Text Documents. Ahvanooey, Milad Taleby; Li, Qianmu; Shim, Hiuk Jae; Huang, Yanyan 14451
A Compatible OpenFlow Platform for Enabling Security Enhancement in SDN. Cheng, Haosu; Liu, Jianwei; Mao, Jian; Wang, Mengmeng; Chen, Jie; Bian, Jingdong 9631
A Constraint-Aware Optimization Method for Concurrency Bug Diagnosis Service in a Distributed Cloud Environment. Bo, Lili; Jiang, Shujuan 7040
A DDoS Attack Detection Method Based on SVM in Software Defined Network. Ye, Jin; Cheng, Xiangyang; Zhu, Jian; Feng, Luting; Song, Ling 5246
A Dynamic Hidden Forwarding Path Planning Method Based on Improved Q-Learning in SDN Environments. Chen, Yun; Lv, Kun; Hu, Changzhen 6677
A Feasible Fuzzy-Extended Attribute-Based Access Control Technique. Xu, Yang; Gao, Wuqiang; Zeng, Quanrun; Wang, Guojun; Ren, Ju; Zhang, Yaoxue 7945
A Framework for Vulnerability Detection in European Train Control Railway Communications. Arsuaga, Irene; Toledo, Nerea; Lopez, Igor; Aguado, Marina 4712
A General Architecture for Multiserver Authentication Key Agreement with Provable Security. Zhang, Yunru; Luo, Min; Choo, Kim-Kwang Raymond; He, Debiao 7358
A Heuristic Model for Supporting Users' Decision-Making in Privacy Disclosure for Recommendation. Wu, Hongchen; Zhang, Huaxiang; Cui, Lizhen; Wang, Xinjun 10590
A High-Security and Smart Interaction System Based on Hand Gesture Recognition for Internet of Things. Xu, Jun; Zhang, Xiong; Zhou, Meng 5086
A Homomorphic Network Coding Signature Scheme for Multiple Sources and its Application in IoT. Li, Tong; Chen, Wenbin; Tang, Yi; Yan, Hongyang 4865
A Methodology and Toolkit for Deploying Reliable Security Policies in Critical Infrastructures. Jaidi, Faouzi; Ayachi, Faten Labbene; Bouhoula, Adel 11242
A Model Based on Convolutional Neural Network for Online Transaction Fraud Detection. Zhang, Zhaohui; Zhou, Xinxin; Zhang, Xiaobo; Wang, Lizhi; Wang, Pengwei 5151
A Modification-Free Steganography Method Based on Image Information Entropy. ShuangKui, Xia; Wu, Jianbin 4837
A New Chaos-Based Color Image Encryption Scheme with an Efficient Substitution Keystream Generation Strategy. Fu, Chong; Zhang, Gao-yuan; Zhu, Mai; Chen, Zhe; Lei, Wei-min 7613
A New Type of Graphical Passwords Based on Odd-Elegant Labelled Graphs. Wang, Hongyu; Xu, Jin; Ma, Mingyuan; Zhang, Hongyan 6535
A New Unified Intrusion Anomaly Detection in Identifying Unseen Web Attacks. Kamarudin, Muhammad Hilmi; Maple, Carsten; Watson, Tim; Safa, Nader Sohrabi 12446
A Novel AMR-WB Speech Steganography Based on Diameter-Neighbor Codebook Partition. He, Junhui; Chen, Junxi; Xiao, Shichang; Huang, Xiaoyu; Tang, Shaohua 6479
A Novel Approach for Classifying MANETs Attacks with a Neutrosophic Intelligent System based on Genetic Algorithm. Elwahsh, Haitham; Gamal, Mona; Salama, A.A.; El-Henawy, I.M. 5046
A Novel Blind and Robust Video Watermarking Technique in Fast Motion Frames Based on SVD and MR-SVD. Nouioua, Imen; Amardjia, Nouredine; Belilita, Sarra 6338
A Novel Differential Game Model-Based Intrusion Response Strategy in Fog Computing. An, Xingshuo; Lin, Fuhong; Xu, Shenggang; Miao, Li; Gong, Chao 4718
A Novel Image Authentication with Tamper Localization and Self-Recovery in Encrypted Domain Based on Compressive Sensing. Zhang, Rui; Xiao, Di; Chang, Yanting 8035
A Novel Immune-Inspired Shellcode Detection Algorithm Based on Hyperellipsoid Detectors. Lu, Tianliang; Zhang, Lu; Fu, Yixian 6609
A Novel Load Capacity Model with a Tunable Proportion of Load Redistribution against Cascading Failures. Zhang, Zhen-Hao; Song, Yurong; Xia, Lingling; Li, Yin-Wei; Zhang, Liang; Jiang, Guo-Ping 4348
A Novel Multiple-Bits Collision Attack Based on Double Detection with Error-Tolerant Mechanism. Yuan, Ye; Wu, Liji; Yang, Yijun; Zhang, Xiangmin 7962
A Novel Multiserver Authentication Protocol with Multifactors for Cloud Service. Song, Jian; Li, Guang-song; Xu, Bo-ru; Ma, Chuan-gui 7355
A Novel Secure Scheme for Supporting Complex SQL Queries over Encrypted Databases in Cloud Computing. Liu, Guoxiu; Yang, Geng; Wang, Huaqun; Xiang, Yang; Dai, Hua 11761
A Novel Security Scheme Based on Instant Encrypted Transmission for Internet of Things. Wang, Chen; Shen, Jian; Liu, Qi; Ren, Yongjun; Li, Tong 4977
A Novel Technique for the Construction of Safe Substitution Boxes Based on Cyclic and Symmetric Groups. Razaq, Abdul; Al-Olayan, Hanan A.; Ullah, Atta; Riaz, Arshad; Waheed, Adil 5171
A Novel Trust Taxonomy for Shared Cyber Threat Intelligence. Wagner, Thomas D.; Palomar, Esther; Mahbub, Khaled; Abdallah, Ali E. 7490
A Privacy Preserving Approach to Collaborative Systemic Risk Identification: The Use-Case of Supply Chain Networks. Zare-Garizy, Tirazheh; Fridgen, Gilbert; Wederhake, Lars 13552
A Privacy Protection Model of Data Publication Based on Game Theory. Kuang, Li; Zhu, Yujia; Li, Shuqi; Yan, Xuejin; Yan, Han; Deng, Shuiguang 7973
A Privacy-Preserving Incentive Mechanism for Participatory Sensing Systems. Niu, Xiaoguang; Wang, Jiawei; Ye, Qiongzan; Zhang, Yihao 10098
A Relative Phase Based Audio Integrity Protection Method: Model and Strategy. Li, Zhaozheng; Lei, Weimin; Zhang, Wei; Jo, Kwanghyok 6113
