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Articles from Security Management (March 1, 2005)

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150 Things You Should Know About Security. Brief Article 85
A Hearing on Security. Audiobook Review 85
A Security Professional's Practical Guide to the Law. Book Review 175
A site to see. Piazza, Peter Brief Article 123
Access control software. 94
Access control. 132
Access control. 155
ADA. Anderson, Teresa 461
Advanced Interviewing Techniques: Proven Strategies for Law Enforcement, Military, and Security Personnel. Bergevin, Dan Book Review 273
American Bankers Association. 151
American Jihad: The Terrorists Living among US. Brief Article 167
Aplicacion y Diseno de CCTV. Book Review 108
Application & Design of CCTV. Book Review 92
Applied Crime Analysis. Brief Article 99
Asis board of directors. Brief Article 163
ASIS events. Calendar 92
ASIS Foundation Security Report: Scope and Emerging Trends; ASIS Foundation. Brief Article 119
ASIS Healthcare Security Benchmarking Study. Brief Article 122
ASIS merchandise. 828
ASIS Security Industry Buyers Guide: 2005 edition. Brief Article 88
ASIS Survey of U.S. Security Salaries. Brief Article 91
ASIS workshop probes workplace violence. Roberts, Marta 453
Automatic explosives detection. 127
Aviation and Airport Security: Terrorism and Safety Concerns. 152
Avoiding Liability in Hospital Security: second edition. Brief Article 154
Avoiding Liability in Hotel/Motel Security: third edition. Book Review 129
Avoiding Liability in Premises Security: fifth edition. Book Review 122
Avoiding Liability in Retail Security: third edition. Brief Article 104
Biological and Chemical Threats. Audiobook Review 185
Biometrics: Identity Verification in a Networked World. Book Review 155
Bioterrorism and Bombs in the Mail. Audiobook Review 178
Blackstone's Police Manual Volume 1: Crime 2005. Book Review 177
Blackstone's Police Manual Volume 2: Evidence & Procedure 2005. Book Review 157
Blast-resistant booth. 86
Bomb Countermeasures for Security Professionals: Version 2.0. Audiobook Review 142
Bomb Threat Management: A CD-ROM Based Training Program. Video Recording Review 153
Building Security: Strategies and Costs. Book Review 178
Bulletproof: A History of Armored Cars and the Colorful Characters Who Ran Them, Rode Them, and Sometimes Robbed Them. Brief Article 133
Business Continuity Guideline: A Practical Approach for Emergency Preparedness, Crisis Management, and Disaster Recovery. Book Review 211
Business Fraud: Know it & Prevent it. Brief Article 123
Business Risk Assessment. Book Review 95
Camera dome. 95
Camera-mounted transmitters. 102
Campus Security and Crime Prevention. Brief Article 104
Campus security. 125
Campus Security: Situational Crime Prevention in High-Density Environments. Brief Article 128
Card printer. 120
Card printer/encoder. 105
Card readers. 91
Cargo screening. 110
Cargo Theft Prevention: A Handbook for Logistics Security. Brief Article 128
Cashing in on ROI. Video Recording Review 145
Casino Surveillance and Security: 150 Things You Should Know. Book Review 115
CCTV for Security Professionals. Book Review 116
CCTV system monitoring. 110
CCTV. Book Review 91
CCTV. Book Review 132
Central station architecture. 94
Certified protection professional (CPP) merchandise. 388
Certified Protection Professional (CPP) reference materials. Bibliography 779
Chief Security Officer Guideline. Book Review 112
Commercial Robbery. Book Review 153
Complete CCTV system. 96
Confidential Business Secrets: Uncover Your Competitors' Top Business Secrets Legally and Quickly and Protect Your Own, second edition. Brief Article 162
Confidential printing. 138
Consoles. 114
Contemporary Security Management. Book Review 165
Contraband, Organized Crime, and the Threat to the Transportation Supply Chain Function. Brief Article 177
Control and Security of E-Commerce. Book Review 154
Cooperation, not convergence. Piazza, Peter Interview 385
Corporate Security Management: Organization and Spending Since 9/11. Brief Article 193
Counterfeiting Exposed: Protecting your Brand and Customers. Book Review 173
Countering the New Terrorism. Book Review 133
Counterterrorism and Contingency Planning Guide: second edition. Book Review 96
CPP Examen: Guia de Estudio. 105
CPP Study Guide: eleventh edition. Brief Article 177
Crime Prevention for Houses of Worship. Book Review 102
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design: second edition. Book Review 122
Critics call for DHS overhaul. Gips, Michael A. 545
CUL8R, dude. Piazza, Peter 448
