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Security Failure: Passenger Accompanied to Plane By Friend.

By IsraelWire

Officials are investigating the latest reported security foul up at Ben-Gurion International Airport which occurred on Sunday night when a person without a ticket decided to accompany his 18-year-old friend who was flying to the United States, to the plane.

The accompanying friend, without a ticket or boarding pass managed to bypass all security stations and make his way to the entrance to the TWA flight on the runway. As a result of the preliminary investigation, two airport security agents were dismissed from their positions Monday.

Security officials acknowledge the friend should not have been permitted past the gates which are for passengers with valid passports and tickets. Nevertheless, the escort was not questioned or stopped when he decided to accompany his friend who was carrying the necessary documentation. The two entered the jumbo jet waiting to lift off to New York City, and the passenger sat in his assigned seat. A flight attendant then asked the friend for his ticket and it was learned that he was not a passenger. He explained he only intended to escort his friend to the plane. Security officials were summoned immediately and the friend was questioned.

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Publication:Israel Faxx
Date:Apr 7, 2000
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