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Second language conversations. (reprint, 2004).


Second language conversations. (reprint, 2004)

Ed. by Rod Gardner and Johannes Wagner.

Continuum Publishing Group


292 pages



Advances in applied linguistics


Non-native speakers are often considered to be deficient communicators. However, in this collection of 12 articles based on Conversation Analysis, the contributors find that outside the controlled classroom people are communicating naturally and well in the "other" languages they use in more casual social environments. Topics include using languages in international work meetings, brokering and becoming a member of a multilingual community of practice, acting as a client or a learner in institutional interaction, analyzing a specific type of repair sequence, rethinking the concept of "negotiation of meaning," getting inside first and second language speakers' trouble in understanding, making clarification repairs in Finnish, considering disfluencies and interactional achievements, the embodied completion of sequential actions in talk and gesture, and extending questions. Languages covered include Danish, English, Finnish, French, German and Japanese.

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Date:May 1, 2006
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