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Secondhand - not second best.

Rigal Chemical and Process Plant Ltd - part of the Rigal-Bennett Group - have been supplying used equipment to the Food Industry since 1970.

The Luton works was purchased after the start-up and a few years later a 4 acre site near Doncaster was added. These two depots now contain our stock and both have workshops and skilled staff for reconditioning work.

Used equipment offers two fundamental advantages: Cheap price and short delivery time.


Capital budgets are always limited and the use of secondhand items allows projects to fall within the specified limits.

Pilot plant equipment is often expensive because the manufacturers do not have the economies of size or quantity. Specify used equipment to keep the cost down rather than be tempted to move in one leap from laboratory bench to factory floor. Specialist equipment is very expensive. Get round this by visiting us and choosing something close to your needs and letting us modify it to your requirements.


Every process engineer experiences the nightmare of the whole production line being shut-down by one small item. Get on to us quickly to see what we have immediately available.

Delivery times are not improving as equipment suppliers tend to have only one European manufacturing centre. Can your project afford to wait? If not, start talking to us.

Standby equipment is difficult to justify on cost grounds, and it does not need to be perfect. See what we can supply from our secondhand stocks.


Used equipment is offered in two ways. 'As seen' or 'In good working order'. Take care if you buy 'As seen'. You will need to be knowledgeable and have a competent maintenance department, because you will be expected to pay on receipt. The most careful inspection will be necessary because there will be no grounds for complaints.

The price will be cheaper than buying 'In good working order' but bear in mind that the equipment dealer is reconditioning machinery every day and has a skilled workforce dedicated to this occupation. It is also possible to specify any alterations that you require and you should buy on monthly account, giving yourself a fair opportunity to use the equipment prior to payment. Buy this way unless you are very sure.


The great mistake to make about your redundant equipment is to think that it might come in useful some day. So, out it goes into the graveyard for years. Then the area becomes full and this nasty heap of rotting machinery which was worth recycling when it was put out there has to be scrapped. An even worse scenario exists. The equipment was relatively new when found redundant and not written off. It was, therefore, less embarrassing to keep it on stock than to show a book loss. Either way, it is not difficult to see that the decisions are wrong.

Make those assets work for you. Offer us your surplus plant while it is valuable and buy what you want when you need it. Can it really be possible that you have a yard full of surplus equipment and yet no standby on which a multi-million pound plant depends?


There are a number of valid reasons for the purchase of used equipment which in essence boil down to the over-riding advantages of short delivery and low cost.

Buy with care and sell without delay. Secondhand dealers always have to live with a poor reputation whether they are selling houses, cars, antiques or whatever, but you can use us a mine of information. We know where to buy spares, where to find a manufacturer, (not so easy after a take-over or two) and are able to advise on a whole range of equipment.

Most important though is that we see plant in use in a variety of industries and countries and can advise on a whole range of equipment to carry out a particular duty whether it is made at home or abroad. No manufacturer of new equipment will give this service because he has a vested interest in selling his own range. But, you will protest, we will only recommend what we have in stock. Since starting up in 1970, we at Rigal-Bennett have accumulated a stock valued at |pounds~6m. at the asking price and this should give us the chance to offer a very fair selection in any particular field.

Can you possibly afford not to buy used equipment?

Further information and lists from: Rigal Chemical & Process Plant Ltd, 101 Leagrave Road, Luton, Beds LU3 1RJ, tel: 0582 505266, fax: 0582 583413.
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Date:Jun 1, 1993
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