A Robust Watermarking Scheme Based on the Mean Modulation of DWT Coefficients. Kricha, Zied; Kricha, Anis; Sakly, Anis 9406
A Secure and Anonymous Two-Factor Authentication Protocol in Multiserver Environment. Wang, Chenyu; Xu, Guoai; Li, Wenting 12507
A Secure Ciphertext Retrieval Scheme against Insider KGAs for Mobile Devices in Cloud Storage. Xie, Run; He, Chanlian; Xie, Dongqing; Gao, Chongzhi; Zhang, Xiaojun Report 6261
A Secure Incentive Scheme for Vehicular Delay Tolerant Networks Using Cryptocurrency. Park, Youngho; Sur, Chul; Rhee, Kyung-Hyune 8560
A Secure Multimedia Data Sharing Scheme for Wireless Network. Fang, Liming; Liu, Liang; Xia, Jinyue; Sun, Maosheng 8298
A Security Sandbox Approach of Android Based on Hook Mechanism. Jiang, Xin; Liu, Mingzhe; Yang, Kun; Liu, Yanhua; Wang, Ruili 4095
A Semistructured Random Identifier Protocol for Anonymous Communication in SDN Network. Wang, Yulong; Yi, Junjie; Guo, Jun; Qiao, Yanbo; Qi, Mingyue; Chen, Qingyu 15239
A Sequence Number Prediction Based Bait Detection Scheme to Mitigate Sequence Number Attacks in MANETs. Jhaveri, Rutvij H.; Desai, Aneri; Patel, Ankit; Zhong, Yubin 7946
A Smart Trust Management Method to Detect On-Off Attacks in the Internet of Things. Caminha, Jean; Perkusich, Angelo; Perkusich, Mirko 5148
A Source Hiding Identity-Based Proxy Reencryption Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network. Ge, Chunpeng; Xia, Jinyue; Wu, Aaron; Li, Hongwei; Wang, Yao 5710
A Study on Effectiveness Evaluation for the Physical Protection System of a High Security Prison Based on the Cloud Model. Yin, Ke 6001
A Survey of Automatic Protocol Reverse Engineering Approaches, Methods, and Tools on the Inputs and Outputs View. Sija, Baraka D.; Goo, Young-Hoon; Shim, Kyu-Seok; Hasanova, Huru; Kim, Myung-Sup 12301
A Survey of How to Use Blockchain to Secure Internet of Things and the Stalker Attack. Jesus, Emanuel Ferreira; Chicarino, Vanessa R.L.; de Albuquerque, Celio V.N.; de A. Rocha, Antonio A 22215
A Survey on Breaking Technique of Text-Based CAPTCHA. Chen, Jun; Luo, Xiangyang; Guo, Yanqing; Zhang, Yi; Gong, Daofu 8009
A Survey on Security-Aware Measurement in SDN. Zhang, Heng; Cai, Zhiping; Liu, Qiang; Xiao, Qingjun; Li, Yangyang; Cheang, Chak Fone 7587
A Symmetric Key Based Deduplicatable Proof of Storage for Encrypted Data in Cloud Storage Environments. Park, Cheolhee; Kim, Hyunil; Hong, Dowon; Seo, Changho 12899
A UAV-Aided Cluster Head Election Framework and Applying Such to Security-Driven Cluster Head Election Schemes: A Survey. Wang, Gicheol; Lee, Byoung-Sun; Ahn, Jae Young; Cho, Gihwan 13601
A Vendor-Neutral Unified Core for Cryptographic Operations in GF(p) and GF([2.sup.m]) Based on Montgomery Arithmetic. Schramm, Martin; Dojen, Reiner; Heigl, Michael 13867
A VQ-Based Joint Fingerprinting and Decryption Scheme for Secure and Efficient Image Distribution. Li, Ming; Ren, Hua; Zhang, En; Wang, Wei; Sun, Lin; Xiao, Di 6721
A Wireless Covert Channel Based on Constellation Shaping Modulation. Cao, Pengcheng; Liu, Weiwei; Liu, Guangjie; Ji, Xiaopeng; Zhai, Jiangtao; Dai, Yuewei 6942
Abnormal Behavior Detection to Identify Infected Systems Using the APChain Algorithm and Behavioral Profiling. Seo, Jungwoo; Lee, Sangjin 14662
Achieving the Optimal k-Anonymity for Content Privacy in Interactive Cyberphysical Systems. Wang, Jinbao; Tian, Ling; Huang, Yan; Yang, Donghua; Gao, Hong Report 12139
Adaptive DDoS Attack Detection Method Based on Multiple-Kernel Learning. Cheng, Jieren; Zhang, Chen; Tang, Xiangyan; Sheng, Victor S.; Dong, Zhe; Li, Junqi 10161
Adaptive Secure Cross-Cloud Data Collaboration with Identity-Based Cryptography and Conditional Proxy Re-Encryption. Huang, Qinlong; He, Yue; Yue, Wei; Yang, Yixian 7208
An Adaptive Audio Steganography for Covert Wireless Communication. Xin, Guojiang; Liu, Yuling; Yang, Ting; Cao, Yu 5528
An Aggregate Signature Based Trust Routing for Data Gathering in Sensor Networks. Tang, Jiawei; Liu, Anfeng; Zhao, Ming; Wang, Tian Report 19144
An Alternative Method for Understanding User-Chosen Passwords. Zheng, Zhixiong; Cheng, Haibo; Zhang, Zijian; Zhao, Yiming; Wang, Ping Report 9170
An Approach for Internal Network Security Metric Based on Attack Probability. Shan, Chun; Jiang, Benfu; Xue, Jingfeng; Guan, Fang; Xiao, Na 6394
An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Financial Fraud Detection under IoT Environment: A Survey and Implementation. Choi, Dahee; Lee, Kyungho 7594
An Effective Classification Approach for Big Data Security Based on GMPLS/MPLS Networks. Alouneh, Sahel; Al-Hawari, Feras; Hababeh, Ismail; Ghinea, Gheorghita 5534
An Effective Framework for Chaotic Image Encryption Based on 3D Logistic Map. Ye, Guodong; Jiao, Kaixin; Pan, Chen; Huang, Xiaoling 5962
An Effective Integrity Verification Scheme of Cloud Data Based on BLS Signature. Luo, Xiling; Zhou, Zequan; Zhong, Lin; Mao, Jian; Chen, Chaoyong 8032
An Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Multiuser Cloud-Based LBS Query Scheme. Ou, Lu; Yin, Hui; Qin, Zheng; Xiao, Sheng; Yang, Guangyi; Hu, Yupeng 7438
