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Section III: Roll Goods Manufacturers. (O-Z).

Ober S.A.

Industria e Comercio, CP 163 Av. Industrial, 572 Distrito Industrial Nova Odessa, Sea Paulo 13460-000 Brazil

Telephone: 55-2119-466-9200, Fax: 55-21-19-466-2131


Contact: Ademir Gobbo

Major Markets: Automotives, filtration, footwear and show industry, cleaning wipes, pillowcases, quilting material

Odbek Industries, Inc.

841 Hubbard Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55104

Telephone: 651-487-6828, Fax: 651-487-5989


Contact: Todd Rogers

Plants: St. Paul, MN

Processes: Stitch bonded, carded, airlaid

Fibers: Synthetic and natural

Thickness: 0-3 cm

Weight: 0-1000 gpsm

Width: 2.5 meters max.

Major Markets: Industrial textiles, sorbents, insulated liners, composites, product development

Oji Kinocloth Co., Ltd.

7-12-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan

Telephone: 81-3-3543-2669, Fax: 81-3-3543-2683

Contact: Yukio Miyano

Plants: Fuji

Processes: Thermal bonded

Fibers: Latex

Width: 2 m, 1.3 m

Brand Names: Kinocloth brand

Major Markets: Moist towels, wallpaper, place mats, flushable paper, surgical sheets, deodorant sheets, flooring, synthetic fibers

Orlandi SpA

V. LE XXIV Maggio 3, Gallarate, 21013 Italy

Telephone: 39-0331-759-711, Fax: 39-0331-796-897


Contact: Mario Saldarini

Plants: Gallarate, Bolgare, Cressa

Processes: Needlepunched, high-loft, spunlaced

Fibers: PET, PP, polyamid, viscose

Thickness: 0.5 mm-15 cm

Weight: 30-1.500 gpsm

Width: 320 cm

Brand Names: Talura, Robel, Tevar, Clax, Akena, Axxys, Alabama, Ailtex, Flormop, Greeflor, Kintex

Major Markets: Medical, hygiene, apparel, home furnishings, interlinings, industrial/household wipes, synthetic leather

Orsa SpA Via A Colombo 60

Gorla, Minore (VA) 1-21055 Italy

Telephone: 39-0331-609-111, Fax: 39-0331-604-646


Contact: Andrea Schiavi

Processes: Hydroentangled, needlepunched, impregnation

Fibers: PET, viscose, nylon

Weight: 3-1500 gpsm

Brand Names: Jettex, Nuage, Microjet, Prima, Orlux, Orfelt

Major Markets: Microfibers, coating substrates, medical wipes, hygiene, wet wipes, automotives, shoe linings

Ovattificio Resinatura

Valpadana (ORV)

Via Regina Elena 39

Grantorto, (PD) 1-35010


Telephone: 39-049-94-21-600, Fax: 39-049-94-21-777



Contact: Ezio Bertoncello

Fibers: PET

Thickness: Various

Weight: 45-2000 gpsm

Width: 300-540 cm

Brand Names: Valbond, Valfort, Sinter, Dewtech, Sinpel

Major Markets: Roofing, geotextiles, automotives, lamination, furniture, clothing, acoustic insulation, filtration

Oxco Incorporated

P.O. Box 33462, Charlotte, NC 28233

Telephone: 704-333-7514, Fax: 704-333-7517



Contact: Erich Meier

Plants: Charlotte, NC

Processes: Spunbonded, needle-punch

Fibers: PET, PP

Weight: 0.45-5 oz

Width: 1 to 200 inches

Paltex Inc.

A Western Nonwovens Inc, Company

6818 Avalon Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90003

Telephone: 323-759-4903, Fax: 323-759-0739

Contact: Paul Turner

Plants: Los Angeles, CA

Processes: Highloft thermal bonded, needlepunched

Fibers: PET, rayon, wool, nylon

Thickness: 1/16-3 inches

Weight: 3.5-64 opsy

Width: 5-120 inches

Brand Names: Sof-Seal, DuroSeal

Major Markets: Home furnishings, specialty felts

Pantex Group

Via Livornese di Sopra, 82

Chiesina Uzzanese, Pistoia 51013 Italy

Telephone: 39-0572-480-41, Fax: 39-0572-480-4360



Contact: S. Lupi

Plants: Agliana, Pistoia, Italy; Sulmona, L-Aguila, Italy; Chiesine, Uzzanese Pistoia, Italy

Processes: Drylaid carded, thermal bonded, air through bonded, hydroentangled, foam bonded

Fibers: Vicose, PET, PP, bicomponent fibers

Thickness: 0.1-2.5 mm

Weight: 16-100 gpsm

Width: 65-3000 mm

Brand Names: Wipex, Covertex, Acquitex, Backtex, Perfotex, Drytex, Dualtex

Major Markets: Hygiene (sanitary napkins, diapers, panty liners, incontinence), wet and dry wipes, dust removal wipes

Pegas A.S.


Primeticka 86, Znojmo 669-04 Czech Republic

Telephone: 420-624-262-411, Fax: 420-624-262-511



Contact: Milos Bogdan

Plants: Bucovice, Primetice

Processes: Composites, spunbondod, melt blown

Fibers: Polypropylene

Weight: Melt

blown: 10-500 gpsm;

spunbond: 12-150 gpsm

Width: 3.2, 1.6 m

Brand Names: Pegatex, Pegas Agro, Pegatex Micro, Pegas MB, Pegatex, Bico

Major Markets: Hygiene, agriculture, furniture, building, healthcare, filtration, sorbents

Pely-Tex Kg. GmbH

Willy-Pelz Strasse 2-4, Wahlstedt 23812 Germany

Telephone: 49-4554-9934-0, Fax: 49-4554-9934-14



Contact: Will Seiss

Processes: Drylaid, spunlaced cotton

Fibers: Viscose, cotton, PP, PES

Weight: 12-100 gpsm

Width: 1000-2500 mm

Brand Names: Nonwova, Pelywa, Pelylux, Pelytex

Peplos Nuove Lavorazioni

Tessili SpA

Via Bettinelli 8, Castellanza, (VA), 21053 Italy

Telephone: 39-0331-50-43-11, Fax: 39-0331-50-39-68



Contact: Ciro Massaro

Plants: Castellanza

Processes: Drylaid

Fibers: PET, viscose, polyamide

Thickness: 0.1-2 mm

Weight: 18-200 gpsm

Width: Max. 220 cm

Brand Names: Butterfly

Major Markets: Garments, filtration, medical/hygiene, abrasives, synthetic leather, home, cosmetics, embroidery

PGI Nonwovens AB

Fabriksvagen 1 Molnlyeke 436 35 Sweden

Telephone: 46-31-706 6530, Fax: 46-31-882 377


Contact: Huub van Koningsbrugge

Plants: Sweden

Processes: Dry, chemical bonded

Fibers: Viscose

Weight: 20-50 gpsm

Width: 2.5 meters

Brand Names: Rayalin

Major Markets: Medical, feminine hygiene, wipes

PGI Polymer Group Inc.

