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Application of Intelligent Speech Synthesis Technology Assisted by Mobile Intelligent Terminal in Foreign Language Teaching. Zhang, Zhehua Report May 21, 2022 7085
Construction of Dynamic Multiparallel Foreign Language Teaching Model Based on Multicore Processor. Huang, Yue; Shu, Zheng Report Mar 15, 2022 7462
Corpus-Based Japanese Reading Teaching Database Cloud Service Model. Liu, Xiaoying Report Mar 7, 2022 6271
Construction of English Language Autonomous Learning Center System Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology. Zhang, Yang Report Jan 29, 2022 6291
The Use of Social Networks in L2 Instruction: Discussing its Opportunities and Obstacles/El Uso de las Redes Sociales en la Ensenanza de un Segundo Idioma: Discutiendo las Oportunidades y Obstaculos. Villegas-Torres, Perla Report Jan 1, 2022 9181
An Overview of Dominant Approaches for Teacher Learning in Second Language Teaching/Una Mirada General de los Enfoques Dominantes para el Aprendizaje Docente en la Ensenanza de Segundas Lenguas. Macias, Diego Fernando; Hernandez-Varona, Wilson Report Jan 1, 2022 8372
Influences of Integrating Dynamic Assessment into a Speech Recognition Learning Design to Support Students' English Speaking Skills, Learning Anxiety and Cognitive Load. Chen, Chih-Hung; Koong, Chorng-Shiuh; Liao, Chien Report Jan 1, 2022 7813
Culture and Interculture: What are We Talking about? Challenges for the ELT Community/Cultura e Intercultura: ?De Que Estamos Hablando? Retos para la Comunidad de ELT. Rico-Troncoso, Carlos Report Nov 4, 2021 6103
Emergence and Development of a Research Area in Language Education Policies: Our Contribution to Setting the Grounds for a Local Perspective on Policymaking/Surgimiento y Desarrollo de un Area de Investigation en Politicas Educativas del Lenguaje: Nuestra Contribution a la Definition de unas Bases para una Perspectiva Local acerca de la Formulation de Politicas. Guerrero-Nieto, Carmen Helena; Quintero-Polo, Alvaro Herndn Report Nov 4, 2021 6056
On the Professional Development of English Teachers in Colombia and the Historical Interplay with Language Education Policies/Sobre el Desarrollo Profesional de los Docentes de Ingles en Colombia y la Relation Historica con las Politicas Linguisticas Educativas. Gonzdlez-Moncada, Adriana Report Nov 4, 2021 8201
Local Identity Studies of Gender Diversity and Sexual Orientation in ELT/Estudios Locales de Identidad sobre la Diversidad de Genero y la Orientation Sexual en la Ensenanza de Ingles como Lengua Extranjera. Castaneda-Pena, Harold Report Nov 4, 2021 7199
Teme-Based Teaching to Promote Oral Fluency in a University in Colombia/La Ensenanza basada en tematicas para promover la fluidez verbal en una universidad en Colombia. Velasquez-Hoyos, Angela Patricia Report Jul 1, 2021 8113
Feminism in a Female Teacher's Discourse in an EFL Classroom/Feminismo en el discurso de una profesora en la ensenanza de ingles como lengua extranjera. Patarroyo-Fonseca, Monica Report Jul 1, 2021 7777
What To Do When You Grow Tired of Words. Choi, Jeesun Jul 1, 2021 1956
Local Epistemological Perceptions that Underlie EFL Literature and Teaching Practices in Colombia/Percepciones epistemologicas de la ensenanza del ingles como lengua extranjera en Colombia. Bonilla-Mora, Martha Isabel; Lopez-Urbina, Johanna Patricia Report Jul 1, 2021 8662
Learning Analytics for Collaborative Language Learning in Classrooms: From the Holistic Perspective of Learning Analytics, Learning Design and Teacher Inquiry. Wen, Yun; Song, Yanjie Report Jan 1, 2021 8678
The Effectiveness of Using the Lexical Approach to Developing Ethiopian EFL Learners' Vocabulary Competence/La efectividad del uso del Enfoque Lexico para desarrollar la competencia de vocabulario en estudiantes etiopes de ingles como lengua extranjera. Sewbihon-Getie, Addisu Report Jan 1, 2021 10166