An Efficient and Provably-Secure Certificateless Proxy-Signcryption Scheme for Electronic Prescription System. Li, Li; Zhou, Siqin; Choo, Kim-Kwang Raymond; Li, Xiaohong; He, Debiao 8398
An Efficient Certificateless Generalized Signcryption Scheme. Zhang, Bo; Jia, Zhongtian; Zhao, Chuan 11233
An Efficient Three-Party Authentication Scheme for Data Exchange in Medical Environment. Chiou, Shin-Yan; Lin, Ching-Hsuan 9155
An Ensemble Learning Method for Wireless Multimedia Device Identification. Zhang, Zhen; Li, Yibing; Wang, Chao; Wang, Meiyu; Tu, Ya; Wang, Jin 4837
An Epidemic Model of Computer Worms with Time Delay and Variable Infection Rate. Yao, Yu; Fu, Qiang; Yang, Wei; Wang, Ying; Sheng, Chuan 4876
An Evolutionary Computation Based Feature Selection Method for Intrusion Detection. Xue, Yu; Jia, Weiwei; Zhao, Xuejian; Pang, Wei 7234
An Exploitability Analysis Technique for Binary Vulnerability Based on Automatic Exception Suppression. Jiang, Zhiyuan; Feng, Chao; Tang, Chaojing 12460
An Imbalanced Malicious Domains Detection Method Based on Passive DNS Traffic Analysis. Liu, Zhenyan; Zeng, Yifei; Zhang, Pengfei; Xue, Jingfeng; Zhang, Ji; Liu, Jiangtao 5001
An Improved Permission Management Scheme of Android Application Based on Machine Learning. Niu, Shaozhang; Huang, Ruqiang; Chen, Wenbo; Xue, Yiming 5857
An Injective S-Box Design Scheme over an Ordered Isomorphic Elliptic Curve and Its Characterization. Azam, Naveed Ahmed; Hayat, Umar; Ullah, Ikram 7427
An Intrusion Detection and Prevention Framework for Internet-Integrated CoAP WSN. Granjal, Jorge; Pedroso, Artur 8409
An Open Architecture Framework for Electronic Warfare Based Approach to HLA Federate Development. Kang, HyunSeo; Sung, YoonJe; Kwon, HyoungJun; Yoon, SugJoon; Choi, SangYeong 5265
Analysis and Evaluation of SafeDroid v2.0, a Framework for Detecting Malicious Android Applications. Argyriou, Marios; Dragoni, Nicola; Spognardi, Angelo 10632
Analysis of Iterative Erasure Insertion and Decoding of FH/MFSK Systems without Channel State Information. Park, Jinsoo; Kim, Gangsan; Song, Hong-Yeop; Kim, Chanki; No, Jong-Seon; Kim, Suil 7396
Analysis of Software Implemented Low Entropy Masking Schemes. Li, Dan; Chen, Jiazhe; Wang, An; Wang, Xiaoyun Report 5272
Analysis on Influential Functions in the Weighted Software Network. He, Haitao; Shan, Chun; Tian, Xiangmin; Wei, Yalei; Huang, Guoyan 5601
Analysis on Matrix GSW-FHE and Optimizing Bootstrapping. Zhao, Xiufeng; Mao, Hefeng; Liu, Shuai; Song, Weitao; Zhang, Bo 5606
Android Malware Characterization Using Metadata and Machine Learning Techniques. Martin, Ignacio; Hernandez, Jose Alberto; Munoz, Alfonso; Guzman, Antonio 7139
AppFA: A Novel Approach to Detect Malicious Android Applications on the Network. He, Gaofeng; Xu, Bingfeng; Zhu, Haiting 10376
Application of Temperature Prediction Based on Neural Network in Intrusion Detection of IoT. Liu, Xuefei; Zhang, Chao; Liu, Pingzeng; Yan, Maoling; Wang, Baojia; Zhang, Jianyong; Higgs, Russell 6380
Applied Cryptography and Noise Resistant Data Security. Hussain, Iqtadar; Ahmed, Fawad; Khokhar, Umar M.; Anees, Amir 867
Assessment of Secure OpenID-Based DAAA Protocol for Avoiding Session Hijacking in Web Applications. Bilal, Muhammad; Asif, Muhammad; Bashir, Abid 5946
Asynchronous Group Authentication Based on Geometric Approach. Wang, Hong; Li, Jianhua; Zhu, Feng; Wang, Zhe 5314
Attribute-Based Anonymous Handover Authentication Protocol for Wireless Networks. Zeng, Yongbin; Guang, Hui; Li, Guangsong 7094
Automatic Benchmark Generation Framework for Malware Detection. Liang, Guanghui; Pang, Jianmin; Shan, Zheng; Yang, Runqing; Chen, Yihang 5647
BAVP: Blockchain-Based Access Verification Protocol in LEO Constellation Using IBE Keys. Wei, Songjie; Li, Shuai; Liu, Peilong; Liu, Meilin 8787
Behaviors of High-Frequency Subscribers in Cellular Data Networks. Li, Jingtao; Liu, Yang; Pei, Wengang; Cao, Zhen 7791
Big Data Analytics for Information Security. Szczypiorski, Krzysztof; Wang, Liqiang; Luo, Xiangyang; Ye, Dengpan 762
Blind Key Based Attack Resistant Audio Steganography Using Cocktail Party Effect. Banik, Barnali Gupta; Bandyopadhyay, Samir Kumar 9315
Bootstrapping of FHE over the Integers with Large Message Space. Lian, Zhizhu; Hu, Yupu; Chen, Hu; Wang, Baocang 9088
CAFA: A Checksum-Aware Fuzzing Assistant Tool for Coverage Improvement. Liu, Xiaolong; Wei, Qiang; Wang, Qingxian; Zhao, Zheng; Yin, Zhongxu Report 9091
Close to Optimally Secure Variants of GCM. Zhang, Ping; Hu, Hong-Gang; Yuan, Qian 9689
Cloud Based Data Protection in Anonymously Controlled SDN. Shen, Jian; Shen, Jun; Lai, Chin-Feng; Liu, Qi; Zhou, Tianqi 5532
Comparable Encryption Scheme over Encrypted Cloud Data in Internet of Everything. Meng, Qian; Ma, Jianfeng; Chen, Kefei; Miao, Yinbin; Yang, Tengfei Report 8038
Confidentiality-Preserving Publicly Verifiable Computation Schemes for Polynomial Evaluation and Matrix-Vector Multiplication. Sun, Jiameng; Zhu, Binrui; Qin, Jing; Hu, Jiankun; Ma, Jixin 11767
Constructing APT Attack Scenarios Based on Intrusion Kill Chain and Fuzzy Clustering. Zhang, Ru; Huo, Yanyu; Liu, Jianyi; Weng, Fangyu 5060