P.O. Box 5069 4838 North Jenkins Road North Charleston, SC 29405

Telephone: 800-631-5594, Fax: 732-274-3183


Contact: James Schaeffer

Plants: Pilar, Argentina (DNS jv); Nenhai Nanxin (jv); Hainan Island, China (jv); Cali, Colombia; Balleuil, France (Nordlys); Neunkirchen, Germany; San Luis Potosi, Mexico; Cuijk, Netherlands; Tilburg, Netherlands; Istanbul, Turkey; Gothenborg, Sweden; Saudi Arabia; Japan; Brazil; U.S--North Little Rock, AR; Rogers, AR; Gainesville, GA; Benson, NC; Mooresville, NC; Landisville, NJ; Waynasboro, VA

Processes: Advanced aperturing and imaging, airlaid, carded, apertured film, carded adhesive bond, carded thermal banded, carded air through bond, chemical bonded, composites, converting, fiber, film, fiber spinning, hot roll calendering, hydroentanglad, lamination, melt blown, specialty sorbent polymers and fabrics, spunbonded, SMS, SMMS, thermal bonded, ultrasonic bonded, wetlaid

Fibers: Acrylic, cellulose, bicomponent thermal, cotton, PE, PET, PP, rayon and others

Brand Names: APEX, Agribon, Bonclin, Bonlinn, Bonsec, Chix, Chix Plus, Chux, DuraWipe, DryFit, Duralace, Durapex, DuraTex, Durawipe, Empact, Ensorb, Fresh Guy, Freeswell, Isolite, Kiara, Keybak, Masslian, Matline, Miratec, Multi-Strike, Quix, Quix Plus, Poly-Breathe, PolySafe, Reticulon, Refortel, Softlin, Soft-Touch, Stretch'N Dust, Topswell, Thermoform, Thermospost Ultra Dryloft, UltraPly, UltraLoft, Vignec, Waste-Set, Worxwell

Major Markets: Agricultural, apparel, automotives, battery separator, cable wrap, filtration, home furnishings, hygiene, house wrap, industrial, medical, packaging, sorbents, thermal barriers; baby wipes, cleanroom wipes, food service, industrial, medical, personal care and specialty end uses

PGI Vateks A.S.

Piyalepasa Bulvari Kastel Is Merkezi D Blok Kat 6 Kasimpasa, Istanbul 80370 Turkey

Telephone: 90-212-253-62-35, Fax: 90-212-253-77-78



Contact: Sami Konfino

Plants: Istanbul

Processes: Chemical bonded, needlepunched, thermal bonded

Fibers: PP, PP-PES, acrylic, viscase, cotton

Weight: Thermal bonded-14-70 gpsm; chemical bonded-15-100 gpsm; needlepunched-SO gpsm-1 kgpsm

Major Markets: Coverstock, geotextiles, interlinings, cable wrap, disposable products, cleaning cloths and wipes, support for synthetic leather

Phoenix Fabrikations BV

Simon Homburgstraat 15 Cuijk 5431 NN The Netherlands

Telephone: 31-485-31-3222, Fax: 31-485-32-1948



Contact: Wilfred de Koning

Plants: Cuijk, The Netherlands

Processes: Drylaid, airlaid, spunlaced, spun and thermal bonded Fibers: Rayon, PP. PET, wood pulp

Weight: 20-100 gpsm

Width: 4-100 inches

Brand Names: Zorbex, HygiZorb, Medi-Zorb, Pular

Major Markets: Industrial wiping, hygienic disposables, medical disposables

Phoenix Group USA, Inc.

11115 Rotherick Drive, Suite G Alpharetta, GA 30202

Telephone: 770-521-9873, Fax: 770-521-0292


Contact: Greg Ward

Plants: Taipei, Taiwan

Processes: Spunbonded and specialty, stretchable, melt blown and thermally bonded

Fibers: Polypropylene

Weight: 15-100 gpsm

Width: Up to 3 meters

Brand Names: Flexus, Elastia, Icarus, Resilyon

Major Markets: Healthcare, disposable diapers, medical/surgical products

The Pillow Factory Inc.

955 Campus Drive Mundelein, IL 60060

Telephone: 847-680-3388, Fax: 847-367-0620


Contact: Michael Green

Plants: Mundelein, IL, Conyers, GA, Sparks, NV, Muscle Shoals, AL, Libertyville, IL

Processes: Carded, composites, ultrasonic bonded, converting

Fibers: PET, rayon

Thickness: Varies

Weight: Varies

Width: Varies

Brand Names: Dry Bond Classic, Enhance, Mira Guard, Poly Plus, Advent

Major Markets: finished products for health care and hospitality markets

Polimeros Y Derivados, SA, deCV

Palo Cuarto 213 Colonia Michoacan Leon, GTO, CP 37240 Mexico

Telephone: 52-477-710-9700, Fax: 52-477-716-7538



Contact: Pedro Camarena

Plants: Leon, Mexico

Processes: Hydroentangled, necdlepunched, carded, airlaid, thermal bonded, resin bonded, stitch bonded

Fibers: PET, cellulose, PP, rayon, meta-aramid, para-aramid, carbon

Thickness: 0.02-1.0 cm

Weight: 30-1000 gpsm

Width: 1.5-6 meters

Brand Names: Oropal, Termocel, Celfil, Oroz, Endurlite, Oroterma, Celtec, Celpac, Endurflex, Coverall, Poliref, Imperpoli, Poliklin, Lonalum, Polivek, Poligeo, Polifieltro

Major Markets: Shoe components, filtration, interlinings, roofing, medical apparel, coated fabric backings, synthetic leather, geotextiles, shoe linings, wipes, automotive

Polyfelt GmbH

Schachermayerstr. 18 Linz 4021 Austria

Telephone: 43-732-6983-0, Fax: 43-732-6983-5353



Contact: Wolfgang Aue

Plants: Austria, France, Malaysia

Processes: Spunboaded, needlepunched

Fibers: Polypropylene

Thickness: Max. 10 mm

Weight: 100-1500 gpsm

Width: Max. 6 meters

Brand Names: Polyfelt, Bidim

Major Markets: Road, hydraulic and railway construction, tunnelling, private houses (drainage), soil reinforcement

Polyvlies Technischer Nadelfilz

Franz Beyer GmbH & Co., Kg.

Rodder Strasse 52 Horstel Bevergern, 48477 Germany

Telephone: 49-5459-931-00, Fax: 49-5459-931-050



Contact: B. Luke

Plants: Horstel-Bevergern

Processes: Needlepunched, thermal bonded, different finishings

Fibers: PP, PES, PA, PE, rayon, cotton, wool, flax, kenaf, hemp, sisal

Thickness: 1-25 mm

Weight: 80-3000 gpsm

Width: Up to 6 meters

Brand Names: Polyvlies

Major Markets: Automotives, geotextiles, carpet backing

Porcher Industries Trouilleres

Budinieres Cedex, 38500 France

Telephone: 33-4-744-310-10, Fax: 33-4-749-214-07


Contact: Rigi Leysier

Powell Corp.

55 Ward Hill Avenue Haverhill, MA 01835

Telephone: 978-373-9111, Fax: 978-521-5715


Contact: Todd Kingsbury

Plants: Haverhill, MA

Processes: Dry

Fibers: Polyester

Thickness: 0.8-7.5 mm

Brand Names: Dacmat

Major Markets: Electrical insulation, filtration, membrane substrates, tape backing

Precision Custom Coatings LLC

200 Maltese Drive Totowa, NJ 07512

Telephone: 973-890-3873, Fax: 973-785-8180



Contact: Dan Kamat

Processes: Chemical bonded, thermal bonded, saturated bonding, needlepunched, hot melt adhesive coating, paste dot, powder scatter-sinter coating

Fibers: PET, nylon, rayon

Width: Up to 135 inches, 36.9 meters

Major Markets: Warp and circular knit and nonwoven fusible interlinings, environmentally safe nonwovens for automotives, home furnishing, vinyl coating/laminating, filtration, health and skin care industries, apparel

Procotex Corp. S.A.

