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Securing anchored foundations Viaducts Chillon - Renovation of bridges.

Tenders are invited for N09 - Ant. Montreux - Roche - Securing anchored foundations Viaducts Chillon - Renovation of bridges

Viaducts Chillon are located on the route of the N09, along the stretch Montreux-Villeneuve (36,550 km) highway. They follow a steep hill, 100 meters above Lake Geneva. This tender focuses on the foundations of viaducts have been anchored in the river.

Securing embedded foundations is to make new concrete beams, new anchors and install a monitoring system on all anchored structures. The foundations of viaducts Chillon were separated into two distinct groups: the foundations wells (# 3, 14 and 114) and the foundations on soles (No. 11, 18, 19, 20, 118, 119 and 120).

Description of work:

A concrete sill is on the downstream part of the foundation, near the longitudinal stiffener. The anchors are then made in the concrete sill that builds on the existing foundation. Anchors are drilled into the soil to bedrock. Then, the space between the two bases of existing concrete foundation to ensure proper transmission of the anchor in the work and efforts to minimize the risk of corrosion. In addition, the wells will be filled with concrete foundations, if not already.

Validity of the offer: 180 days from the closing date

Tender documents are available from: 30/05/2014 to 07/09/2014

Deadline for submission of tenders Date: 07/09/2014 Time: 12:00 Specific deadlines and formal requirements: The date and time of receipt by the ASTRA are authentic.

Tender documents : T22539944.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jun 9, 2014
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