Current Practices in Perimeter Protection: Theory and Technologies. Book Review 164
Data Hiding Fundamentals and Applications: Content Security in Digital Multimedia. Book Review 163
Data merger/distributor. 101
Designing and Implementing Effective Evacuation Plans. Brief Article 124
Digital mapping service. 85
Digital recorders. 121
Digital recording. 100
Digital video management. 134
Digital video recorder. 129
Digital video recorder. Brief Article 122
Digital video recorders. 105
Digital video transmission. 121
Disaster Management in Telecommunications, Broadcasting and Computer Systems. Brief Article 129
Discrimination. 117
Dome camera. 127
Dome cameras. 95
Door closers. 120
Door wiring system. 97
Dynamite Cover Letters: fourth edition. Brief Article 86
Effective Physical Security: second edition. Book Review 101
Effective Physical Security: third edition. Book Review 167
Effective Security Management: fourth edition. Brief Article 117
Egress lighting. 149
El Secuestro y la Toma de Rehenes: ?Una Nueva Realidad? 239
Electronic Access Control. Book Review 137
Emergency phones. 126
Emergency Planning Handbook: second edition. Brief Article 127
Emergency Response Planning for Corporate and Municipal Managers. Brief Article 87
Employment Law: fourth edition. Book Review 166
Enterprise recorder software. 127
Essentials of the Reid Technique: Criminal Interrogation and Confessions. Book Review 147
Ethernet switches. 142
Event detector. 96
Event reporting. 135
Event Risk Management and Safety. Brief Article 145
Executive Protection Specialist Handbook: second edition. Brief Article 168
Exit marking solution. 87
Expiring visitor credentials. 103
Explosions detection system. 108
Exposures and Safeguards for Wireless Technologies. Audiovisual Review 114
Facility communications. 140
Fatal Choice: Nuclear Weapons Survival or Sentence. Brief Article 138
FBI checks offer promise, problems. Gips, Michael A. 373
Field-deployable disintegrator. 135
Fight Terrorism: The Security Connection for Family Protection. Brief Article 89
Financial Crime Investigation and Control. Book Review 139
Find it Online: The Complete Guide to Online Research, fourth edition. Book Review 168
Fingerprint reader. 134
Fire alarm monitoring. 124
Firing Workers Without Being Fired Upon. Book Review 160
First Responders Guide to Weapons of Mass Destruction: Practical Techniques and Procedures for Responding to a Terrorist Incident Involving WMD. Brief Article 193
Fixed network camera. 129
Fraud Exposed: What You Don't Know Could Cost Your Company Millions. Book Review 161
From Bluetooth to RedFang: the boom in Bluetooth wireless devices is a boon for those on the move. But attackers already have their eye on Bluetooth's weaknesses. Piazza, Peter 4632
Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation. Book Review 137
Gate operator. 117
General Security Risk Assessment Guideline. Book Review 82
Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001. Beaudry, Mark H. Book Review 269
Guard Contract Kit: A Guide to Cost-Effective Security Guard Contract Negotiations. Brief Article 83
Guard Force Management: updated edition. Brief Article 119
Guard tour verification. 81
Guidelines for Cargo Security & Loss Control: How to Maximize Cargo Security on Land, Air & Sea. Brief Article 143
Hack Attacks Denied: A Complete Guide to Network Lockdown for UNIX, Windows, and Linux, second edition. Brief Article 225
Hack Attacks Revealed: A Complete Reference for UNIX, Windows, and Linux with Custom Security Toolkit, second edition. Brief Article 139
Hand-held ID verifier. 116
Handbook of Computer Crime Investigation: Forensic Tools and Technology. Book Review 144
Handbook of Loss Prevention and Crime Prevention: fourth edition. Book Review 135
Handbook of Polygraph Testing. Book Review 149
Handheld metal detector. 107
Hardening Windows Systems. Rothke, Ben Book Review 261
High-definition camera. 131
High-discrimination detector. 106
High-Rise Security & Fire Life Safety: second edition. Book Review 155
Home on the page @ Gips, Michael A. 1022
Homeland security. Anderson, Teresa Brief Article 126
Hospital and Healthcare Security: fourth edition. Brief Article 127
Hotel Protection Management: The Innkeeper's Guide to Guest Protection & Reasonable Care. Book Review 91
How to Benchmark Your Security Program. Book Review 124
How to Deal With Higher Threat Levels and Reduced Resources. Book Review 143
How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant: fourth edition. Brief Article 154
ID card software. 104
Identifying and Exploring Security Essentials. Gargiulo, John Book Review 332
Identifying Potential Ethnic Conflict. Brief Article 149
