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Security Spokesman: Authorities Monitor Activities of Suspicious Elements Having Contact with the Deviant Organization Abroad.

Riyadh, Shawwal 8, 1433, Aug 26, 2012, SPA - The Security Spokesman at Interior Ministry stated that the concerned security authorities monitored over several months the activities of suspicious elements having contact with the deviant "Takfiri" organization abroad, noting that it has been clear from the follow-up that these elements formed a terrorist cell in Riyadh advertising for deviant thought, and recruiting members to carry out criminal operations targeting security men, citizens, residents and public facilities.

The Spokesman said, "Through the intensification of follow-up of these elements, it has become clear that they have reached an advanced stage in the quest to achieve their goals, including the preparation and equipping of explosives to be tested outside the city of Riyadh, which led to the injury of one of them with burns and amputation of his fingers, as they have worked for communicating with the deviant organization abroad in preparation for the start of their distinctive criminal operations.

The Spokesman said that security forces have arrested a citizen heading this cell who gave detailed information about its members, plans and equipment that have been prepared and identities used in their communication with the deviant organization, and others who are similar to them such as Al-Assad Alhasour, Fares Al-Maarakah, Nimr Al-Jihad and Abu Jandal Al-Yamani.

He indicated that this has resulted in the arrest of six members of this cell, all of them Yemenis, adding that investigations with these elements, have been completed and their confessions were approved according to Sharia. Three locations, one of them is a room attached to a mosque in the city of Riyadh, were searched and chemicals used to manufacture explosives and booby-trapped mobiles to be used through remote detonations, documents and cash were found and impounded, the Spokesman said.

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Publication:Saudi Press Agency (SPA)
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Date:Aug 26, 2012
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