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Secular assimilation in the Netherlands.

"Two men kissing in a park and a topless woman bather are featured in a film that will be shown to would-be immigrants to the Netherlands," reported the March 12 Times of London. "The reactions of applicants--including Muslims--will be examined to see whether they accept the country's liberal attitudes."

The film is just one facet of a Dutch immigration crackdown that was prompted by the 2004 murder of leftist filmmaker Theo van Gogh by a Muslim radical. Prime Minister Hans Peter Balkenende's "center-fight" government believes that "the tests will provide an objective way of assessing the suitability of applicants by gauging how well prepared they are to make the transition to Dutch life and their willingness to integrate."

Jeroen Dijsselbloem, a socialist member of the Dutch parliament who sits on its immigration committee, puts the matter in a more pointed fashion, explaining that "the film had been created to prepare people for 'open-minded' attitudes on issues such as homosexuality." "We have lots of homo-discrimination, especially by Muslim youngsters who harass gay men on the streets," he observes.

Of course, even in "enlightened" Holland, many native citizens disapprove of a degenerate, post-Christian culture in which homosexuality, drug use, legalized prostitution, and euthanasia are common. Enacting restrictive immigration policies to preserve a culture of death is a bit like treating late-stage cancer with a tourniquet.
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Title Annotation:movie on homosexuality shown to immigrants
Publication:The New American
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Date:Apr 3, 2006
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