Construction of a New Biometric-Based Key Derivation Function and Its Application. Seo, Minhye; Park, Jong Hwan; Kim, Youngsam; Cho, Sangrae; Lee, Dong Hoon; Hwang, Jung Yeon Report 12418
Corrigendum to "A New Metric for Flow-Level Filtering of Low-Rate DDoS Attacks". Simsek, Mehmet Correction notice 271
Cost-Sensitive Distributed Machine Learning for NetFlow-Based Botnet Activity Detection. Kozik, Rafal; Pawlicki, Marek; Choras, Michal 6135
Covert Communication Networks in Hostile Environments. Kim, Kiseon; Ben-Othman, Jalel; Mahalik, Prem 1424
Cryptanalysis of Compact-LWE and Related Lightweight Public Key Encryption. Xiao, Dianyan; Yu, Yang 7663
Cyberspace Security for Future Internet. Zhang, Dafang; Wang, Guojun; Wang, Xin; Li, Zhengyu; Li, Wenjia 468
Data Fusion for Network Intrusion Detection: A Review. Li, Guoquan; Yan, Zheng; Fu, Yulong; Chen, Hanlu 12576
Data-Driven and Low-Sparsity False Data Injection Attacks in Smart Grid. Tian, Jiwei; Wang, Buhong; Li, Xia 6255
DDoS-Capable IoT Malwares: Comparative Analysis and Mirai Investigation. De Donno, Michele; Dragoni, Nicola; Giaretta, Alberto; Spognardi, Angelo 23120
Deep Learning Approaches for Predictive Masquerade Detection. Elmasry, Wisam; Akbulut, Akhan; Zaim, Abdul Halim Report 17451
Deep Learning Hash for Wireless Multimedia Image Content Security. Zheng, Yu; Zhu, Jiezhong; Fang, Wei; Chi, Lian-Hua 8703
Defending against the Advanced Persistent Threat: An Optimal Control Approach. Li, Pengdeng; Yang, Xiaofan; Xiong, Qingyu; Wen, Junhao; Tang, Yuan Yan 6505
Demadroid: Object Reference Graph-Based Malware Detection in Android. Wang, Huanran; He, Hui; Zhang, Weizhe 9592
Design and Analysis of Push Notification-Based Malware on Android. Hyun, Sangwon; Cho, Junsung; Cho, Geumhwan; Kim, Hyoungshick 8843
Design and Implementation of a Mobile Voting System Using a Novel Oblivious and Proxy Signature. Chiou, Shin-Yan; Wang, Tsung-Ju; Chen, Jiun-Ming 9586
Detecting Malware with an Ensemble Method Based on Deep Neural Network. Yan, Jinpei; Qi, Yong; Rao, Qifan 11806
Detecting P2P Botnet in Software Defined Networks. Su, Shang-Chiuan; Chen, Yi-Ren; Tsai, Shi-Chun; Lin, Yi-Bing 9019
Detecting Potential Insider Threat: Analyzing Insiders' Sentiment Exposed in Social Media. Park, Won; You, Youngin; Lee, Kyungho 5599
Detection Method for Distributed Web-Crawlers: A Long-Tail Threshold Model. Ro, Inwoo; Han, Joong Soo; Im, Eul Gyu 3893
Detection System of HTTP DDoS Attacks in a Cloud Environment Based on Information Theoretic Entropy and Random Forest. Idhammad, Mohamed; Afdel, Karim; Belouch, Mustapha Report 8336
Development of the ECAT Preprocessor with the Trust Communication Approach. Akpinar, Kevser Ovaz; Ozcelik, Ibrahim 9979
Differential Cryptanalysis on Block Cipher Skinny with MILP Program. Zhang, Pei; Zhang, Wenying 5830
Differentially Private Recommendation System Based on Community Detection in Social Network Applications. Li, Gesu; Cai, Zhipeng; Yin, Guisheng; He, Zaobo; Siddula, Madhuri 11746
Distance Measurement Methods for Improved Insider Threat Detection. Lo, Owen; Buchanan, William J.; Griffiths, Paul; Macfarlane, Richard 9653
DNS Tunneling Detection Method Based on Multilabel Support Vector Machine. Almusawi, Ahmed; Amintoosi, Haleh 5059
DR-Net: A Novel Generative Adversarial Network for Single Image Deraining. Li, Chen; Guo, Yecai; Liu, Qi; Liu, Xiaodong 6361
Duo: Software Defined Intrusion Tolerant System Using Dual Cluster. Lee, Yongjae; Lee, Seunghyeon; Seo, Hyunmin; Yoon, Changhoon; Shin, Seungwon; Yoon, Hyunsoo 8705
Efficient and Secure Biometric-Based User Authenticated Key Agreement Scheme with Anonymity. Kang, Dongwoo; Jung, Jaewook; Kim, Hyoungshick; Lee, Youngsook; Won, Dongho 8632
Efficient Channel Selection and Routing Algorithm for Multihop, Multichannel Cognitive Radio Networks with Energy Harvesting under Jamming Attacks. Thanh, Pham-Duy; Vu-Van, Hiep; Koo, Insoo 7286
Efficient Compression and Encryption for Digital Data Transmission. Carpentieri, Bruno 5704
Efficient Parallel Implementation of Matrix Multiplication for Lattice-Based Cryptography on Modern ARM Processor. Park, Taehwan; Seo, Hwajeong; Kim, Junsub; Park, Haeryong; Kim, Howon 6607
Emerging and Unconventional: New Attacks and Innovative Detection Techniques. Caviglione, Luca; Mazurczyk, Wojciech; Wendzel, Steffen; Zander, Sebastian 498
Energy and Area Costs of Lightweight Cryptographic Algorithms for Authenticated Encryption in WSN. Lara-Nino, Carlos Andres; Diaz-Perez, Arturo; Morales-Sandoval, Miguel 9358
Energy-Efficient Cloudlet Management for Privacy Preservation in Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks. Xu, Xiaolong; Huang, Rui; Dou, Ruihan; Li, Yuancheng; Zhang, Jie; Huang, Tao; Yu, Wenbin 9246
Enhanced Adaptive Cloudlet Placement Approach for Mobile Application on Spark. Zhang, Yiwen; Wang, Kaibin; Zhou, Yuan-yuan; He, Qiang 7021
Epidemic Model of Algorithm-Enhanced Dedicated Virus through Networks. Du, Yi-Hong; Liu, Shi-Hua 3678
Exploiting Proximity-Based Mobile Apps for Large-Scale Location Privacy Probing. Zhao, Shuang; Luo, Xiapu; Ma, Xiaobo; Bai, Bo; Zhao, Yankang; Zou, Wei; Yang, Zeming; Au, Man Ho; Qi 12563
