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Secrets, Lies and Apologies ... America's Domestic Violence Crisis.

Secrets, Lies and Apologies ... America's Domestic Violence Crisis

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Secrets, Lies and Apologies ... America's Domestic Violence Crisis is a 45 minute video that is instructive, informative, and thought-provoking as it introduces the viewer into what was once a suppressed, "socially impolite" subject, but has now come firmly to the forefront of public awareness as an endemic personal, familial, and social issue--domestic violence. Stories from victims and perpetrators tell it all. Abusers talk about how and why they became violent. Victims talk about the abuse they suffered, why they did not end the relationship, and why they still love their batterers. A daughter explains how her father's need for complete power and control has continued to affect her as an adult. Along with these compelling stories, this documentary details one community's unique approach to handling domestic violence cases. Mandatory arrests for perpetrators and court-ordered education for both perpetrators and victims are explained by a judge, a sheriff, a court advocate, a probation officer, and a counselor. This program makes it clear that all of us are affected by domestic violence. It is not just a victim's problem. The underlying message is that no one deserves emotional or physical abuse and that solutions must focus on education through the community. Secrets, Lies and Apologies ... America's Domestic Violence Crisis should be a core addition to all community library "Social Issues" multimedia collections and is especially recommended to the attention of domestic violence victims, perpetrators, parents, counselors, women's issues advocates, law enforcement officers, and members of the clergy charged with the care and welfare of their parishioners. Also very highly recommended are the other instructional videos from Crime Prevention Resources: "Blueprint For Home Security" ($89.00); "Identity Theft: How to Protect Your Money, Your Credit & Your Good" ($89.00); "Internet Safety for Kids" ($89.00); "Internet Safety for Parents" ($89.00); and "Reducing the Odds: Personal Safety Techniques" ($89.00).
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Author:Volk, Carol
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Sep 1, 2005
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