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Secrets from the Lives of Trees.

This book deserves mention only because the title might mislead someone. There is almost nothing new here about trees, and the only secret, never revealed, may be how this mawkish little book got published. The "secrets" revealed here are from the author's personal conversations with trees, sort of along the line of the old film, "My Brother Talks to Horses." Instead of tips on who will win the races, these trees tell Goelitz things like, "Each tree is unique according to its purpose and the vibration it puts out." We also discover that redwoods have a different vocabulary than other trees, speaking of "heavenly" instead of "etheric" light. The only thing this book can make us glad about is that Goelitz is a "former schoolteacher."
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Author:Kaufman, Wallace
Publication:American Forests
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 1, 1992
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