Exploiting the Security Aspects of Compressive Sampling. Chen, Junxin; Zhang, Leo Yu; Zhang, Yushu; Pareschi, Fabio; Yao, Yu-Dong 591
Exploiting the Vulnerability of Flow Table Overflow in Software-Defined Network: Attack Model, Evaluation, and Defense. Zhou, Yadong; Chen, Kaiyue; Zhang, Junjie; Leng, Junyuan; Tang, Yazhe 8955
Fake and Real Massaging at the Same Time with QR Code in Web Services for Different Users. Yesiltepe, Mirsat; Kurulay, Muhammet 6328
FAS: Using FPGA to Accelerate and Secure SDN Software Switches. Fu, Wenwen; Li, Tao; Sun, Zhigang 7003
Fine-Grained Control-Flow Integrity Based on Points-to Analysis for CPS. Qiang, Weizhong; Wang, Shizhen; Jin, Hai; Zhong, Jiangying 7863
Fingerprinting Network Entities Based on Traffic Analysis in High-Speed Network Environment. Gu, Xiaodan; Yang, Ming; Zhang, Yiting; Pan, Peilong; Ling, Zhen 10120
Flow Correlation Degree Optimization Driven Random Forest for Detecting DDoS Attacks in Cloud Computing. Cheng, Jieren; Li, Mengyang; Tang, Xiangyan; Sheng, Victor S.; Liu, Yifu; Guo, Wei 10908
FTP: An Approximate Fast Privacy-Preserving Equality Test Protocol for Authentication in Internet of Things. Zhu, Youwen; Zhang, Yue; Yuan, Jiabin; Wang, Xianmin 8187
Function-Aware Anomaly Detection Based on Wavelet Neural Network for Industrial Control Communication. Wan, Ming; Song, Yan; Jing, Yuan; Wang, Junlu 6588
GANs Based Density Distribution Privacy-Preservation on Mobility Data. Yin, Dan; Yang, Qing 7663
Global Behavior of a Computer Virus Propagation Model on Multilayer Networks. Zhang, Chunming 4634
GLPP: A Game-Based Location Privacy-Preserving Framework in Account Linked Mixed Location-Based Services. Ma, Zhuo; Cao, Jiuxin; Chen, Xiusheng; Xu, Shuai; Liu, Bo; Yang, Yuntao 9928
HAC: Hybrid Access Control for Online Social Networks. Shan, Fangfang; Li, Hui; Li, Fenghua; Guo, Yunchuan; Niu, Ben 7407
Hardware/Software Adaptive Cryptographic Acceleration for Big Data Processing. Xiao, Chunhua; Zhang, Lei; Xie, Yuhua; Liu, Weichen; Liu, Duo 12498
High Capacity Image Steganography Using Modified LSB Substitution and PVD against Pixel Difference Histogram Analysis. Swain, Gandharba 6979
High Embedding Capacity Data Hiding Algorithm for H.264/AVC Video Sequences without Intraframe Distortion Drift. Nguyen, Dinh-Chien; Nguyen, Thai-Son; Chang, Chin-Chen; Hsueh, Huan-Sheng; Hsu, Fang-Rong 6938
HYBINT: A Hybrid Intelligence System for Critical Infrastructures Protection. Hingant, Javier; Zambrano, Marcelo; Perez, Francisco J.; Perez, Israel; Esteve, Manuel 7380
Hybrid Internal Anomaly Detection System for IoT: Reactive Nodes with Cross-Layer Operation. Thanigaivelan, Nanda Kumar; Nigussie, Ethiopia; Virtanen, Seppo; Isoaho, Jouni 9814
Hybrid Secure Authentication and Key Exchange Scheme for M2M Home Networks. Coruh, Ugur; Bayat, Oguz 15800
ID-Based Public Auditing Protocol for Cloud Data Integrity Checking with Privacy-Preserving and Effective Aggregation Verification. Kang, Baoyuan; Si, Lin; Jiang, Hong; Li, Chunqing; Xie, Mingming 4676
Identifying Fake Accounts on Social Networks Based on Graph Analysis and Classification Algorithms. Mohammadrezaei, Mohammadreza; Shiri, Mohammad Ebrahim; Rahmani, Amir Masoud 4898
Identity-Based Proxy Signcryption Protocol with Universal Composability. Yu, Huifang; Wang, Zhicang; Li, Jianmin; Gao, Xinzhe 10213
Improved Construction for Inner Product Functional Encryption. Zhao, Qingsong; Zeng, Qingkai; Liu, Ximeng 8402
Improved Encrypted-Signals-Based Reversible Data Hiding Using Code Division Multiplexing and Value Expansion. Chen, Xianyi; Zhong, Haidong; Xiong, Lizhi; Xia, Zhihua 6544
Improved Integral Attacks on SIMON32 and SIMON48 with Dynamic Key-Guessing Techniques. Chu, Zhihui; Chen, Huaifeng; Wang, Xiaoyun; Dong, Xiaoyang; Li, Lu 9929
Information Propagation Prediction Based on Key Users Authentication in Microblogging. Yu, Miao; Zhang, Yongzheng; Zang, Tianning; Wang, Yipeng; Wang, Yijing 4510
International Network Performance and Security Testing Based on Distributed Abyss Storage Cluster and Draft of Data Lake Framework. Cha, ByungRae; Park, Sun; Kim, JongWon; Pan, SungBum; Shin, JuHyun 3785
Iris Template Protection Based on Local Ranking. Zhao, Dongdong; Fang, Shu; Xiang, Jianwen; Tian, Jing; Xiong, Shengwu 7376
Jammer Localization in Multihop Wireless Networks Based on Gravitational Search. Wang, Tongxiang; Wei, Xianglin; Fan, Jianhua; Liang, Tao 5055
Key Substitution Attacks on Lattice Signature Schemes Based on SIS Problem. An, Youngjoo; Lee, Hyang-Sook; Lee, Juhee; Lim, Seongan 12573
Kuijia: Traffic Rescaling in Software-Defined Data Center WANs. Zhang, Che; Xu, Hong; Liu, Libin; Niu, Zhixiong; Wang, Peng 7867
LA-GRU: Building Combined Intrusion Detection Model Based on Imbalanced Learning and Gated Recurrent Unit Neural Network. Yan, Binghao; Han, Guodong 8874
Large-Scale Analysis of Remote Code Injection Attacks in Android Apps. Choi, Hyunwoo; Kim, Yongdae 12834
Latent Fingerprint Segmentation Based on Ridge Density and Orientation Consistency. Liu, Manhua; Liu, Shuxin; Yan, Weiwu 4623
Leverage Website Favicon to Detect Phishing Websites. Chiew, Kang Leng; Choo, Jeffrey Soon-Fatt; Sze, San Nah; Yong, Kelvin S.C. 9113
