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Securing Volunteers to Fix up the School. Research Brief.

ERIC Descriptors: Public Service; Volunteers; Public Relations; School Community Relationship; Outreach Programs; Recruitment; Community Programs; Maintenance; School Buildings

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How can schools secure volunteers to help fix up the building and grounds? There isn't much research on how to secure volunteers to participate in school clean-ups and fix-ups, but some key ideas can be found in anecdotal examples from many communities around the nation. The first recommendation is that securing volunteers is easier when the school has a solid, active community relations program in place. If people are familiar with the school and its mission, they are more likely to volunteer when the call goes out for help. Secondly, people are more likely to volunteer if asked to do something specific. Finally, communicating with key groups is likely to build support within the group (e.g., alumni, churches, local businesses, service clubs) to help out. That makes the school an integral part of their public service agenda, and usually puts their volunteer efforts at the school's disposal. A list of resources is included.

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Author:Johnston, Howard
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Aug 16, 2011
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