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Security Foiling Steps Up Document Security with Holo-Sign.

Security Foiling (SF)--the UK-based independent manufacturer and solutions provider in the document security sector --recently launched a new product called Holo-Sign[R] that converts a signature into a holographic security feature.

Holo-Sign is the latest development from SF. It protects against signature fraud and counterfeiting by providing an additional layer of security for documents in converting the authorised signature into a hologram. This can be applied using a standard die and equipment.

According to SF, this new feature replaces signing equipment, wax seals, traditional hand signing, rubber stamps and laser and inkjet non-secure signatures, and automates the document signing process, prevents signature duplication and demonstrates authenticity. Each signature can also have a unique ID.

Holo-Sign is fully customisable, available in either gold or silver colours and at three levels of security depending on the user's requirements. Level one includes a number of features including microtext, whereas level two includes additional features such as 3D text and a back lit Thru-View security thread type feature incorporating a micro logo.

Level three includes all of the level one and two features together with a unique ID for each signature and can also incorporate braille text, QR codes and a covert ultraviolet feature.

Caption: An example of Holo-Sign.

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Publication:Holography News
Date:Jul 1, 2019
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