Z.I. du Valemprez

8, rue Theodor Kluber Dottignies, B-7711 Belgium

Telephone: 32-56-48-3838, Fax: 32-56-48-4351



Contact: Yves Wuyts

Fibers: Natural fibers (flax, kenaf, jute, hemp, etc.) mixed with PP or PES or 100% natural fibers

Weight: 400-2200 gpsm

Major Markets: Geotextiles, automotives

(Punsa, S.L.)

Punzonados Sabadell, S.L. Apartado de Correos, 339 Sabade 11, Barcelona 08203 Spain

Telephone: 34-93-727-4141, Fax: 34-93-727-4628


Contact: C. Gonzalez

Plants: Barcelona, Spain

Processes: Needlepunched

Fibers: Synthetic fibers

Thickness: 0.5-15 mm

Weight: 90-2000 gpsm

Width: 5.25 m

Brand Names: Durotex

Mojor Markets: Geotextiles, fireproof, protection

PVD Plast Mould Industries

17, Parekh Vora Chambers 66 N. Master Read Mumbai 400 023 India

Telephone: 91-22-267-0217, Fax: 91-22-261-0086



Contact: P.S. Krishnan

Plants: Daman, India

Processes: Double beam spunbonded

Fibers: Polypropylene

Weight: 10-150 grams

Brand Names: Bharatex, Agrosun, Mepex, Agrishield, Economat, Namatex

Major Markets: Agriculture, hygiene, apparel, electronics, furnishing and upholstery

Qinhuangdao Huayang Nonwoven Fabric Co., Ltd.

P.O. Box 217 Shanhaiuan,-ebei 066200 China

Telephone: 86-335-502-2325, Fax: 86-335-505-2720



Quanzhou Donghua Chemical Fiber Weaving Co., Ltd.

2-12E Qingmeng Technology Industry Area Quanzhou, Fujian China

Telephone: 86-595-2487811, Fax: 86-595-2487810



Rayonier, Inc.

2075 Sunset Boulevard Jesup, GA 31546

Telephone: 912-588-2611, Fax: 912-558-1370



Contact: Don Young

Plants: Jesup, GA, Fernandina, FL

Processes: Kraft, Sulfite

Fibers: Pine, softwood

Brand Names: Rayfloc, Novathin

Major Markets: Disposable products, diapers, feminine care products, incontinence pads, nonwovens

Resintex Industriale Srl.

Galleria Buenos Aires, 16 Milano, I-20124 Italy

Telephone: 39-0229-401-672, Fax: 39-0229-405-143



Contact: Moni Matalon

Plants: Milan, Italy

Processes: Chemical bonded, needlepunched, laminated nonwovans

Fibers: PET, viscose, PE, PP

Thickness: 0.6-7 nn

Weight: 60-400 gpsm

Width: Non-slitted--75-80-100-150-160 cm; slitted-10-375 cm

Brand Names: Target, Master, Royal, Estro, Diamant, Magic

Major Markets: Interlinings, shoulder pads, medical, wound pad dressings, coating and flocking substrates, filters, automotives, upholstery, agriculture


Siroka 1 Ivancice 664-93 Czech Republic

Telephone: 420-502-437-221-6, Fax: 420-502-921-726



Contact: Ladislav Ptacek

Processes: Needlepunched, stitch bonded

Major Markets: Automotives, building-construction, furniture, production of PVC floor cloth and temporary and permanent geotextiles, textile materials for cleaning purposes

Ritas Nonwoven A.S.

2 Organize Sanayi Baspinar, Gaziantep 27100 Turkey

Telephone: 90-342-337-9344, Fax: 90-342-337-9345



Contact: Aykut Peltek

Plants: Gaziantep, Turkey

Processes: Spunbonded

Thickness: 0.1-0.6 mm

Weight: 13-160 gpsm

Width: 25-2500 mm

Brand Names: Ribond, Ripolbond

Major Markets: Printed fabrics, UV stabilized markets, technical applications

Rontex America

One Caldwell Drive Amherst, NH 03031

Telephone: 603-883-5076, Fax: 603-880-6033


Contact: C. Haley

Plants: Amherst, NH

Processes: Needlepunched, flat, seamless, endless tubular and structured

Fibers: All synthetic

Thickness: 0.125-1 inches (3-25 mm)

Weight: 2-300 opsy(70-10,000 gpsm)

Width: 12-150 inches (300-3800 mm)

Major Markets: OEM, automotive and automotive aftermarket, filtration, industrial roll covering

Royalin GmbH

Waldshuter Straasse 12 Laufenburg 79725 Germany

Telephone: 49-7763-938-90, Fax: 49-7763-938-925



Contact: Norbert Eisele

Plants: Laufenburg

Processes: Wetlaid

Fibers: PET, polyamid, polyacryl, rayon, glass

Thickness: 0.15-1.5 mm

Weight: 20-300 gpsm

Width: 165-175 cm

Brand Names: Royalin

Major Markets: Battery separators, coating, filtration, construction

Rumpel Felt Co., Ltd.

60 Victoria Street, North P.O. Box 1283 Kitchener, Ontario N2G 4G8 Canada

Telephone: 800-743-6341, Fax: 519-743-6641



Contact: Thomas Missere

Plants: Kitchener, Ontario

Processes: Needlepunched, traditional pressed felt making

Fibers: PET, PP, viscose, wool

Thickness: 1/16-1 inch

Weight: Various

Width: Various

Major Markets: Footwear, athletic, apparel, saddlery, handicraft, orthopedic, filtration, industrial, educational

Sagrin S.A.

Carumbe 4392 Montevideo, Uruguay

Telephone: 59-82-215-26-26, Fax: 59-82-215-04



Contact: I.A. Rafael Rainusso

Processes: Airlaid, spray, carded

Fibers: Rayon, PET, cotton, PP

Brand Names: Interlon, others

Major Markets: Medical, filtration, disposables, clothing/quilts, furniture, home furnishings, others

Saint Gobain Technical Fabrics

Bayex Division 345 Third Street, Suite 615 Niagra Falls, NY 14303

Telephone: 716-691-3351, Fax: 716-285-1078

Contact: Claire Beaulieu

Plants: Albion, NY; St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Processes: Laid scrims and composites

Fibers: Fiberglass, PET, rayon

Width: 0-125 inches

Brand Names: Bayex, Baymat, Bamilex, Bayknit

Major Markets: Reinforcing scrims

Saint Gobain BTI

43 Bibber Parkway Brunswick, ME 04011

Telephone: 207-729-7792, Fax: 207-729-7877


Contact: Rob Fuller

Processes: Stitch bonded

Fibers: Fiberglass

Thickness: To 1/4 inch

Weight: 10-200 opsy

Width: 2-150 inches

Major Markets: Composite reinforcements

San Fang Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.

