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Secret Meeting.

SECRET MEETING. Jean Ure. 2005. Read by India Fisher. 3 tapes. 3 hrs. BBC Audiobooks America. 1-4056-5045-1, $29.95. Vinyl; plot, reader notes. J

Best friends Annie and Megan, going on 12, are fans of Harriet Vance, a favorite author of books for young people. Annie's folks are carefree about her going on the Internet and chat rooms, sure she will behave herself and never give out her address or phone number, but Megan's mother will not let her go on the Internet at all. As a surprise birthday treat, Annie meets someone in a Bookworm chat room who says she is Vance's daughter and arranges for the girls to have tea with the celebrity author. Wary adults can see what's coming when the girls sneak out, sworn to secrecy, to meet Harriet. Annie's older sister Rachel, who is in charge of the girls, tells her own side of the tale through her diary.

Fisher narrates the voice of all the girls in a thoroughly believable way, as well as that of "Mrs. Vance." Annie is sprightly and optimistic, Megan more sedate; and Rachel is frantically big sister and sure of herself. Whether the sisters are quarreling or Rachel is giving the two friends what-for when their music is too loud, or Mrs. Vance is being charming and then scary, Fisher keeps up the momentum. What's nice about this is that everyone really likes one another and lets their caring show. Mary Purucker, Beverly Hills, PL, Beverly Hills, CA
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Author:Purucker, Mary
Article Type:Audiobook Review
Date:Nov 1, 2005
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