An Empirical Study on Virtual English Teaching System Based on the Microservice Architecture with Wireless Internet Sensor Network. Jin, Gaimin; He, Lifang; Tsai, Sang-Bing Report Jan 1, 2021 6571
Analyzing Contextual Levels and Applications of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) in English as a Second Language Subject Area: A Systematic Literature Review. Greene, Moe D.; Jones, William M. Report Oct 1, 2020 7699
The role of international student interactions in English as a lingua franca in L2 acquisition, L2 motivational development and intercultural learning during study abroad. Hessel, Gianna Sep 1, 2019 8125
Esperanto, English, and the Curse of Babel. Clausen, Christopher Essay Jun 22, 2019 3035
Questionnaire instrumentation for strategic vocabulary learning in the Swedish as a second language learning context. LaBontee, Richard Report Jun 1, 2019 13805
Arabic language-learning strategy preferences among undergraduate students. Brosh, Hezi Y. Report Jun 1, 2019 9804
Promoting EFL students' accuracy and fluency through interactive practice activities. McDonough, Kim; Sato, Masatoshi Report Jun 1, 2019 6037
"This language still motivates me!" Advanced language students and their L2 motivation. Huhtala, Anne; Kursisa, Anta; Vesalainen, Marjo Report Jun 1, 2019 9943
Towards a better understanding of the L2 Learning Experience, the Cinderella of the L2 Motivational Self System. Dornyei, Zoltan Report Mar 1, 2019 4404
Weaving webs of connection: Empathy, perspective taking, and students' motivation. Henry, Alastair; Thorsten, Cecilia Case study Mar 1, 2019 8918
Reframing the L2 learning experience as narrative reconstructions of classroom learning. Hiver, Phil; Obando, Gabriel; Sang, Yuan; Tahmouresi, Somayeh; Zhou, Ashlee; Zhou, Yang Report Mar 1, 2019 13487
Motivation and demotivation over two years: A case study of English language learners in Japan. Kikuchi, Keita Report Mar 1, 2019 6249
Anagnorisis and narrative incorporation: How significant incidents affect language-learning behavior. Pigott, Julian Report Mar 1, 2019 8420
Korean language learning demotivation among EFL instructors in South Korea. Gearing, Nigel Report Mar 1, 2019 9726
A study of retrospective and concurrent foreign language learning experiences: A comparative interview study in Hungary. Csizer, Kata; Kalman, Csaba Report Mar 1, 2019 8878
Theatrical practice and a socio-interactional approach: Towards more authenticity and motivation in the language classroom. Ollivier, Christian; Morgan, Anne-Marie Feb 1, 2019 4131
Classroom Management and Novice Language Teachers: Friend or Foe? /El manejo de clase y los profesores de idiomas novatos: ?Amigos o enemigos? Solarte, Ana Clara Sánchez Report Jan 1, 2019 7213
Using Performance Indicators to Design the Outlook on Quality and Efficiency of Education Systems. A Comparative Analysis (Romania-France) of Students' Results at International Assessments. Motoi, Gabriela Report Dec 1, 2018 3456
User-Oriented EFL Speaking through Application and Exercise: Instant Speech Translation and Shadowing in Authentic Context. Nguyen, Thi-Huyen; Hwang, Wu-Yuin; Pham, Xuan-Lam; Ma, Zhao-Heng Report Oct 1, 2018 8070
Critical Pedagogy, Social Justice, and Prosocial Identities in the Italian Classroom (Part II). Fabbian, Chiara; Carney, Emanuela Zanotti Report Sep 22, 2018 6254
L2 Spanish apologies development during short-term study abroad. Hernandez, Todd A. Report Sep 1, 2018 8257
Using an Audiovisual Materials-Based Teaching Strategy to Improve EFL Young Learners' Understanding of Instructions /Uso de una estrategia de ensenanza sustentada en material audiovisual para el mejoramiento de la comprension de instrucciones en ninos que aprenden ingles como lengua extranjera. Salazar, Gemalli Ulloa; Larenas, Claudio Díaz Report Jul 1, 2018 7052
Early Second Language Learning and Adult Involvement in a Real-World Context: Design and Evaluation of the "ELENA Goes Shopping" Mobile Game. Rusman, Ellen; Ternier, Stefaan; Specht, Marcus Report Jul 1, 2018 6953