9F, No. 289, Sec. 3 Nanking East Road Taipei, Taiwan ROC

Telephone: 886-2-271-554-41, Fax: 886-2-271-230-25



Contact: J.S. Shi

Plants: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Vliesstoffwerk Christian Heinrich Sandler GmbH

P.O. Box 1144 Schwarzenbach, Saab 95120 Germany

Telephone: 49-9284-60-0, Fax: 49-9284-60-205



Contact: Christian Heinrich Sandler

Plants: Schwarzenbach/Saale, Germany

Processes: Waddings and drylaid nonwovens, parallel carded thermal bonded, crosslapped carded thermofused, crosslapped carded needlepunched, melt blown, spunlaced

Fibers: PP, PET, bico, CV, PA, PVA, special fibers

Thickness: 0.2-200 mm

Weight: 4-2000 gpsm

Width: Up to 3.60 m

Brand Names: Sawafill, Sawabond, Sawaflor, Sawalux, Sawaloft, Sawavlies, Sawatex, Sandler-unico, Sandler-fiberskin, Sandler-fibercomfort, Sawagrow, Sawasorb, Sawascreen, Sawacomb, Sawaform, Sawadry, Sawasoft, Sandler Sports

Major Markets: Roll goods for applications in the fields of engineering (including automotives, filtration, construction and horticulture), hygiene, home furnishings and fashion

Saudi Arabian

Advanced Fabrics--SAAF

P.O. Box 1065, Al-Ahsa, 31982, Saudi Arabia

Telephone: 966-3-532-3000, Fax: 966-3-532-4004



Contact: Add Al-Majhad

Plants: Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia

Processes: Spunlaced

Fibers: Polypropylene

Thickness: 1-3 denier fibers

Weight: 10-85 gpsm

Width: 3200 mm

Brand Names: SAAF Fabrics

Major Applications: Hygiene, medical, agricultural and industrial fabrics

Schoellor & Hoesch Sarl

ZI Rue do In Maziere, Wischcs 67130 France

Telephone: 33-3-88-47-35-00, Fax: 33-3-88-47-33-80



Contact: Jean Brink

Processes: Melt blown

Brand Names: Microsorb

Major Markets: Oil sorbents, wipes

Scotia Company

358 Lincoln Street, Lewiston, ME 04240

Telephone: 207-782-3824, Fax: 207-777-5451



Contact: Peter Libbey

Plants: Lewiston, ME

Processes: Stitch bonded

Fibers: Cotton, rayon, PET, modacrylic, polyolefin, glass

Thickness: 0.025-0.25 inches

Weight: 1-24 opsy

Width: Up to 98 inches

Major Markets: Shoe and glove linings, interlinings, filtration, coating and laminating bases, ticking, roofing, print cloth, wipes


Saudi German Nonwovens Co. A

BBA Joint Venture Company

P.O. Box 3319, Al-Khobar, 31952, Saudi Arabia

Telephone: 966-3-812-2111, Fax: 966-3-812-1333



Contact: Mohammed Al Harbi

Plants: Saudi Arabia-Eastern Province

Processes: Spunbonded and SMS

Fibers: Polypropylene

Weight: 10-150 gpsm

Width: 100-3200 mm

Major Markets: Hygiene, medical, agriculture, furniture and industrial

Shalag Shamir

Nonwoven Fabric Industry

Kibbutz Shamir, Upper Galilee, 12135 Israel

Telephone: 972-4694-7856, Fax: 972-4694-9728



Contact: Micha Strauss

Plants: Kibbutz Shamir, Israel

Processes: Thermal bonded, carded

Fibers: PP, PET, cotton, rayon

Weight: 14-70 gpsm

Width: Up to 3 meters (thermal bond)

Brand Names: Shalag, PPV, SBC, TaxFeel, PPC

Major Markets: Hygiene, medical, absorbent industrial and filtration products

Shanghai Huacheng, Needle Felt Ltd.

No. 388 Yeda Road, Yexie Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai 201609 China

Telephone: 86-21-578-01350, Fax: 86-21-578-01350

Shanghai Jiecheng Nonwoven, Material Co., Ltd.

No. 8, Minhua Industry Park Road, Songjiang, Shanghai, 201614 China

Telephone: 86-21-578-56252, Fax: 86-21-578-56357

Sheng Hung Industrial Co., Ltd.

No. 116, Hou Kong Street, Shih-Lin District, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC

Telephone: 886-2-288-278-22, Fax: 886-2-288-278-29



Contact: Raymond Tsai

Fibers: Nylon, rayon, PET, PP fiber

Thickness: 0.15 meters and up

Weight: 18 gpsm and up

Width: 100 cm and up

Brand Names: SHI

Major Markets: Interlinings for industrial use, artificial leather/needlepunched felt, wet process polyurethane synthetic leather with nonwoven backing, thermal bonded dot fused nonwoven interlinings

Shenyang Xinfa, Nonwovens Co., Ltd.

124 Nanta Street, Shengyang, Liaoning, 110016 China

Telephone: 86-24-2389-0591, Fax: 86-24-2389-4709

Shinih Enterprise Co., Ltd.

5F, No. 107, Sec 1, San-Min Road, Pan-Chloe City, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan

Telephone: 886-2-29646088, Fax: 886-2-29645898



Contact: Gabbana Yang

Plants: Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Los Angeles

Fibers: Staple from microfiber to 20 denier

Thickness: 1-200 mm

Weight: 40-2000 gpsy

Width: 36-200 inches

Brand Names: DuPont Performance Insulation (Dacron)

Major Markets: Fiberfill and needlepunch for apparel, boots and gloves, furniture pads, mattresses


249 Mendori, Kawanoe City, Ehime 799-0113, Japan

Telephone: 81-896-58-1100, Fax: 81-896-58-1106


Contact: Kazuhisa Inoue

Plants: Kawanoe City, Ehime, Toyonaka Town, Kagawa

Processes: Spanlaced, resin banded, thermal bonded, spunbonded

Fibers: Rayon, PET, nylon, PP

Thickness: 0.1-1.5 mm

Weight: 10-150 grams

Width: 1000-3000 mm

Brand Names: Haibon, Superlace

S.I.A. TE Srl.

Via Bolzani 132, Masera, (PD) I-35020 Italy

Telephone: 39-49-886-2122, Fax: 39-49-886-2124


Contact: Sabrina Basso

Processes: Drylaid

Fibers: PET, VIS

Width: 200 max

Brand Names: Recon

Sino Protection (Hefei) Sanitary, Material Co., Ltd.

No. 226 Changjiang (East) Road, Hefei, Anhui, 230011, China

Telephone: 86-551-4411761, Fax: 86-551-4412394


SI Performance Technology

6025 Lee Highway, Suite 415, Chatanooga, TN 37421

Telephone: 423-892-8080, Fax: 423-553-2215



Contact: Mike Long

Plants: Ringgold, GA

Processes: Needlepunch

Fibers: PP, PET

Thickness: Up to 400 mm

Weight: 2.0-40 opsy

Width: 204 inches maximum

Brand Names: Synfab, Earth-scope, Geotex

Major Markets: Furniture and bedding, rug backings, vinyl laminates, sorbents, geotextiles, filtration, automotive interior fabrics


Untere Zaeune 3, Zurich, 8001 Switzerland

Telephone: 41-1-251-40-90, Fax: 41-1-261-26-30


Contact: Ueli Steiner

Processes: Spun, melt blown, airlaid, composites, air through bonded

Fibers: PP, viscose, PE, PET

Weight: 14-30 grams

Width: All

Major Markets: Baby diapers, feminine hygiene products, adult incontinence products

Soft N.W. Srl.

Via Piave, 5, Cerreto Costello, (Biella) 13852, Italy

Telephone: 39-015-882-200, Fax: 39-015-882-135


Contact: Edoardo Piccinino

Processes: Spunbonded

Fibers: Polypropylene

Softbond S.A.