Leveraging KVM Events to Detect Cache-Based Side Channel Attacks in a Virtualization Environment. Paundu, Ady Wahyudi; Fall, Doudou; Miyamoto, Daisuke; Kadobayashi, Youki 13325
LSTM-Based Hierarchical Denoising Network for Android Malware Detection. Yan, Jinpei; Qi, Yong; Rao, Qifan Report 12683
LWR-Based Fully Homomorphic Encryption, Revisited. Luo, Fucai; Wang, Fuqun; Wang, Kunpeng; Li, Jie; Chen, Kefei 10963
Meaningful Image Encryption Based on Reversible Data Hiding in Compressive Sensing Domain. Li, Ming; Fan, Haiju; Ren, Hua; Lu, Dandan; Xiao, Di; Li, Yang 6296
Modeling and Simulation for the Investigation of Radar Responses to Electronic Attacks in Electronic Warfare Environments. Park, So Ryoung; Nam, Ilku; Noh, Sanguk 4975
Moving Target Defense Techniques: A Survey. Lei, Cheng; Zhang, Hong-Qi; Tan, Jing-Lei; Zhang, Yu-Chen; Liu, Xiao-Hu 16618
Multibiometric Fusion Authentication in Wireless Multimedia Environment Using Dynamic Bayesian Method. Wu, Zhendong; Yang, Jiajia; Zhang, Jianwu; Yue, Hengli 7822
Multimedia Security: Novel Steganography and Privacy Preserving. Qian, Zhenxing; Choo, Kim-Kwang Raymond; Cogranne, Remi; Zhang, Xinpeng 865
Multiple Impossible Differentials Cryptanalysis on 7-Round ARIA-192. Jiang, Zi-Long; Jin, Chen-Hui 9303
Multistage Attack Graph Security Games: Heuristic Strategies, with Empirical Game--Theoretic Analysis. Nguyen, Thanh H.; Wright, Mason; Wellman, Michael P.; Singh, Satinder 17731
Multiview Ensemble Method for Detecting Shilling Attacks in Collaborative Recommender Systems. Hao, Yaojun; Zhang, Peng; Zhang, Fuzhi 16232
Network Intrusion Detection Method Based on PCA and Bayes Algorithm. Zhang, Bing; Liu, Zhiyang; Jia, Yanguo; Ren, Jiadong; Zhao, Xiaolin 7229
Network Intrusion Detection with Threat Agent Profiling. Bajtos, Tomas; Gajdos, Andrej; Kleinova, Lenka; Lucivjanska, Katarina; Sokol, Pavol 10263
Network Security and Management in SDN. Cai, Zhiping; Hu, Chengchen; Zheng, Kai; Xu, Yang; Fu, Qiang 781
New Certificateless Aggregate Signature Scheme for Healthcare Multimedia Social Network on Cloud Environment. Wu, Libing; Xu, Zhiyan; He, Debiao; Wang, Xianmin 10500
Nonoverlapping Blocks Based Copy-Move Forgery Detection. Sun, Yu; Ni, Rongrong; Zhao, Yao 6232
NOSArmor: Building a Secure Network Operating System. Jo, Hyeonseong; Nam, Jaehyun; Shin, Seungwon 9241
OFFDTAN: A New Approach of Offline Dynamic Taint Analysis for Binaries. Wang, Xiajing; Ma, Rui; Dou, Bowen; Jian, Zefeng; Chen, Hongzhou 8732
On the Antijamming Performance of the NR-DCSK System. Van Nguyen, Binh; Jung, Hyoyoung; Kim, Kiseon 4711
On the Complexity of Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis. Yang, Qianqian; Hu, Lei; Shi, Danping; Todo, Yosuke; Sun, Siwei 8208
On the Performance of Power Splitting Energy Harvested Wireless Full-Duplex Relaying Network with Imperfect CSI over Dissimilar Channels. Nguyen, Tan N.; Tran, Minh; Tran, Phuong T.; Tin, Phu Tran; Nguyen, Thanh-Long; Ha, Duy-Hung; Voznak 4939
Outsourcing Set Intersection Computation Based on Bloom Filter for Privacy Preservation in Multimedia Processing. Zhu, Hongliang; Chen, Meiqi; Sun, Maohua; Liao, Xin; Hu, Lei 8314
OverWatch: A Cross-Plane DDoS Attack Defense Framework with Collaborative Intelligence in SDN. Han, Biao; Yang, Xiangrui; Sun, Zhigang; Huang, Jinfeng; Su, Jinshu 9302
Path Hopping: An MTD Strategy for Long-Term Quantum-Safe Communication. Safavi-Naini, Reihaneh; Poostindouz, Alireza; Lisy, Viliam 10321
Perceptual Hashing-Based Image Copy-Move Forgery Detection. Wang, Huan; Wang, Hongxia 7685
Performance Analysis of Hyperledger Fabric Platforms. Nasir, Qassim; Qasse, Ilham A.; Talib, Manar Abu; Nassif, Ali Bou 6854
Portable Implementation of Postquantum Encryption Schemes and Key Exchange Protocols on JavaScript-Enabled Platforms. Yuan, Ye; Xiao, Junting; Fukushima, Kazuhide; Kiyomoto, Shinsaku; Takagi, Tsuyoshi 9215
Practical Consideration Factors to Design Array Configuration of Direction Finding System for Airborne Signal Intelligence. Lee, Jong-Hwan; Joo, Jeung-Min; Kim, Kichul; Lee, Jung-Hoon; Park, Young-Ju 6623
Practical Secure Transaction for Privacy-Preserving Ride-Hailing Services. Cao, Chenglong; Zhu, Xiaoling 5663
Practical Suitability and Experimental Assessment of Tree ORAMs. Al-Saleh, Kholoud; Belghith, Abdelfettah 11637
Privacy Issues in Big Data Mining Infrastructure, Platforms, and Applications. Zhang, Xuyun; Jang-Jaccard, Julian; Qi, Lianyong; Bhuiyan, Md Z.A.; Liu, Chang 1884
Privacy Preservation for Friend-Recommendation Applications. Wang, Weicheng; Wang, Shengling; Huang, Jianhui 8375
Privacy-Preserving Data Aggregation Protocol for Fog Computing-Assisted Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Scenario. Chen, Yanan; Lu, Zhenyu; Xiong, Hu; Xu, Weixiang 11086
Privacy-Preserving Oriented Floating-Point Number Fully Homomorphic Encryption Scheme. Bai, Shuangjie; Yang, Geng; Shi, Jingqi; Liu, Guoxiu; Min, Zhaoe 10428
Privacy-Preserving Sorting Algorithms Based on Logistic Map for Clouds. Dai, Hua; Ren, Hui; Chen, Zhiye; Yang, Geng; Yi, Xun 6921
Quantum Cryptography for the Future Internet and the Security Analysis. Zhou, Tianqi; Shen, Jian; Li, Xiong; Wang, Chen; Shen, Jun 4247
