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Second shift.

Leave the pads at home, boys. This shit is raw street (style). To suitably accommodate the raw, awesome power that is to be the new Plan B, Syndrome distribution was forced to shit can their popular Status Inc and Hellrose programs. While the Status team may disappear into nothingness, not even both the Foundation/Pig Wood teams can absorb all of that unwieldy hair. Good luck, everybody. In other Syndrome news, swamp rat Sal Barbier has moved on over from Zoo to management duties.

Enrique Lorenzo weighed all of his options and then penned a deal with FKD beatings.

Mark Appleyard has made the move to Globe, promising "changes" the likes of which are likely striking fears into the hearts of the present Globe team. Expect Apple's pro model soon. Down in Pedro, El Beardo and the boys got so excited by the Minutemen documentary they dug in and jammed econo on a bitchin' new square bowl. With the help of very special guests Sage, G-Man, Whitey, Melissa and Slob, many claim it's their best pour yet.
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Title Annotation:Trash
Date:Jun 1, 2005
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