Calle 2 Lote 11, Frac. VIII, Parque Industrial Pilar, Pilar, Buenos Aires 1629, Argentina

Telephone: 54-2322-463366, Fax: 54-2322-463399



Contact: Miguel Fernandez

Processes: PP spunbondeded; latex bonded airlaid

Sogetec SpA

Via Oroboni 41, Vigevano, (PV) 27029, Italy

Telephone: 39-0381-697360, Fax: 39-0381-697643



Contact: Claudie Rolando

Plants: Cormons, Italy

Processes: Needlepunched, spunlaced, chemical bonded and Pu coagulated bases

Fibers: PES, PAM, viscose, microfibers

Thickness: 0.2-4 mm

Weight: 20-400 gpsm

Width: Up to 3200 mm

Brand Names: Nuera, Flytex

Major Markets: Shoes and leather goods, PU/PVC coating, industrial applications, wiping

Soleno Textiles Techniques Inc.

1261 Berlier Street, Loyal, Quebec H7L 3Z1, Canada


Telephone: 450-668-2545, Fax: 450-668-3347

Contact: Francois Pepin

Fibers: PP, PET

Sopal S.A.

1 rue Louis Blanc, BP 78, Dax Cedex, FR-40102, France

Telephone: 33-5-585-660-60, Fax: 33-5-585-660-12

Contact: Mr. Poublan

Sorbent Products Co., Inc.

645 Howard Avenue, Somerset, NJ 08873

Telephone: 732-302-0080, Fax: 732-302-0969



Contact: Mark Johnson

Plants: Somerset, NJ

Processes: Melt blown

Fibers: Polypropylene

Thickness: 10-1000 ml

Weight: 50-1000 gpsm

Width: 60 inches

Brand Names: SPC oil sorbents, MRQ plus, UXT, Universal plus sorbents, Oil plus, SXT

Major Markets: Sorbents and wipes

Southern Felt Co., Inc.

1695 Edgefield Road, North Augusta, SC 29860

Telephone: 803-663-6693, Fax: 803-663-9677



Contact: Ben Davis

Plants: North Augusta, SC

Processes: Needlepunched

Fibers: Homopolymer acrylic, copolymer acrylic, nylon, PPS, aramid, PP, PET, P-84, Teflon-Toyoflon, all micro-denier fibers

Thickness: 0.025-1.00 plus

Weight: 4.0-100 opsy plus

Width: Up to 150 inches

Brand Names: Micro Felt and Dura-shield, CTF2, Pleat-Lox, Fiber-Lox

Major Markets: Filtration, business machine felts, laundry felts

Southern Melt Blown Technologies

885 Simpson Highway 149, Magee, MS 39111

Telephone: 601-867-3560

Fax: 601-867-3561



Plants: Mississippi

Processes: Melt blown

Spill Textile Corp.

205 Lakeshore Drive, Port Arthur, TX 77640

Telephone: 409-983-7800, Fax: 409-985-2566


Contact: William George

Processes: Melt blown

Major Markets: Sorbents

SpillTech Industries Inc.

1408 11th Avenue, Suite 2, Altoona, PA 16601

Telephone: 814-949-2600, Fax: 814-949-2616

Contact: Donald Redford

Plants: Mobile, AL

Processes: Melt blown

Fibers: Polypropylene

Weight: 6, 9, 12 opsy

Major Markets: Industrial sorbents

Spunbond Nonwoven (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Telephone: 86-755-801-6860, Fax: 86-755-801-6996


Spunchem Africa (Pty) Ltd.

22, Burnside Drive, Mount Edgecombe, Kwazulu Natal, 4300 South Africa

Telephone: 27-31-5023209, Fax: 27-31-5023157



Plants: Durban, South Africa

Processes: Spunbonded

Fibers: Polypopylene

Brand Names: Twin Trac

Spunfab, Ltd.

175 Muffin Lane, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223

Telephone: 330-945-9455, Fax: 330-945-7588



Contact: Ken Keuchel

Plants: Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Major Markets: Nonwoven adhesives

Spuntech Industries

P.O. Box 3328, Upper Tiberias 14133 Israel

Telephone: 972-6-6732360

Fax: 972-6-6732368


Contact: Ron Broshi

Processes: Spunlaced, spundlace/airlaid

Fibers: Cotton, viscose, pulp, PET, PP

Weight: 30-200 gpsm

Width: Up to 3.4 meter

Major Markets: Wipes, hygiene, medical, industrial and home, filtration

Stearns Technical Textiles

100 Williams Street, Cincinnati, OH 45215

Telephone: 513-948-5273, Fax: 513-948-5281



Plants: Cincinnati, Camden, OH; Trenton, Ontario, Canada; Montreal, Quebec, Canada Processes: Dry, needlepunched, spray bonded, glazed, airlaid, carded, composites, laminated, thermal bonded, spunbonded, needlepunched

Fibers: Rayon, PET, cotton, orion, PP

Thickness: 2.5-1000 mm

Weight: 12 gpsy-10 opsy

Width: Up to 96 inches

Brand Names: Fabray, Markrite, Mountain Mist, Fiberloft

Major Markets: Diapers, sanitary, wipes, fabric softener substrates, filtration, scrubber pads, pillow covers, ADL, automotive

Suominen Nonwovens Ltd.

P.O. Box 25, Nakkila, 29251 Finland

Telephone: 358-2-5375-400, Fax: 358-2-5372-419



Contact: Kari Granfors

Plants: Nakkila, Finland

Processes: Carded, spunlaced, thermal bonded

Fibers: Viscose, PP, PES, pulp

Weight: 18-80 gpsm

Width: 76-3600 mm

Brand Names: Novelin, Fibrella

Major Markets: Hygiene, medical, wiping

Superior Fabrics Co., Inc.

1541 N. Powerline Road, Pompano Beach, FL 33069

Telephone: 954-975-8122, Fax: 954-975-2938



Contact: Robert Fryburg

Plants: Pompano Beach, FL

Processes: Stitch bonded, needlepunched

Fibers: Polyester

Weight: 2.5-10 opsy

Width: 3-170 inches

Brand Names: Supreme, Suntex, Polydec

Major Markets: Mattress ticking, vertical blinds, roofing, outdoor furniture cushions, interlinings

Superior Felt & Filtration

951 Old Rand Road, Unit 112, Waucanda, IL 60084

Telephone: 847-487-5040, Fax: 847-481-5048



Contact: Frank Porto

Processes: needlepunch

Fibers: PET, wool, PP, Nomex

Thickness: 0.020-2 inches

Weight: 2-250 opsy

Width: 0.500-120 inches

Major Markets: Filtration, CFM, micron filtration, medical filters, gaskets, seal, SAE wool felts, decorative felts, orthopedic, vacuums

Superior Nonwovens, LLC

100 ISO Parkway, Gray Court, SC 29645

Telephone: 864-876-5040, Fax: 864-876-4315


Contact: Joe Piela

Plants: Gray Court, SC

Processes: Spunbonded

Fibers: PET, CO-PET, PP

Weight: 17-136 gpsm

Width: 124 inches trimmed

Major Markets: Point and flat bond for industrial and consumer products and filtration products

Taizhou Taichang

Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.

Binjiang Industrial Park

Taizhou Economic, Development Zone, Taizhou, Jiangsu, China

Telephone: 86-523-691-8246, Fax: 86-523-691-6792

Taitan Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.

