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Security Management.

Security Management. By Jacob Van der Westhuizen; published by Professional Publishers (Pty) Ltd., Durban, South Africa, (031) 29 4247; 286 pages; contact publisher for price.

The author of this book has made an impressive attempt to present a quantitative examination of security management issues. However, the title of the text is somewhat misleading because it suggests that the book provides a comprehensive review of management-related issues. Perhaps a more appropriate title would be "Quantitative Techniques for Security Management."

The author's specific ideas are not well established; consequently, the direction, train of thought, and flow of material often leave the reader wondering where he or she is.

The author attempted to substantiate his ideas by using charts and tables. Unfortunately, many of the charts prompted more questions than answers. I had to reread some of the charts to determine their significance.

Also, the use of tables and charts is more excessive than supportive of the text. For example, 211 of the 251 pages refer to at least one graph or chart. That represents a text with 84 percent of its content dedicated to charts and tables and 16 percent to written material.

Due to the excessive use of charts, the text lacks substance. What little written material there is makes for awkward, choppy reading that is difficult to digest.

This book would not be appropriate for college students with little knowledge of security and loss prevention, since the arrangement of the chapters and the content assume the reader has knowledge of the subject.

Although this text may not be applicable for the college classroom, it could be useful as a reference text, especially for the practitioner vested in statistical analysis.

Reviewer: Pam Collins is coordinator of security and loss prevention at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY, and chairman of the ASIS Standing Committee on Academic Programs.
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Author:Collins, Pam
Publication:Security Management
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Apr 1, 1992
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