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Crosstex International announces the SecureFit[TM] series of earloop medical face masks to enable wearers to quickly and easily obtain a more secure and customized fit than is typical with "surgical" masks. SecureFit[TM] masks are available in all three ASTM performance classifications: SecureFit[TM] Isofluid -ASTM Low Performance; SecureFit[TM] Procedural - ASTM Moderate Performance; SecureFit[TM] Ultra - ASTM High Performance. Also available from Crosstex are Patient's Choice[R] products including Twist[R] and Sparkle[R] Prophy Angles and Sparkle EZ Contra Angle; Sparkle V[TM] 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish with Xylitol; Sparkle[R] and Sparkle FREE[R] Prophy Paste with Xylitol; Zap[R] Fluoride Gel, Zap[R] Neutral pH Fluoride Gel and Zap[R] Dual Arch Fluoride Trays; and GumNumb[R] Topical Anesthetic Gel with 20% Benzocaine. For more information, visit



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Date:Dec 1, 2010
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