English Language Teachers' Instructional Clarity at the Intermediate Level in the Educational Institutions in Islamabad. Umar, Hazrat Report Jun 30, 2018 5343
The Role of ICT in Motivating Learners in ESL Classroom at University Level in Lahore. Riaz, Maria; Omar, Irfana; Amin, Muhammad Report Jun 30, 2018 5131
Comparison between Perception and Use of Alternative Assessment Techniques in Teaching of English at Secondary Level. Bashir, Marriam; Shahzadi, Nazia; Afzal, Muhammad Tanveer Report Jun 30, 2018 4671
Critical Pedagogy, Social Justice, and Prosocial Identities in the Italian Classroom (Part I). Fabbian, Chiara; Carney, Emanuela Zanotti Essay Jun 22, 2018 10881
Research on Intelligent English Oral Training System in Mobile Network. Zhu, Fen Report Jun 1, 2018 3636
A Learning Analytics Approach to Investigating Factors Affecting EFL Students' Oral Performance in a Flipped Classroom. Lin, Chi-Jen; Hwang, Gwo-Jen Report Apr 1, 2018 7600
Personalized Word-Learning based on Technique Feature Analysis and Learning Analytics. Zou, Di; Xie, Haoran Report Apr 1, 2018 6867
Teacher leadership to support English language learners: To improve instruction and services for all English language learners, teachers are stepping into leadership roles. Russell, Felice Atesoglu; Von Esch, Kerry Soo Apr 1, 2018 1931
La sceneggiatura: da obiettivo a strumento. Maso, Enrico Mar 22, 2018 2924
Non la solita zuppa. Le parole del cibo nella classe di italiano. Ghelli, Samuel Mar 22, 2018 5527
Social Media & English Learners' Academic Literacy Development. Shin, Dong-shin Report Jan 1, 2018 3169
Come si dice? Come si fa?: Incorporating the Teaching and Assessment of Pragmatics into a First-Year University-Level Italian Curriculum. Rodgers, Daryl M. Report Dec 22, 2017 6744
Teaching Formulaic Sequences in the Classroom: Effects on Spoken Fluency. McGuire, Michael; Larson-Hall, Jenifer Report Dec 15, 2017 10004
Speaking in tongues. Brief article Nov 1, 2017 244
Why learn Japanese? An examination of teachers' perceptions and students' reasons. Howard, Jocelyn; Ogino, Masayoshi; Payne, Rachel; Dunn, Karyn Report Jul 1, 2017 8418
Integrating language and content: challenges in a Japanese supplementary school in Victoria. Okumura, Shinji; Obara, Yumi Report Jul 1, 2017 3300
'We can all count to 10 but we do it in different ways': learner diversity in the language classroom. Conway, Clare; Richards, Heather Report Jul 1, 2017 9415
Guest editorial: learning analytics in technology enhanced language learning. Lan, Yu-Ju; Chen, Nian-Shing; Sung, Yao-Ting Editorial Apr 1, 2017 2028
A multivocal approach in the analysis of online dialogue in the language-focused classroom in higher education. Dahlberg, Giulia Messina Apr 1, 2017 7396
Italianismi e pseudoitalianismi a Toronto: una ricerca tra gli studenti di italiano del St. George Campus della University of Toronto. Casini, Simone Mar 22, 2017 8339
Intercultural manifestations of racial, language, and class privilege in schooling: An autoethnographic tale. Marx, Sherry Report Jan 1, 2017 7924
We somehow survive: English language learning, social cohesion and questions of identity. Ray, Smita Dec 1, 2016 8450
Variations in developmental patterns across pragmatic features. Li, Qiong Report Dec 1, 2016 12228
Dynamics of classroom WTC: Results of a semester study. Mystkowska-Wiertelak, Anna Report Dec 1, 2016 11276
Teachers' professional knowledge for teaching English as a foreign language: assessing the outcomes of teacher education. Konig, Johannes; Lammerding, Sandra; Nold, Gunter; Rohde, Andreas; Strauss, Sarah; Tachtsoglou, Sara Report Sep 1, 2016 13421
Second life as a third place for English language learners' cross-cultural interaction. Aldosemani, Tahani; Raddaoui, Ali; Shepherd, Craig; Thompson, Jason Jun 22, 2016 5218