Implementing Physical Protection Systems: A Practical Guide. Book Review 150
Industry events. Calendar 291
Information Systems Security Officer's Guide: Establishing and Managing an Information Protection Program, second edition. Brief Article 176
Insight about outsourcing: converting from a proprietary work force to a contract security team can provide immediate and significant savings if it is done correctly. Somerson, Ira S. 2534
Inspection camera. 144
Instalacion/Servicio de Campo de CCTV. Brief Article 103
Installation/Field Service of CCTV. Book Review 83
Instructor Development Training: A Guide for Security and Law Enforcement. Brief Article 100
Integrated security system. 119
Intelligent locks. 113
International learning curve. Gips, Michael A. Brief Article 165
International Organization for Standardization. Brief Article 162
Interview for Success: A Practical Guide to Increasing Job Interviews, Offers, and Salaries, eighth edition. Brief Article 97
Introduction to Investigations: second edition. Book Review 129
Introduction to Private Investigation: Essential Knowledge and Procedures for the Private Investigator. Book Review 117
Introduction to Security: seventh edition. Book Review 208
Intrusion detectors. 125
Investigations: 150 Things You Should Know. Book Review 115
Investigative Data Mining for Security and Criminal Detection. Book Review 166
Investigative Interviewing: Psychology and Practice. Brief Article 127
IP camera dome. 148
IP dome cameras. 133
iPods sing for investigators: more than just the newest cool toys, iPods have become a tool of the trade for crooks and, consequently, a rich source of evidence for forensic experts who know how to take note of their incriminating content. Donnelly, Derrick 2180
Is the free market best for homeland security? Gips, Michael A. 339
ISO proof of quality: find out how one security company reduced turnover and improved customer service by going through ISO certification. Ricci, Joseph 1854
Jane's Chem-Bio Handbook: second edition. Brief Article 157
Jane's Crisis Communications Handbook. Brief Article 159
Jane's Facility Security Handbook. Book Review 99
Jane's Manual Quimico-Biologico. 166
Jane's School Safety Handbook. Brief Article 144
Jane's Unconventional Weapons Response Handbook. Brief Article 90
Jane's Workplace Security Handbook. Brief Article 109
Jerry Jones. Contavespi, Vicki 480
Key management. 142
Know Your Life by Organizing It: Start Managing Your Life More Efficiently and Effectively. Brief Article 166
La Guia del Profesional para CCTV. Brief Article 110
Lessons from the Oklahoma City Bombing: Defensive Design Techniques. Brief Article 131
Loss Prevention and Security Procedures: Practical Applications for Contemporary Problems. Book Review 136
Loss Prevention and the Small Business: the Security Professional's Guide to Asset Protection Strategies. Book Review 139
Making tough calls easy: well-managed hotlines, supported by robust investigations, can help uncover fraud and other unethical activities that might ultimately hurt an organization. Mohr, Timothy L.; Slovin, Dave 2778
Management of Information Security. Brief Article 109
Manager's Guide to Contingency Planning for Disasters: Protecting Vital Facilities and Critical Operations, second edition. Brief Article 111
Manual de Planificacion de Emergencias: segunda edicion. 151
Measuring Security Performance and Productivity. Book Review 156
Mechanical turnstiles. 128
Metal detector. 111
Multiformat readers. 108
Network interface card. 101
Network video products. 134
New in plaintext. Piazza, Peter Book Review 346
Online Competitive Intelligence: Increase Your Profits Using Cyber-Intelligence, second edition. Book Review 153
Outdoor power supplies. 94
Perimeter security. 97
Persian Gulf Security: Improving Allied Military Contributions. Brief Article 106
Personnel screening system. 128
Physical Security and the Inspection Process. Brief Article 104
Physical security professional (PSP) merchandise. 340
Physical Security Professional (PSP) reference materials. Bibliography 234
Portable video system. 114
Practical Aspects of Interview and Interrogation: second edition. Brief Article 110
Premises Liability Report. Periodical Review 89
Premises Security: A Guide for Security Professionals and Attorneys. Book Review 108
Preparing for Terrorism on Campus. Brief Article 121
Preventing Corporate Embezzlement. Book Review 146
Principles of Security Management. Book Review 154
Private investigators. Anderson, Teresa Brief Article 177
Private Security and the Investigative Process: second edition. Brief Article 103