Reference Sharing Mechanism-Based Self-Embedding Watermarking Scheme with Deterministic Content Reconstruction. Niu, Dongmei; Wang, Hongxia; Cheng, Minquan; Shi, Canghong 7226
Reliable Collaborative Filtering on Spatio-Temporal Privacy Data. Liu, Zhen; Meng, Huanyu; Ren, Shuang; Liu, Feng 7610
Research on Plaintext Restoration of AES Based on Neural Network. Hu, Xinyi; Zhao, Yaqun 4782
Research on Trajectory Data Releasing Method via Differential Privacy Based on Spatial Partition. Han, Qilong; Xiong, Zuobin; Zhang, Kejia 10549
Reversible Data Hiding for DNA Sequence Using Multilevel Histogram Shifting. Lee, Suk-Hwan 9357
Reversible Data Hiding with Pixel Prediction and Additive Homomorphism for Encrypted Image. Yu, Chunqiang; Zhang, Xianquan; Tang, Zhenjun; Chen, Yan; Huang, Jingyu 8488
RK-AES: An Improved Version of AES Using a New Key Generation Process with Random Keys. Saha, Rahul; Geetha, G.; Kumar, Gulshan; Kim, Tai-hoon 7945
Robust Fully Distributed Minibatch Gradient Descent with Privacy Preservation. Danner, Gabor; Berta, Arpad; Hegedus, Istvan; Jelasity, Mark 11353
Robust Visual Secret Sharing Scheme Applying to QR Code. Tan, Longdan; Liu, Kesheng; Yan, Xuehu; Liu, Lintao; Lu, Tianqi; Chen, Jinrui; Liu, Feng; Lu, Yulian 5771
RoughDroid: Operative Scheme for Functional Android Malware Detection. Riad, Khaled; Ke, Lishan 6147
RPAR: Location Privacy Preserving via Repartitioning Anonymous Region in Mobile Social Network. Zhang, Jinquan; Yuan, Yanfeng; Wang, Xiao; Ni, Lina; Yu, Jiguo; Zhang, Mengmeng 7220
Scalable Node-Centric Route Mutation for Defense of Large-Scale Software-Defined Networks. Zhou, Yang; Ni, Wei; Zheng, Kangfeng; Liu, Ren Ping; Yang, Yixian 8341
Scheduling Parallel Intrusion Detecting Applications on Hybrid Clouds. Zhang, Yi; Sun, Jin; Wu, Zebin; Xie, Shuangyu; Xu, Ruitao 8338
SDNManager: A Safeguard Architecture for SDN DoS Attacks Based on Bandwidth Prediction. Wang, Tao; Chen, Hongchang; Cheng, Guozhen; Lu, Yulin 9582
Secure and Efficient Access Control Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks in the Cross-Domain Context of the IoT. Luo, Ming; Luo, Yi; Wan, Yuwei; Wang, Ze 8350
Secure and Efficient Image Retrieval over Encrypted Cloud Data. Liang, Haihua; Zhang, Xinpeng; Cheng, Hang; Wei, Qiuhan 8791
Secure and Efficient User Authentication Scheme Based on Password and Smart Card for Multiserver Environment. Zhao, Yan; Li, Shiming; Jiang, Liehui 10069
Secure Data Delivery with Linear Network Coding for Multiple Multicasts with Multiple Streams in Internet of Things. Shi, Lianmin; Wang, Yihuai; Wen, Zhengqing; Peng, Tao 8909
Secure Deduplication Based on Rabin Fingerprinting over Wireless Sensing Data in Cloud Computing. Zhang, Yinghui; Su, Haonan; Yang, Menglei; Zheng, Dong; Ren, Fang; Zhao, Qinglan 8465
Secure Testing for Genetic Diseases on Encrypted Genomes with Homomorphic Encryption Scheme. Zhou, Tan Ping; Li, Ning Bo; Yang, Xiao Yuan; Lv, Li Qun; Ding, Yi Tao; Wang, Xu An 7342
Secure Virtualization Environment Based on Advanced Memory Introspection. Zhang, Shuhui; Meng, Xiangxu; Wang, Lianhai; Xu, Lijuan; Han, Xiaohui 9300
Securing Cloud Hypervisors: A Survey of the Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Countermeasures. Barrowclough, John Patrick; Asif, Rameez 11094
Securing ZigBee Commercial Communications Using Constellation Based Distinct Native Attribute Fingerprinting. Rondeau, Christopher M.; Betances, J. Addison; Temple, Michael A. 8833
Security Analysis of Dynamic SDN Architectures Based on Game Theory. Qi, Chao; Wu, Jiangxing; Cheng, Guozhen; Ai, Jianjian; Zhao, Shuo 5726
Security and Privacy for Smart, Connected, and Mobile IoT Devices and Platforms. Andersson, Karl; You, Ilsun; Palmieri, Francesco 517
Security and Privacy in the Medical Internet of Things: A Review. Sun, Wencheng; Cai, Zhiping; Li, Yangyang; Liu, Fang; Fang, Shengqun; Wang, Guoyan 5764
Security Evaluation Framework for Military IoT Devices. Cha, Sungyong; Baek, Seungsoo; Kang, Sooyoung; Kim, Seungjoo 6980
Security Feature Measurement for Frequent Dynamic Execution Paths in Software System. Wang, Qian; Ren, Jiadong; Yang, Xiaoli; Cheng, Yongqiang; Davis, Darryl N.; Hu, Changzhen 5671
Security Measurement for Unknown Threats Based on Attack Preferences. Yin, Lihua; Sun, Yanwei; Wang, Zhen; Guo, Yunchuan; Li, Fenghua; Fang, Binxing 8869
Security Measurements of Cyber Networks. Yan, Zheng; Zhang, Yuqing; Choo, Kim-Kwang Raymond; Xiang, Yang 1333
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Semantic Contextual Search Based on Conceptual Graphs over Encrypted Cloud. Wang, Zhenghong; Fu, Zhangjie; Sun, Xingming Report 5413
Separable Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images Based on Two-Dimensional Histogram Modification. Xu, Dawen; Chen, Kai; Wang, Rangding; Su, Shubing 6737
Service Composition Optimization Method Based on Parallel Particle Swarm Algorithm on Spark. Guo, Xing; Chen, Shanshan; Zhang, Yiwen; Li, Wei 4736
Side-Channel Attacks and Countermeasures for Identity-Based Cryptographic Algorithm SM9. Zhang, Qi; Wang, An; Niu, Yongchuan; Shang, Ning; Xu, Rixin; Zhang, Guoshuang; Zhu, Liehuang 8207