Los saludos en las cartas de aprendices de ingles como lengua extranjera en educacion primaria. Un estudio longitudinal. Jimenez Catalan, Rosa Maria Jun 1, 2016 8799
Produccion filmica como modo de desarrollo linguistico y tecnologico. Mehr, Nathan; Martinez-Sotelo, Guillermo Jun 1, 2016 5957
Curriculum integration of MALL in L1/L2 pedagogy: perspectives on research. Chwo, Shu-Mei Gloria; Marek, Michael W.; Wu, Wen-Chi Vivian Report Apr 1, 2016 7789
3 ways technology supports ell instruction: by extending the learning beyond class time, scaffolding instruction, and personalizing education, technology is helping English language learners succeed. Thompson, Greg Mar 1, 2016 2427
Phonotactics. De'Ath, Leslie Column Jan 1, 2016 7243
"Teachers are not empty vessels": a reception study of Freeman and Johnson's (1998) reconceptualization of the knowledge base of second language teacher education. Lee, Joseph J.; Murphy, John; Baker, Amanda Report Dec 22, 2015 8555
'New tricks': teachers talk about task-based language teaching. Erlam, Rosemary Report Nov 1, 2015 6022
Orff-Schulwerk as a pedagogical tool for the effective teaching of Italian to upper primary students in Western Australia. Paolino, Annamaria; Lummis, Geoffrey W. Report Nov 1, 2015 6627
Broadening units to broadened horizons: the impact of new courses 2012 on enrolments in Italian at the University of Western Australia. Caruso, Marinella; Brown, Joshua Report Nov 1, 2015 6202
The Gap between English Language Teachers' Beliefs and Practices. Rahman, Ghani; Ali, Syed Shujaat; Iqbal, Muhammad Report Sep 30, 2015 3942
Preparing teachers to promote culturally relevant teaching: helping English language learners in the classroom. Islam, Chhanda; Park, Mi-Hwa Report Sep 22, 2015 6211
The language of the other: Italian for Spanish Speakers through intercomprehension. Donato, Clorinda; Pasquarelli-Gascon, Violet Report Sep 22, 2015 8593
Significant growth in Italian enrollment at a Hispanic-serving institution. Means, Tom Report Sep 22, 2015 3854
Explicit instruction and implicit use of L2 learning strategies in higher secondary EFL course books. Bueno-Alastuey, M. Camino; Agullo, Gloria Luque Report Jul 1, 2015 7903
The "lost C": capitalizing on communities within and beyond the L2 classroom. Perrone, Lisa Ferrante Essay Jun 22, 2015 7407
A study of ELL students' writing difficulties: a call for culturally, linguistically, and psychologically responsive teaching. Lin, Show Mei Report Jun 1, 2015 7007
Responding to the diversity of Chinese language learners in Australian schools. Scrimgeour, Andrew Report May 1, 2015 8323
Perfecting language: experimenting with vocabulary learning. Absalom, Matthew Report May 1, 2015 2469
Theater Practicum model.: L'insegnamento della lingua attraverso il teatro di Luigi Pirandello. Georgeo, Monica; Lorenzini, Simona Mar 22, 2015 7532
Media ecology and teaching Chinese as a second language (TCSL). Tseng, Chin-chin; Sheen, Natalie Interview Jan 1, 2015 1432
The use of questioning in inquiry-based lessons with bilingual learners: developing academic language and discourse. Ulanoff, Sharon H.; Quiocho, Alice M.L.; Riedell, Kate Report Jan 1, 2015 8841
A practice-oriented definition of post-process second language writing theory. Kalan, Amir Essay Dec 22, 2014 7827
Teaching Them Young: Tots Learn To Say "Ni Hao" To Mandarin. Brief article Nov 13, 2014 209
Vocabulary instruction for young, diverse learners. Sylvester, Ruth; Kragler, Sherry; Liontas, John Essay Nov 1, 2014 5945
Materials development in the colombian context: some considerations about its benefits and challenges/Desarrollo de materiales en el contexto colombiano: algunas consideraciones acerca de sus beneficios y desafios. Ramos Holguin, Bertha; Aguirre Morales, Jahir Report Oct 1, 2014 6912
Language choice & language power: children's use of Korean & English in a two-way immersion program. Lee, Soyong Report Sep 22, 2014 8682