Private Security Officer Selection And Training Guideline. Brief Article 95
Professional certified investigator (PCI) merchandise. 335
Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) reference materials. Bibliography 375
Programmable dome. 93
Programmable lock. 124
Protecting Building Ventilation Systems from Airborne Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Attacks. Book Review 191
Protecting Emergency Responders: Lessons Learned from Terrorist Attacks. Brief Article 185
Protecting Schools and Universities from Terrorism: A Guide for Administrators and Teachers. Brief Article 168
Protecting Your Facility from Suicide Bombers. Brief Article 122
Protection of Assets Manual. Brief Article 254
Protection Officer Training Manual: seventh edition. Brief Article 136
Protective camera housings. 117
Proven Strategies in Competitive Intelligence: Lessons from the Trenches. Brief Article 155
Providing Protective Services: A Practical Guide for Police & Security. Brief Article 108
PTZ dome. 145
Public Records Online: The National Guide to Private & Government Online Sources of Public Records, fifth edition. Brief Article 191
Rackmount control. 83
Readings in Security Management: Principles and Practices. Brief Article 177
Retail Security: 150 Things You Should Know. Brief Article 165
Retaliation. Brief Article 107
Rethinking Corporate Security in the Post 9/11 Era: Issues and Strategies for Today's Global Business Community. Brief Article 168
Rising trend of fraud, ID theft. Piazza, Peter Brief Article 216
Risk Analysis and the Security Survey: second edition. Book Review 104
Risk Management for Security Professionals. Book Review 124
Safe Mail Handling: Protecting Against Mail-Based Threats. E-book Review 122
Safe Schools: A Security and Loss Prevention Plan. Brief Article 89
Safer Skies: Baggage Screening and Beyond--With Supporting Analyses. Brief Article 174
Safety & Security at Sea: A Guide to Safer Voyages. Brief Article 174
Safety Act process needs improvement. Grasser, Eric Editorial 678
Safety and the Security Professional: Occupational Safety and Health Strategies. Brief Article 133
Safety. Anderson, Teresa Brief Article 300
Sales-surveillance solution. 120
Secure printers. 119
Security and Loss Prevention: An Introduction, fourth edition. Brief Article 129
Security awareness training. 91
Security Business Practices Reference: volume I. Brief Article 102
Security Business Practices Reference: volume III. Book Review 144
Security Business Practices Reference: volume IV. Book Review 115
Security Business Practices Reference: volume V. Book Review 155
Security Business Practices Reference: volume VI. Brief Article 112
Security Consulting: third edition. Brief Article 152
Security Dictionary. Brief Article 82
Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems. Book Review 150
Security Industry Market Overview: 2002-2003 edition. Brief Article 131
Security Investigations: A Professional's Guide. Brief Article 89
Security is your concern. Helping you provide it is ours. 379
Security Journal. Periodical Review 114
Security Law Newsletter. Periodical Review 85
Security Management Weekly launched. 80
Security Management. Periodical Review 114
Security Management: An Introduction, second edition. Book Review 168
Security Operations Management. Book Review 107
Security Planning and Design: A Guide for Architects and Building Design Professionals. Brief Article 163
Security proposals. Brief Article 84
Security Surveys: Guidelines for Evaluating Security. Book Review 81
Security to the Witness Stand. Brief Article 180
Security, ID Systems and Locks: The Book on Electronic Access Control. Brief Article 101
Security: A Guide to Security System Design and Equipment Selection and Installation, second edition. Brief Article 96
Seguridad Preventiva: Metodos Para Prevenir Y Evitar Robos. Brief Article 132
Semper FI: Business Leadership the Marine Corps Way. Brief Article 100
Shelving system. 85
Shoplifters vs. Retailers: The Rights of Both. Brief Article 109
Shoplifters' rights. Sennewald, Charles A. Letter to the Editor 269
Smart Cards: A Guide to Building and Managing Smart Card Applications. Brief Article 123
Smoke detectors. 135
Software House: introducing Software House's breakthrough Multi-Technology reader. 650
Speakers and strobes. 118
Special Event Security Management, Loss Prevention, and Emergency Services. Brief Article 100
Spyware protection. 82
Stalking Crimes and Victim Protection: Prevention, Intervention, Threat Assessment, and Case Management. Brief Article 150

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