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Secrecy Officers reiterate demand of increase in evaluation rates.

ISLAMABAD -- Raising the longstanding demand regarding increase in evaluation rates of marking fictitious numbers on papers the Secrecy Officers on Monday regrettably noted that their demand has been falling on deaf ears as concerned authorities seem unmoved and uninterested to meet their demands.

According to a statement, Secrecy Officers comprising of Retired Principals/ Vice Principals/ Senior teachers often raise voice against the poor working conditions and extremely low remuneration for this work, but the board official turn deaf ear to these requests.

With uncontrollable recent inflation, they claim it is no more possible for them to work on the same terms and conditions anymore.

A senior educationalist Nosha Shah said, 'The senior secrecy officers presented composite demands in writing before the work started. They agreed to increase the rates but so far no step has been take in this regard. The teachers had decided to stage protest when the authorities promised a reasonable increase in marking rates but now the teachers are still waiting for the outcome.

'FBISE has increased its registration and admission fees at SSC and HSSC level. The Secrecy Officers, an important tool of this machinery, are not benefiting from this increase. At present remuneration per script is Rs 1.70, which is incompatible with ever growing inflation. It has not been revised for the last many years,' he added.

Professor Mohsin Aziz said, 'Since inflation has touched the double digit mark and the prices of the things of the daily use are soaring up day-by-day, today's retired person is facing grim financial hardships and worries, which are adversely affecting his or her efficiency. In this era of dearness the financial position of the pensioners is pathetic. He demanded that the rates may be revised so that the secrecy officers can focus on their professional responsibilities in the best possible manner.

An Assistant Secrecy Officer, Ms Salma said, 'With my scanty income, with inability to afford any reasonable transport, I had to move to FBISE daily in roasting high temperature in public vans. After facing this unbearable trial, I don't get reasonable reward to relieve my pains and hardships thereof'.

Retired Principal Raja Tariq, said that fictitious marking is very difficult task. He has categorically said that if the remuneration is not raised retired teacher will boycott all the assignments of federal board in the next session. Any disruption in the timely announcement of results and its consequences will be sole responsibility of the board.

The Secrecy work was in full swing in the hottest months of summer in extreme weather at FBISE and senior educationalists sitting in chairs, perspired seemed highly depressed and frustrated for the low remuneration rates of marking fictitious numbers on papers.

Pertinently, retired principals, vice principals and senior teachers are hired annually for Secrecy Officer Duty. The teachers who do this vital task are paid Rs.1.70 only per answer script as honorarium. They are to take care of their own commutation and messing whereas board authorities supplies defective stationery during this job.

As the system of education is still inflicted with traditional modes of examination and standardized assessment, senior retired teachers spend their summer within the corridors of boards of education and mark fictitious roll numbers on answer scripts of the boards from morning to evening including Sundays to make the announcements of results possible at the stipulated time, the statement said.
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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:May 9, 2017
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