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Security Spotlight: information defense.

Forewarned is forearmed. To help security professionals and law enforcement officials respond to the problem of youth gangs in their communities, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) of the U.S. Department of Justice has established the National Youth Gang Information Center (NYGIC).

NYGIC is an information clearinghouse set up to provide practical information on developing effective responses to community gang problems. The center has a growing library of gang-related information and a database of more than 1.000 gang-related professionals. For convenience, the center operates a toll-free number, and it publishes a quarterly newletter, Gang Update, which is available free of charge to those who ask to be placed on the mailing list.

The center is also OJJDP's principal agent for the dissemination of program models and technical assistance manuals produced by the National Youth Gang Suppression and Intervention Program, an OJJDP-funded project conducted by the University of Chicago. These and other documents can be provided in hard copy form or on high-density, 3 1/2-inch computer disks in WordPerfect 5. 1.

Those who are seeking further information or who can provide information on gang programs, training, and conferences, should contact, NYGIC, 4301 North Fairfax Drive. Suite 730, Arlington, VA 22203; phone: 800/440-GANG or 703/522-4007.
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Title Annotation:National Youth Gang Information Center
Author:Arbetter, Lisa
Publication:Security Management
Date:Sep 1, 1993
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