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Secret storage: hiding the entry to a kitchen pantry in a wall of cabinets creates a clean, uniform look.

Cabinetmaker and remodeler Byron Clinkingbeard of Custom Wood works in Baton Rouge, La., says that although this hidden pantry was not originally his idea, he liked it so much that he now offers this option to clients who prefer not to have a standard interior door in the middle of a line of cabinets. "It's a novel idea that is not difficult to execute," he says.

To create the hidden entry to the pantry, Clinkingbeard starts by fitting a box between the cabinetry. He builds each pantry door by attaching two cabinet doors, one above the other, to a 2-inch-wide wood stiffener. "You could use a single tall cabinet door, but then it's more obvious that it's a door," he says. Using two cabinet doors also eliminates the concern of warping on tall doors. Clinkingbeard puts a knob on each of the cabinet doors to further mask the fact that it's a full-size door.

Section Editor: Nina Patel

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Author:Patel, Nina
Date:Aug 1, 2006
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