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Second phase of one-stop-shop to begin.

Macedonia will significantly improve the business climate in the coming period by implementing the second phase of the One-Stop-Shop system, which is to offer radical improvements in the way of registering businesses, employees in the Employment Agency and Health Insurance Fund, as well as closure of businesses and bankruptcy proceedings.

The second phase of the One Stop-Shop system is one of the sub-projects that the Ministry of Economy and the Central Register have implemented in the past couple of years within the World Bank's Business Environment Reform and Institutional Strengthening Project (BERIS).

The project is comprised of three components. The first is electronic application for registration of businesses and other legal entities through e-networking with the Employment Agency, the Pension and Health Insurance Funds towards registration of first employment. The second component represents an electronic system for registration of bankruptcy proceedings and list of disqualified entities, whereas the third is electronic application for leasing and pledge, as well as networking with the notary public.

The project aims at enhancing the conditions for improved business climate, increasing the attractiveness of the Macedonian market for foreign investors, more efficient and transparent administrative procedures, as well as increasing the range of secure e-services offered to the business community.

"The Government has been committed to improving the conditions for doing business, which has also been noted in the 'Doing Business' report. This project is one of those aimed at enhancing the business climate", said Vice Premier for Economic Affairs Vladimir Pesevski at the presentation.

He stressed the project focuses on shortening all procedures for registering a company, namely time and cost, along with insight into bankruptcy proceedings and disqualified entities.

Economy Minister Fatmir Besimi assessed the implementation of the second phase of the One Stop-Shop system as one of the most significant and advanced projects, addressing the needs of the business sector, for the purpose of cheaper, more efficient and technologically advanced submitting of business and financial data.

"The project represents a true infrastructural reform, whereas implementation of the second component - an electronic system for registration of bankruptcy proceedings and list of disqualified entities - will have far-reaching effects in one of the most painful points of Macedonia's economy, the long-standing bankruptcy procedures. We acquire a new tool in the struggle for sound economy, preventing the entry of entities that carry the burden from prior business endeavors", added Besimi.


Central Register director Vanco Kostadinovski said the first phase of the One-Stop-Shop (2006-2008) resulted in the shortening of period required for company registration from 48 days to just 4 hours.

The second phase is already in a test-stage. I hope it will become operational by mid-February", underlined Kostadinovski.

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Publication:Macedonian Business Monthly
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Date:Feb 1, 2011
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