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Articles from Security Management (February 1, 2003)

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A judicious integration project: Integrating security systems requires careful planning and testing. One project taught a number of valuable lessons about avoiding system integration mistakes. (System Integration). Allen, Tom; Trimble, Derek 2362
Access control software. (Marketplace). 88
ASIS Board of Directors. (Industry focus). Brief Article 159
ASIS Industry Events. (Industry focus). Calendar 443
Before Conflict: Preventing Aggressive Behavior. (Reviews). Cottringer, William Book Review 376
Biometric identification. (Marketplace). 87
Bioterrorism and Public Health: An Internet Resource Guide. (Reviews). Barnard, Paul Book Review 370
Building security services. (Marketplace). 87
Business news. (Industry focus). 1875
Camera/door sensor. (Marketplace). 144
Can security help with civil defense? Private security professionals should be part of a "Homeland Defense Force" that would supplement government efforts to stop terrorism. (Viewpoint). Azano, Harry J. 1056
Can you hack it? Penetration testing gives companies a way to find their vulnerabilities before hackers use them to break in and cause harm. (Computer Security). Lam, Frank; Beekey, Mike; Cayo, Kevin 3431
Cockpit Access Keypad. (Marketplace). 93
Covert CCTV system. (Marketplace). 171
Cyberthreats to satellite security. (Tech Talk). Piazza, Peter 357
Digital keypad system. (Marketplace). 110
Digital multiplex recorder. (Marketplace). 128
Digital tools from NIST. (Tech Talk). Piazza, Peter Brief Article 264
Disclosure of security breaches required in California. (Tech Talk). Piazza, Peter 561
Document verification. (Marketplace). 114
Don't make a federal case out of it: to avoid lawsuits, companies must be familiar with legal issues that pertain to internal investigations. The devil is in the details. (Legal Issues). Ray, David 3015
Door exit device. (Marketplace). 86
Exit Controls. (Marketplace). 110
Federal information security still lacking. (Tech Talk). Piazza, Peter 522
Fiber-optic transmission. (Marketplace). 119
Flexible video interface. (Marketplace). 144
Get the most from your guard force: eliciting peak performance from a contract guard force requires that security managers take a progressive stance that focuses on interrelated issues. (Management). Johnson, Jordan W. 4062
Global Pirates: Fraud in the Offshore Insurance Industry. (Reviews). Barnie, Adrian A. Book Review 257
Guardsmark. Lipman, Ira A. 662
Healthcare communications. (Marketplace). 119
Home on the page. (News and Trends). Gips, Michael A. 998
Honeypots: Tracking Hackers. (Reviews). Rothke, Ben Book Review 230
How 9-11 affected the internet. (Tech Talk). Piazza, Peter Brief Article 302
Inconveniencing troublemakers. (Working Wise). Anderson, Teresa 1029
Indoor camera housings. (Marketplace). 103
Legacy of the 107th Congress. (Legal Reporter). Anderson, Teresa 470
Letters. Letter to the Editor 784
Linking physical and computer security strategies. (Tech Talk). Piazza, Peter 370
Loss prevention execs profiled. (News and Trends). Gips, Michael A. 340
Mail inspection system. (Marketplace). 109
Mobile CCTV system. (Marketplace). 104
Motion-detection system. (Marketplace). 90
Network surveillance cameras. (Marketplace). 166
New regulations in the pipeline. (News and Trends). Gips, Michael A. Brief Article 237
Night Vision Camera. (Marketplace). 97
Noncompete agreements. (Elsewhere in the Courts). Brief Article 99
Only Guardsmark offers health insurance to 100% of its security officers. 1151
PACS Americana. (Quick Bytes). Brief Article 107
Policing and Crime Prevention. (Reviews). Martin, Hugh J. Book Review 231
Private Security, Public Responsibility: Why Guardsmark Is 100 percent Drug Free. 505
Ready for Anything: Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Preparedness. (Reviews). Berenson, Lawrence Audiovisual Review 351
Replacement door system. (Marketplace). 126
South America grows cyberattackers. (Tech Talk). Piazza, Peter Brief Article 150
Survey assesses sports facility security. (News and Trends). Gips, Michael A. 720
The first link in the food chain: the agricultural community is working with academia and government to find ways to prevent, detect, and contain bioterror attacks on livestock. (Agroterrorism). Gips, Michael A. 4620
Thermal imaging cameras. (Marketplace). 82
U.S. congressional legislation. (Legal Reporter). Anderson, Teresa 411
U.S. judicial decisions. (Legal Reporter). Anderson, Teresa 363
U.S. regulatory issues. (Legal Reporter). Anderson, Teresa Brief Article 223
U.S. state legislation. (Legal Reporter). Anderson, Teresa Brief Article 179
Video surveillance system. (Marketplace). 117
Weather risk management. (Marketplace). 116
Wireless worries. (Quick Bytes). Brief Article 101
Wrongful termination. (Elsewhere in the Courts). Brief Article 96

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