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Securing Global Transportation Networks.

Securing Global Transportation Networks, by Luke Bitter, J. Michael Barrett, and Rosalyn Wilson, McGraw Hill Professional, 2007; hardback, 288 pages; ISBN: 0071477519, $49.95.

Securing Global Transportation Networks demonstrates how improved security processes can create value across all the business functions throughout an entire value chain. Readers will learn a whole new security management philosophy, as explained through domestic and international examples and case studies ranging from major retailers such as Home Depot to shipping giants such as Maersk and FedEx. This book also looks ahead to future developments and "best practices" for the future. If you're charged with making or evaluating transportation security decisions, you'll find the tools you need to succeed--and prosper--with the Total Security Management approach. Specifically, the authors (a) explain globalization's impact on transportation networks, (b) create a framework for realizing a return on security investments by integrating it as a core business process, and (c) detail how transportation firms, investors, and insurance companies can measure and reward smart security practices that protect a firm's fixed assets, assets in transit, brand equity and goodwill, and human capital.

This book reflects the changing view of management regarding security. Still seen by many as both an additional cost and an impediment to good service, security is emerging as another competitive variable that firms can use to add customer value. This is one of the first works I've seen espousing this view, and I think there will be many more to come.

Dr. Kent N. Gourdin
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Title Annotation:Bookshelf Ideas
Author:Gourdin, Kent N.
Publication:Defense Transportation Journal
Date:Feb 1, 2007
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