Impacts of online technology use in second language writing: a review of the literature. Lin, Show Mei; Griffith, Priscilla Report Sep 22, 2014 5057
Exploration de la socialisation a l'ecrit d'eleves creolophones scolarises en francais langue seconde/Exploration of Language Socialization of Creole Speaking Students in French as a Second Language. Fleuret, Carole Sep 22, 2014 6990
8 free (and nearly free) resources for English language learners: these digital and online tools can help your English language learners build vocabulary and improve their reading abilities while often putting them in control of their own learning. Schaffhauser, Dian Aug 1, 2014 1230
The Content Analysis of the Research Papers on Foreign Language Education in Turkey. Solak, Ekrem Report Jul 1, 2014 377
Factors affecting willingness to communicate in a Spanish university context. Lahuerta, Ana Cristina Report Jul 1, 2014 6284
Mediated language immersion and teacher ideologies: investigating trauma pedagogy within a "Physics in Spanish" course activity. Settlage, John; Gort, Mileidis; Ceglie, Robert J. Report Jun 22, 2014 9053
A program based on the pragmatic theory to develop grammatical structure comprehension skills for foreign learners of Arabic. ElSamman, Marwan Report Jun 22, 2014 3698
Effectiveness of Thai web-based learning site by using Theoretical Acceptance Model (Tam). Mahadi, Sharifah Raudzah S.; Sukri, Suriani Report Jun 20, 2014 5382
Application of the elements of problem-based learning in professional foreign language studies at LUHS/Probleminio mokymosi elementu taikymas mokantis uzsienio kalbos LSMU. Kirikova, Liudmila; Ramanauskas, Irmantas; Latveliene, Edita; Stankeviciene, Sigute; Kacergiene, Dal Report Jun 1, 2014 3761
Writing with Two Passports: The 2014 Puterbaugh Lecture. Neuman, Andres Essay May 1, 2014 5290
Moodling English Language education. Coskun, Abdullah; Arslan, Abdullah Report Mar 22, 2014 3429
Anxiety in Spanish EFL University lessons: causes, responsibility attribution and coping. Arnaiz, Patricia; Perez-Luzardo, Jessica Report Mar 1, 2014 7700
Walking the talk. Pacheco, Isaac Column Feb 1, 2014 397
A Review of Research on the Effects of Second Life on Speaking Anxiety. GA1; Aydin, Selami Report Jan 1, 2014 317
Can We Improve Preschool Classroom Quality in Chile? A Cluster-Randomized Trial Evaluation of a Professional Development Program. Leyva, Diana; Yoshikawa, Hirokazu; Snow, Catherine E.; TreviA[+ or -]o, Ernesto; Rolla, Andrea; Bara Report Jan 1, 2014 396
Liu-Shu based approach of teaching Chinese character in teaching Chinese as a second language. Sun, Meiqing Report Jan 1, 2014 6216
Say what? Brief article Dec 1, 2013 125
?Aprenden vocabulario los estudiantes de traduccion cuando traducen? Martin-Martin, Jose-Miguel Dec 1, 2013 7407
Humanistic Foreign Language Teaching and Learning I. Innovative Methods and Approaches. Bozzo, Luisa Conference notes Jun 22, 2013 1129
Primary language teaching: back on the agenda. Bruzzone, Catherine Jun 22, 2013 1612
Endangered species? Less commonly taught languages in the linguistic ecology of Australian higher education. Dunne, Kerry; Palvyshyn, Marko Report May 1, 2013 7913
Building a well-prepared languages teaching force: Turkish teacher perspectives. Beykont, Zeynep F. Report May 1, 2013 7325
The impact of cooperative learning on English as a foreign language tertiary learners' social skills. Ning, Huiping Report May 1, 2013 3771
Design or spontaneity: Italian language manuals in World War II. Ward, Michael T. Critical essay Mar 22, 2013 6041
Clickers and the teaching-assessment of culture in the beginning-level Italian classroom. Garatti, Marinella Report Mar 22, 2013 10068
How can schools best educate Hispanic students? Lesaux, Nonie; Rangel, Juan Essay Mar 22, 2013 3444
Doing Shakespeare in a Kazakhstani College: Teacher Plays Ethnographer. Kietzman, Mary Jo Essay Mar 22, 2013 13361