No, 4, Dongfeng Road, Taizhou, Jiangsu, China

Telephone: 86-523-666-1189, Fax: 86-523-666-1189


Contact: Zhang Jinlian

Fibers: PP, PP bicomponent fiber

Thickness: 1.5 D-6 D/4-51 mm

Taiwan Spunlace Co., Ltd. (Group)

16F, No. 80, Alley 100, Lane 109, Sec. 2, Mu-Cha Road, Taipei, 116 Taiwan ROC

Telephone: 886-2-259-259-28, Fax: 886-2-259-547-88



Contact: Tony Hwa

Processes: Spunlaced

Fibers: Polyester, viscose, nylon

Thickness: 0.2-0.8 mm

Weight: 30-150 gpsm

Width: 2500 mm

Brand Names: BEST2100 Spunlace

Major Markets: Wipes, surgical gowns, surgical gauze, substrate of synthetic leather

Technische Textilien Lorrach

GmbH & Co., KG.

Teichstrasse 56, Lorrach 79539 Germany

Telephone: 49-76214022-0, Fax: 49-7621-4022-47



Contact: Thomas Lais

Processes: Needling, finishing/chemical treatments

Fibers: Synthetic fibers (PET, meta-aramide, P84, Teflon, PAC, PP Ryton)

Thickness: Up to 20 mm

Weight: 100-4000 gpsm

Width: Up to 5 m

Brand Names: Tulane

Major Markets: Filter media, industrial textiles

Techtex GmbH Vliesstoffe

Viersener Strasse 18, Mittweida 09648 Germany

Telephone: 49-3727-953-0, Fax: 49-3727-953-23



Contact: Katrin Teumer

Plants: Mittweida, Germany

Processes: Stitch bonded (Malimo-Technology)

Fibers: PES, PP, CV, wool (reoyal fibres), combinations

Thickness: 0.5-2.5mm (Maliwatt,

Malivlies) 4, 0-7, 5 mm (Kunit)

Weight: 50-250 gpsm

Width: 600 mm max.

Brand Names: Maliwatt, Malivlies, Kunit, Multiknit

Major Markets: Lamination carrier for artificial leather and car interiors, acoustic applications, secondary carpet backings, other technical textiles

Tecnofibra SpA

Via Dante No. 75, Carbonate, (CO) 22070 Italy

Telephone: 39-0331-821-721, Fax: 39-0331-833-200



Contact: Alessandro Baroni

Processes: Thermal bonded, spunlaced, needlepunched

Fibers: PP, PES, viscose, synthetic fibers, Lyocell, microfiber

Weight: 20-150 gpsm

Width: 100-1000 mm

Brand Names: Tilene, Tecnojet, Tecnofelt, Tecnofill, Tecnodens

Major Markets: Waddings, hygiene, cleaning, technical supports, backing, disposable bed-sheets

Tefisa (Telas y Fabricados No. Tejidos S.A.)

Ctra. Piera-Sant Sadurni, Km. 5, Piera, Barcelona, 08784 Spain

Telephone: 34-93-770-60-60, Fax: 34-93-770-60-62



Contact: D. Oriol Roma Trigo

Plants: Barcelona, Spain

Processes: Chemical bonded

Fibers: PET, viscose, polyamide

Weight: 20-120 gpsm

Width: 2600 mm

Brand Names: Tefim

Major Markets: Medical, automotives, filtration, electronics, abrasives, wood, decorations

Teijin Limited

1-6-7, Minami-Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-8587 Japan

Telephone: 81-6-6268-2368, Fax: 81-6-6268-8660

Contact: Sadamitsu Murayama

Processes: Thermal bonded

Fibers: PET, PP

Thickness: 0.1-100 mm

Weight: 5-2000 gpsm

Width: 500-2000 mm

Ten Cate Nicola

365 S. Holland Drive, Pendergrass, GA 30567

Telephone: 706-693-4400, Fax: 706-693-2083



Contact: Heather Grant

Processes: Needlepunched

Fibers: Polypropylene

Weight: 2-20 opsy

Major Markets: Geotextiles

Tonotex SpA

Via P. Albisetti, 10, Terno D'Isola, (BG) 24030, Italy

Telephone: 39-035-499-3111, Fax: 39-035-904-617



Contact: M. Moscheni

Plants: Ghiaie di Bonate Sopra, Italy; Tome d'Isola, Italy; Benejana, Spain

Processes: Drylaid thermal bonded, spunbonded and air through bonded, SMS, spunlaced

Fibers: PP, viscose, cotton, bicomponent, pulp

Weight: 16-70 gpsm

Width: Up to 4.2 meters

Brand Names: Tempo 100% PP thermal bonded, Spunten 100% PP spunbonded, Airtan through-air bonded nonwoven, Melten SMS 100% PP

Major Markets: Hygiene

Tessiture Pietro Radici SpA

Via Ugo Foscolo, 152, Gandino, (Bergamo) 24024, Italy

Telephone: 39-035-715-411, Fax: 39-935-715-715



Contact: Vittorie Tiraboschi

Plants: Gandino, Italy

Fibers: PET, viscose, PP

Weight: 15-150 gpsm

Brand Names: Dylar

Major Markets: Industrial, furniture, footwear and leather goods, automotives, geotextile, packaging, agriculture, roofing, apparel

Tex Tech Industries

105 N. Main Street, North Monmouth, ME 04265

Telephone: 207-933-4404, Fax: 207-933-9255



Contact: Shirley Ashton

Plants: N. Monmouth, ME;

Tempe, AZ; Slater, MO; Kilkenny, Ireland; Hampton, VA

Processes: Needlepunched, chemical treatment, calendered, napping, heat setting, stitch bonded

Fibers: Acrylic, aramids, woo], Nomex, Ryton, PET, Teflon, PP, PBI, PBO, Kevlar, PPS, Pre-Ox, PAN, PTFE

Thickness: 0.020-1.25 inches

Weight: 3.5-1250 ospy

Width: 40-140 inches (needlepunched); 20-84 inches (calendered); 2-40 inches (slit)

Major Markets: Belts, filtration, design, fabricated components, tennis, acoustic/thermal insulation, fire blacking fabrics, fire barriers for seating, die cutting

Texbond SpA

Via Fornaci 15/17, Rovereto, (TN) 38068 Italy.

Telephone: 39-0464-481-811, Fax: 39-0464-433-366



Contact: A. Mattes

Plants: Rovereto, Italy

Processes: Spunbonded

Fibers: Polypropylene

Weight: 14-150 gpsm

Width: 320 cm

Brand Names: Ultratex, Hybond, Agribond, Proteus, Ultrabond, BM Top

Major Markets: Furniture, protective clothing, agriculture, hygiene, roofing, filtration, customized laminates, composites


485 Des Erables St. Elzear Beauce, Quebec, GOS 2J0 Canada

Telephone: 418-387-5910, Fax: 418-387-4326



Contact: Andre Bedard

Plants: Quebec, Canada

Processes: Needlepunched

Fibers: PET, PP, Nomex, nylon, viscose

Thickness: 0.7-18 mm

Weight: 90-4500 grams

Width: 14-150 inches

Brand Names: Texel, Tex-R, Tribo, Summumtex

Major Markets: Shoe, filtration, agrotextile, geosynthetics, durable absorbents, industrial, hygiene, consumer products