Stability Analysis of an Advanced Persistent Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack Dynamical Model. Zhang, Chunming; Xiao, Jingwei 4797
State-Based Switching for Optimal Control of Computer Virus Propagation with External Device Blocking. Zhu, Qingyi; Loke, Seng W.; Zhang, Ye 5390
Static and Dynamic Analysis of Android Malware and Goodware Written with Unity Framework. Shim, Jaewoo; Lim, Kyeonghwan; Cho, Seong-je; Han, Sangchul; Park, Minkyu 7191
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Steganography Algorithm Based on the Nonlocal Maximum Likelihood Noise Estimation for Mobile Applications. Carvajal-Gamez, Blanca Esther; Diaz-Casco, Manuel Alejandro 17701
Street-Level Landmark Evaluation Based on Nearest Routers. Li, Ruixiang; Sun, Yuchen; Hu, Jianwei; Ma, Te; Luo, Xiangyang Report 6347
Study to Improve Security for IoT Smart Device Controller: Drawbacks and Countermeasures. Su, Xin; Wang, Ziyu; Liu, Xiaofeng; Choi, Chang; Choi, Dongmin 7086
Survey of Authentication and Authorization for the Internet of Things. Trnka, Michal; Cerny, Tomas; Stickney, Nathaniel 13265
System to Safeguard the Identity of Persons in Photographs through Cryptography and Steganography Techniques Using Chaos. Siordia, Octavio Flores; Gutierrez, Juan Carlos Estrada; Leyferman, Carlos Eduardo Padilla; Santiago 6438
Test Sequence Reduction of Wireless Protocol Conformance Testing to Internet of Things. Lin, Weiwei; Zeng, Hongwei; Gao, Honghao; Miao, Huaikou; Wang, Xiaolin 11442
The Motif-Based Approach to the Analysis of the Employee Trajectories within Organization. Novikova, Evgenia; Bekeneva, Yana; Shorov, Andrey 6753
TLDA: An Efficient Two-Layered Data Authentication Mechanism for Content-Centric Networking. Seo, Seog Chung; Youn, Taek-Young 12112
To Study the Effect of the Generating Polynomial on the Quality of Nonlinear Components in Block Ciphers. Mahmood, Shahid; Farwa, Shabieh; Rafiq, Muhammad; Riaz, Syed Muhammad Jawwad; Shah, Tariq; Jamal, Sa 4987
Towards a New Algorithm to Optimize IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Security for Small Objects Networks. Ksimi, Ali El; Leghris, Cherkaoui 6186
Towards a Novel Trust-Based Multicast Routing for VANETs. Xia, Hui; Zhang, San-shun; Li, Ben-xia; Li, Li; Cheng, Xiang-guo 7334
Towards a Secure and Borderless Collaboration between Organizations: An Automated Enforcement Mechanism. Haguouche, Samira; Jarir, Zahi 8264
Towards Optimized DFA Attacks on AES under Multibyte Random Fault Model. Wang, Ruyan; Meng, Xiaohan; Li, Yang; Wang, Jian 6976
TR-IDS: Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection through Text-Convolutional Neural Network and Random Forest. Min, Erxue; Long, Jun; Liu, Qiang; Cui, Jianjing; Chen, Wei 5532
Trust Management in Collaborative Systems for Critical Infrastructure Protection. Aali, Nawal Ait; Baina, Amine; Echabbi, Loubna Report 11254
Two-Party Attribute-Based Key Agreement Protocol with Constant-Size Ciphertext and Key. Li, Jiguo; Hu, Shengzhou; Zhang, Yichen 6947
Two-Step Integral Imaging Coding Based Three-Dimensional Information Encryption Approach. Zhao, Min; Xing, Yan; Li, Xiao-Wei; Wang, Qiong-Hua 4075
Uncovering Tor: An Examination of the Network Structure. Monk, Bryan; Mitchell, Julianna; Frank, Richard; Davies, Garth 10619
Under Quantum Computer Attack: Is Rainbow a Replacement of RSA and Elliptic Curves on Hardware? Yi, Haibo 6537
Understanding Keystroke Dynamics for Smartphone Users Authentication and Keystroke Dynamics on Smartphones Built-In Motion Sensors. Lee, Hyungu; Hwang, Jung Yeon; Kim, Dong In; Lee, Shincheol; Lee, Sung-Hoon; Shin, Ji Sun 5905
UPPGHA: Uniform Privacy Preservation Group Handover Authentication Mechanism for mMTC in LTE-A Networks. Cao, Jin; Li, Hui; Ma, Maode; Li, Fenghua 10957
Use of Data Visualisation for Zero-Day Malware Detection. Venkatraman, Sitalakshmi; Alazab, Mamoun 8576
User Authentication in the IoE Era: Attacks, Challenges, Evaluation, and New Designs. Wang, Ding; Li, Shujun; Jiang, Qi 824
User Presence Inference via Encrypted Traffic of Wireless Camera in Smart Homes. Ji, Xiaoyu; Cheng, Yushi; Xu, Wenyuan; Zhou, Xinyan 6286
Using Insider Swapping of Time Intervals to Perform Highly Invisible Network Flow Watermarking. Liu, Weiwei; Liu, Guangjie; Xia, Yang; Ji, Xiaopeng; Zhai, Jiangtao; Dai, Yuewei 10239
Using Physical Context-Based Authentication against External Attacks: Models and Protocols. Melo, Wilson S., Jr.; Machado, Raphael C.S.; Carmo, Luiz F.R.C. Report 10404
Validating User Flows to Protect Software Defined Network Environments. Abdulqadder, Ihsan H.; Zou, Deqing; Aziz, Israa T.; Yuan, Bin 8744
Vulnerability Analysis of Network Scanning on SCADA Systems. Coffey, Kyle; Smith, Richard; Maglaras, Leandros; Janicke, Helge 18068
Winternitz Signature Scheme Using Nonadjacent Forms. Roh, Dongyoung; Jung, Sangim; Kwon, Daesung 7504
WS N: Wireless Secure SDN-Based Communication for Sensor Networks. Alves, Renan C.A.; Oliveira, Doriedson A.G.; Pereira, Geovandro C.C.F.; Albertini, Bruno C.; Margi, 9095

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