Pediatric insider: bilingual Children. Benaroch, Roy Mar 1, 2013 1380
Cross the street to a new world: learning about and respecting each student's family, history, and literacy skills will improve educators' opportunity to reach those students. Naiditch, Fernando Mar 1, 2013 2295
A growing number of student across the country could tell you that this headline means "teaching Mandarin remotely in the US." Here's how new distance learning technologies are making Chinese language learning flexible, affordable, and effective. Fredette, Michelle Feb 1, 2013 1772
Impact of captioned video instruction on Nigerian hearing-impaired pupils' performance in English language. Omoniyi, Tayo; Esther A., Oluniyi Report Feb 1, 2013 3085
'Conversing' in French: the effect of high-stakes environments on oral task performance. de Saint Leger, Diane; Storch, Neomy Report Feb 1, 2013 6633
Writing strategies of children in a Macedonian-English bilingual program in Victoria. de Courcy, Michele; Smilevska, Jovanka Report Feb 1, 2013 7102
Reducing teaching hours in tertiary Japanese: a case study. Ascione, Judith; Bramley, Nicolette Feb 1, 2013 3807
Bridging the gap between second language researchers and teachers: lessons learned. Mady, Callie Report Feb 1, 2013 7208
Howling at the moon. Jan 1, 2013 502
Focus on form in Live Chats. Chen, Wen-Chun; Eslami, Zohreh Report Jan 1, 2013 6964
Issues in implementing cooperative learning to improve oral proficiency in the Chinese EFL context. Lin, Meixiao Report Jan 1, 2013 8047
L1 transfer in article selection for generic reference by Spanish, Turkish and Japanese L2 learners. Snape, Neal; Mayo, Maria del Pilar Garcia; Gureli, Ayse Report Jan 1, 2013 10430
Strategy use of Russian pre-service TEFL university students: using a strategy inventory for program effectiveness evaluation. Zareva, Alla; Fomina, Anna Report Jan 1, 2013 8723
Encouraging Second Language Use in Cooperative Learning Groups. Jacobs, George; Kimura, Harumi Report Jan 1, 2013 206
A word from the editor/Un mot de l'editrice. Rossiter, Marian Editorial Dec 22, 2012 1218
How well do general-skills ESL textbooks address pronunciation? Derwing, Tracey M.; Diepenbroek, Lori G.; Foote, Jennifer A. Critical essay Dec 22, 2012 7907
Culture and interculturality in the adult ESL context in urban Quebec: a case study. Dytynyshyn, Nancy; Collins, Laura Dec 22, 2012 10047
Culture as site of identification: exploring cultural tool normalization in immigrant ESL adults' engagements with Canadian culture. Ilieva, Roumiana Critical essay Dec 22, 2012 7563
Show me! Enhanced feedback through screencasting technology. Seror, Jeremie Dec 22, 2012 5064
The pedagogy of error correction: surviving the written corrective feedback challenge. Guenette, Danielle Dec 22, 2012 3858
Roots and connections: a culturally integrated approach to EAL instruction. Apedaile, Sarah; Whitelaw, Cheryl Dec 22, 2012 4327
Mind the gap: how a project in Alberta attempted to narrow the gap between classroom teachers and language education research. Light, Justine; Gnida, Sara Dec 22, 2012 4592
Using connectives in context in ESP. Boarcas, Camelia Report Dec 1, 2012 1866
Revisiting the Concepts "Approach", "Design" and "Procedure" According to the Richards and Rodgers (2011) Framework. Cumming, Brett Abstract Nov 28, 2012 128
Searching for Bridges between Formal and Informal Language Education. Brebera, Pavel; Hlouskova, Jitka Abstract Oct 19, 2012 337
Multiliteracies, Asian linguistic engagement and the Australian Curriculum. Singh, Michael; Ballantyne, Cheryl Report Oct 1, 2012 2980
Exploring oral texts with EALD students. Hook, Elizabeth Report Oct 1, 2012 1630
The accented EFL teacher: classroom implications/El acento del profesor de ingles como lengua extranjera: implicaciones pedagogicas. Arboleda, Argemiro Arboleda; Garces, Angela Yicely Castro Oct 1, 2012 6639