Texidel LNT

Rue de L'Europe, Caudry 59540 France

Telephone: 33-27-85-51-51, Fax: 33-8-2785-3294

Contact: Gilbert Delhorbe

Plants: France

Fibers: PES, PP, viscose

Thickness: 0.41-4,5 mm

Weight: 0-250 gpsm

Width: 3.20 meters

Major Markets: Automotives, enduction, filtration, geotextile, medical/hygiene


Rue Saint Eloi, Crepy en Valois 60802 France

Telephone: 33-3-44-87-63-38, Fax: 33-3-44-87-18-43


Contact: Jacques Wattel

Plants: Crepy-en-Valois

Processes: Drylaid, needlepunched and stitch bonded

Fibers: PET, viscose, PP, acrylic, synthetics

Thickness: 0.5-6 mm

Weight: 60-800 gpsm

Width: Up to 320 cm

Brand Names: Alvamoll, Primatex, Wattin

Major Markets: Wound pad dressings, banderoles, coating substrates, geotextiles, bonnet liners, headliners, door panels, pillar injection molding, sound proofing

Texnovo SA

Bruc, 145, entlo. 2, Barcelona 08037 Spain

Telephone: 34-93-207-73-15, Fax: 34-93-207-70-59



Contact: Jaime Cameras

Plants: La Selva Del Camp, Tarragona

Processes: Spunbonded Reicofil

Fibers: Polypropylene

Weight: 15-160 grams

Width: 2.40-3.20 m

Brand Names: Texpun, Reicrop

Major Markets: Bedding, industrial white and colors, agricultural, hygienic

Thai Hygienic Products Co., Ltd.

437 Silom 7, Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Telephone: 662-233-3495-8

Fax: 662-236-7767



Contact: Paisan Jeyasak

Plants: Samutprakarn, Thailand

Processes: Carded web bonded by either chemical, thermal, or hot-air-through process

Fibers: Viscose rayon, and synthetic fibers

Thickness: 0.10-0.50 mm

Weight: 10-100 gpsm

Width: Up to 210 cm

Major Markets: Sanitary napkins, baby diapers, etc.

Thantex Specialties, Inc.

P.O. Box 3000, 94 Glenn Bridge Road, Arden, NC 28704

Telephone: 800-821-0994, Fax: 828-687-8763



Contact: Jeffrey Bennett

Plants: Arden, NC; Andrews, SC

Processes: Carded, needlepunched, calendared

Fibers: PP PET, PVA, acrylic, cotton, rayon, aramids

Weight: 2-30 opsy

Width: 210 inches

Major Markets: Home furnishings, carpet backing, home crafts, geotextiles, filtration, roofing, medical, furniture and bedding

Tharreau Industries

Z.I. de la Pierre Blanche, BP 49, Chemille, F-49120 France

Telephone: 33-241-71-55-55, Fax: 33-2-41-71-55-78



Contact: Florence Vallat

Plants: Chemille, France

Processes: Needlepunched, hydroentangled

Fibers: PET, viscose, PP

Thickness: 0.2-3 mm

Weight: 30-400 gpsm

Width: 150-600 cm

Brand Names: Dutexim, Caplex, Filtra, Aquadim

Major Markets: Automotive industry (car transformers); producers of toe caps and stiffeners (impregnators), producers of artificial leather (coaters), hygiene and medical, industry and building

Tietex International, Ltd.

P.O. Box 6218, Spartanburg, SC 29304

Telephone: 864-574-0500, Fax: 864-574-9490


Contact: Al Messer

Plants: Spartanburg, SC

Processes: Stitch bonded

Fibers: PET

Weight: 3-10 opsy

Width: 36-150 inches

Brand Names: Tietex

Major Markets: Home furnishings, industrial

TNS Advanced Technologies

681 DeYoung Road, Greer, SC 29651

Telephone: 800-867-5181, Fax: 864-879-4639


Contact: Monte Thomas

Plants: Greer, SC

Processes: Needlepunched

Fibers: PP, PET

Weight: 3-30 oz

Width: 200 inches

Brand Names: Aomat

Major Markets: Geotextiles, absorption, furniture

Toom Tekstiil

Kauba Str. 9, Viljandi71020 Estonia

Telephone: 372-43-55-160, Fax: 372-43-55-165



Processes: needlepunched, thermal bonded

Major Markets: technical, wipes, furniture, bedding

Toray Industries

6-20 Dojima, 1-chome kita-ku Osaka, 530-8222 Japan

Telephone: 81-6-6452-7427, Fax: 81-6-6452-7044



Contact: Seiji Date

Plants: Shiga, Japan

Processes: Spunbonded

Fibers: 100% polyester

Thickness: 0.16-8.00 mm

Weight: 40-840 gpsm

Width: Max 440 cm

Brand Names: Axtar

Major Markets: Geotextiles, filters, carpet backing

Toray Saehan Inc. (Spunbond Export Team)

17F, LG Mapo B/D, 275 Kongdug-Dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul 121-721 Korea

Telephone: 82-2-3279-1220-4, Fax: 82-2-3279-1415


Contact: T.S. Byun

Plants: Kumi-City, Kyung-sanbuk, Korea

Processes: spunbonded

Fibers: PP, PET

Thickness: PP spunbond: 0.1-0.7m; PET spunbond: 1-6 mm

Weight: PP spunbond: 10-150 gpsm; PET spunbond: 100-600 gpsm

Width: PP spunbond: 2.4-5.2 m; PET spunbond: 4.2 m

Brand Names: Jesbon, Techbon

Major Markets: Baby diapers, medical and sanitary supplies, disposable wear, bedding and furnishing materials, geotextiles


Spunbond Operations Department

2-8 Dojima Hama 2-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka Japan

Telephone: 81-6-6348-3363, Fax: 81-6-6348-3400



Contact: Yukio Kawasaki

Plants: Turuga, Iwakuui

Processes: Spunbonded

Fibers: Polyester

Thickness: 0.2-6.0 mm

Weight: 15-1000 gpsm

Width: 4200 mm (max.)

Brand Names: Volans, Ecule

Major Markets: Roofing, geotextiles, automotives, industrial, agricultural, medical, apparel

TransWeb LLC

1473 W. Forest Grove Road, Vineland, NJ 08360

Telephone: 856-205-1313, Fax: 856-205-1333

Contact: Kumar Ogale

Plants: Vineland, NJ

Processes: Melt blown, split fiber electret, ultrasonic bonded

Fibers: PP, polyethylene, PET, nylon

Weight: 7 gpsm and higher

Width: Melt blown 46 inches; split fiber and sonic bonding 51.25 inches

Broad Names: T-flow, T-melt, T-lam

Major Markets: Filtration media and specialty melt blown roll goods

TWE Vliesstoffwerke

GmbH & Co.

Hollefeldstr, 46 Emsdetten, D-48282 Gcrmany

Telephone: 49-2672-205-0, Fax: 49-2572-205-80



Contact: Dirk Tunney

Fibers: Viscose, PES, PP, PA

Thickness: 0.5 mm and up

Weight: 60-1500 gpsm and up

Width: Up to 540 cm

Brand Names: Qualitex, aQualine

Major Markets: S.O.

Unimin India Ltd.

712, World Trade Center

Centre 1, Cuffe Parade Mumbai 400005 India

Telephone: 91-22-218-764-5, Fax: 91-22-218-744



Contact: Milind Karkhanis

Plants: Daman, India

Processes: Spunbonded

Fibers: Polypropylene

Weight: 10-150 grams

Width: 3.2 meters

Brand Names: Unimin India Ltd.

Major Markets: Apparel, agriculture, hygiene, electronics, bedding, mattress

Union Felt Products

3636 Westin Road Western Ontario M9L 1W3 Canada

Telephone: 416-748-4996, Fax: 416-748-3679


Contact: Tim Prescott

Plants: Toronto

Processes: Wet, needlepunched, thermal bonded

Fibers: Polyester

Thickness: Highloft fiberfill

Weight: 2-48 opsy

Major Markets: Furniture, quilts

Union Industries SpA

Via 2 Giugno, 30

Masserano, 13866 Italy

Telephone: 39.015.951-5411, Fax: 39-015-927-240


Contact: Matteo Moltrasio

Plants: Masserano, Italy

Processes: Thermal bonded, SMS, spunbonded

Fibers: PP, viscose, bicomponents, cotton

Weight: 10-100 gpsm

Width: 3200-4000 mm

Major Markets: Hygiene, upholstery, agriculture, protective garments

Union Wadding Co.

125 Gaff Avenue Pawtucket, RI 02862

Telephone: 401-725-3500, Fax: 401-723-8590

E-mail: wredfern@


Contact: Wayne Redfern

Plants: Pawtuclcet, RI; Chicago, IL

Processes: Needlepunched, calendared, spray bonded

Fibers: cotton, PET, PP, nylon, basofil, aramids

Thickness: 1/8 to 2 inches

Weight: 1-18 opsy

Width: 2-104

Major Markets: Filtration, home furnishings, automotives, packaging, medical, holiday decorations, personal health care, cosmetics

U.S. Nonwovens Corp. 100 Emjay Boulevard Brcntwood, NY 11717

Telephone: 631-952-0100, Fax: 631-952-0200



Contact: Shaun Gabbay

Plants: Breatwood, NY

Processes: Carded resin/saturate bonding, apertured, non-apertured

Fibers: Rayon, PET, cotton, nylon

Weight: 15-80 gpsm

Width: Up to 72 inches

Major Markets: Wipes, apparel medical, apparel interlinings, automotives, industrial, food service wipes, retail consumer wipes

U.S. Pacific

Procurement Co. Ltd.

9/F Wean Lee Commercial Bvld.

7-9 Austin Avenue, Tsim Sha

Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China

Telephone: 852-2724-6078, Fax: 852-2369-8779



Contact: C.K. Wang

Plants: China (Dongguan Pacific Nonwoven Products Ltd.)

Processes: Spunlaced and thermal bonded

Fibers: Viscose, PET, PP and polyamide

Weight: 14-75 gpsm

Width: Up to 220 cm

United Textile Co., Ltd.

2225 Grant Avenue San Loreazo, CA 94580

Telephone: 510-276-2288, Fax: 510-278-1981



Contact: Oscar Pelta

Processes: Needlepunched

Fibers: Recycled textiles and used clothing and mill clippings

Thickness: Various

Weight: 5, 10, 18, 27 opsy

Width: 18, 36 72 inches

Brand Names: Envirotex

Major Markets: Industrial absorbeats, industrial matting, any wet manufacturing/processing environment as a dual purpose aisle runner/traffic/absorbent mat

Unitika Ltd.

4-1-3, Kyutaromachi

Chuo-ku, Osaka Japan

Telephone: 81-6-6281-5361, Fax: 81-6-6281-5750

E-mail: masaru-tsugawa@ unitika.cojp


Contact: S. Sakata

Plants: Okazaki, Japan; Tarui, Japan

Processes: Spunbonded, spunlaced

Fibers: PET, polyamide, PET/PE, PP. cotton

Thickness: 0.06-10.00 mm

Weight: 15-1000 gpsm

Width: Up to 4.800 mm

Brand Names: Marix, Cotoace, Nyace, Eleves

Major Markets: Carpet backing, geotextiles, agriculture, cable wrapping, cosmetics, wipes

Vaporjet Ltd.

Bezalel 7 Ofakim 87514 Israel

Telephone: 972-8-9960880, Fax: 972-8-9960881



Contact: Adi Buber

Plants: Israel

Processes: Hydroontangled

Fibers: Viscose, PET, PP

Weight: 40-100 gpsm

Width: 100 mm up to 3200 mm

Brand Names: Vaporjet Ltd.

Major Markets: Hygiene, medical, industrial

VersaCore Industrial Corporation

873 East Baltimore Pike Kennett Square, PA 19348

Telephone: 610-388-5858, Fax: 610-388-5861



Contact: Ron Smorada

Plants: Wilmington, DE

Processes: Thermal bonded/thormostack honeycomb

Thickness: 2-30 mm

Weight: 30-300 gpsm

Width: 1.25 meter

Brand Names: Versacore, ThormoStack

Majar Markets: geotextiles, furniture/bedding, automotive/transportation, construction, filtration, fluid control, energy control, light management, packaging


Praz'ska' 1061/42

Svitavy, 568 23 Czech Republic

Telephone: 420-461-573-211, Fax: 420-461-547-437



Contact: Martina Kopecka

Plants: Svitavy, Czech Republic

Thickness: 0.1-150 mm

Weight: 11-1500 grams

Width: up to 3 meters

Brand Names: Vigona, a.s.

Major Markets: Automotives, liquid and air filtration, furniture, clothing, construction, shoes

Vintex Inc.

One Mount Forest Drive

Mount Forest, Ontario NOG 2L2 Canada

Telephone: 519-323-0100, Fax: 519-323-0333



Contact: Jim Merrill

Plants: Mount Forest, Canada

Processes: Extrusion coating, knitting

Fibers: PET, 50/50 poly/cotton, cotton

Weight: 8-60 opsy

Width: 36-78 inches

Brand Names: V-Care, Vine Gard, Vina Sign, Uniply, Stay Dry

Vita Nonwovens

2215 Shore Street High Point, NC 27263

Telephone: 336-431-7187, Fax: 336-431-0693



Contact: Becky Frazier

Processes: High loft

Width: up to 140 inches

Major Markets: Furniture, bedding, automotives, filtration

Western Nonwovens, Inc.

966 E. Sandhill Avenue Carson, CA 90746

Telephone: 310-767-1000, Fax: 310-767-1106



Contact: Terry Francois

Plants: Carson, CA, Compton, CA, Oakland, CA, Clearfield, UT, Sauget, IL, St. Louis, MO, Orlando, FL, Pensacola, FL

Wynne Products, Inc.

29 Bala Avenue, Suite 124 Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

Telephone: 610-668-4900, Fax: 610-668-4988


Contact: Donald Baird

Zhenghou Spunlaced Nonwovens Co., Ltd.

Xiaoguan Town Gongyi City, Henan 451272

Telephone: 86-371-444-2966, Fax: 86-371-444-1166


Contact: Zhi Weigiang

Plants: Gongyi City, Henan, China

Processes: Spunlaced

Thickness: 0.23-0.80 mm

Weight: 35-120 gpsm

Width: 80-220 mm

Brand Names: Fenglia

J.H. Zeigler

Fabrikstrasse 2

Achern 77855 Germany

Telephone: 49-7841-2027-0, Fax: 49-7841-2027-99



Contact: Peter Hartwig

Plants: Achern, Germany

Processes: Drylaid staple fiber

Fibers: PET, PP, rayon

Thickness: 1-300 mm

Weight: 50-4000 gpsm

Width: Up to 3.6 m

Brand Names: Hacosoft, Hacofill, Hacoloft, Hacatex, Hacolex, Hacoflex

Major Markets: Car industry, furniture (upholstery)
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