Teachers' perceptions about oral corrective feedback and their practice in EFL classrooms/Percepciones de los docentes acerca de la retroalimentacion corrective y su practica en las aulas de ingles como lengua extranjera. Mendez, Edith Hernandez; Cruz, Maria del Rosario Reyes Oct 1, 2012 6519
Opportunity to teach and learn standards: Colombian teachers' perspectives/Estandares de oportunidad para la ensenanza y el aprendizaje: perspectivas de profesores colombianos. Ramos, Rosalba Cardenas; Gaviria, Fanny Hernandez Oct 1, 2012 7929
Understanding beliefs, teachers' beliefs and their impact on the use of computer technology/Hacia la compresion de las creencias, convicciones del educador y su impacto en el uso de la tecnologia. Galvis, Hector Alejandro Oct 1, 2012 9416
EFL students' perceptions about a web-based English reading comprehension course/Percepciones de estudiantes de ingles como lengua extranjera acerca de un curso de comprension lectora apoyado en la red. Florez, Erica Gomez; Pineda, Jorge Eduardo; Garcia, Natalia Marin Oct 1, 2012 6923
The impact of conferencing assessment on EFL students' grammar learning/Impacto de la evaluacion mediante conferencias en el aprendizaje de la gramatica en estudiantes de ingles como lengua extranjera. Baleghizadeh, Sasan; Zarghami, Zahra Oct 1, 2012 5960
Promoting learner autonomy through teacher-student partnership assessment in an American high school: a cycle of action research/El papel de la evaluacion negociada en el desarrollo de la autonomia del estudiante en la escuela secundaria norteamericana: un ciclo de investigacion-accion. Jacome, Edgar Picon Oct 1, 2012 8160
Teaching foreign trade in English through the modalities based on competences and using Moodle/Ensenanza del regimen de comercio exterior a traves de las modalidades centradas en el desarrollo de competencias y con el uso de Moodle. Diaz, Ana Maria Correa Oct 1, 2012 7666
EFL teenagers' social identity representation in a virtual learning community on Facebook/Representacion de la identidad social de los estudiantes adolescentes de ingles como lengua extranjera en una comunidad de aprendizaje virtual en Facebook. Guaman, Laura Veronica Jimenez Oct 1, 2012 6546
New educational environments aimed at developing intercultural understanding while reinforcing the use of English in experience-based learning/Nuevos entornos educativos destinados a desarrollar la comprension intercultural y a reforzar el uso del ingles mediante el aprendizaje basado en experiencias. Bruguier, Leonard R.; Amador, Louise M. Greathouse Oct 1, 2012 8340
EFL Reading Instruction: Communicative Task-Based Approach. Sidek, Harison Mohd Abstract Jul 1, 2012 281
A Contrastive Qualitative Evaluation of Two Different Sequential Programs Launched at the School of Foreign Languages of a Turkish University. Cetinavci, Ugur Recep; Topkaya, Ece Zehir Abstract Jul 1, 2012 291
The challenges of denotative and connotative meaning for second-language learners. Omar, Youssif Zaghwani Report Jul 1, 2012 11456
Teaching Arabic for speakers of other languages from the perspective of instructors and students. Ali, Mohammad A. Al; Olaimat, Fatima M. Report Jun 22, 2012 9556
Building District Capacity for Data-Informed Leadership. Special Series on the Fresno-Long Beach Learning Partnership. Duffy, Helen; Hannan, Stephanie; O'Day, Jennifer; Brown, Jim Report Jun 1, 2012 389
Series Overview. Special Series on the Fresno-Long Beach Learning Partnership. Report Jun 1, 2012 351
Early exiting ELLs do better academically. Brief article May 1, 2012 215
A legal guessing game: does U.S. common law require manufacturers and suppliers of consumer products to warn in languages other than English? Luck, David L.; Chumbley, Douglas J. Apr 1, 2012 5950
Using songs to encourage sixth graders to develop English speaking skills/Uso de canciones para motivar a los estudiantes de grado sexto a desarrollar habilidades orales en ingles. Romero, Monica Duarte; Bernal, Luz Mery Tinjaca; Olivares, Marilu Carrero Apr 1, 2012 7643
Adolescent students' intercultural awareness when using culture-based materials in the English class/La conciencia intercultural de estudiantes adolescentes al usar materiales con contenido cultural en la clase de ingles. Usaquen, Mireya Esther Castaneda Apr 1, 2012 8486
Fostering intercultural communicative competence through reading authentic literary texts in an advanced Colombian EFL classroom: a constructivist perspective/Desarrollo de la competencia comunicativa intercultural mediante la lectura de textos literarios autenticos: una perspectiva constructivista. Gomez R., Luis Fernando Apr 1, 2012 8501
Effects of strategy instruction in an EFL reading comprehension course: a case study/Efectos de la instruccion de estrategias en un curso de comprension de lectura en ingles como lengua extranjera: un estudio de caso. Medina, Sergio Lopera Case study Apr 1, 2012 4377
"On air": participation in an online radio show to foster speaking confidence. A cooperative learning-based strategies study/"Al aire": participacion en un programa de radio en linea para fomentar la confianza al hablar. Un estudio basado en estrategias de aprendizaje cooperativo. Tello, Nubia Consuelo Lemos Apr 1, 2012 7949
Self-access language learning: students' perceptions of and experiences within this new mode of learning/ Aprendizaje de idiomas mediante la modalidad de autoacceso: percepciones y experiencias de los estudiantes. Diaz, Luz Edith Herrera Apr 1, 2012 7878
Using case study methodology to approach the views of teachers of English on classroom disciplinary strategies/Uso de la metodologia de estudio de casos para aproximarse a las concepciones de profesores de ingles sobre las estrategias disciplinarias en el aula. Larenas, Claudio Diaz Apr 1, 2012 6633
Teachers' beliefs about assessment in an EFL context in Colombia/Creencias de los profesores acerca de la evaluacion en un contexto de ingles como lengua extranjera en Colombia. Munoz, Ana Patricia; Palacio, Marcela; Escobar, Liliana Apr 1, 2012 7796
The English as a foreign language/lingua franca debate: sensitising teachers of English as a foreign language towards teaching English as a lingua franca/El debate del ingles como lengua extranjera o como lengua franca: sensibilizacion de docentes de ingles como lengua extranjera hacia la ensenanza del ingles como lengua franca. Mansfield, Gillian; Poppi, Franca Apr 1, 2012 6467
Exploring elementary students' power and solidarity relations in an EFL classroom/Exploracion de las relaciones de poder y solidaridad entre estudiantes de primaria en la clase de ingles como lengua extranjera. Mendez, Tatiana; Garcia, Andrea Apr 1, 2012 6337
Using a blog to guide beginner students to use adjectives appropriately when writing descriptions in English/El uso de una bitacora o blog para guiar a estudiantes principiantes en el uso apropiado de los adjetivos cuando escriben descripciones en ingles. Jara, Omar Yesid Lizarazo Apr 1, 2012 7321
Schools immerse students in two languages. Ryan, Zoe Mar 30, 2012 1484
Teacher, class connect across 750 miles. McElwee, Joshua J. Mar 30, 2012 662
Linking texts in Italian culture and language teaching: an Australian and a US perspective. Moore, Judy Raggi; Rizzi, Andrea; Ristaino, Christine Report Mar 22, 2012 6688
Mandated to learn, guided to reflect: pre-service teachers' evolving understanding of English language learners. Markos, Amy Michele Report Mar 22, 2012 7561
General education and special education teachers collaborate to support English language learners with learning disabilities. Nguyen, Huong Tran Report Mar 22, 2012 9314
Critical media analysis in teacher education: exploring language-learners' identity through mediated images of a non-native speaker of English. Chamberlin-Quinlisk, Carla Report Mar 22, 2012 6623
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