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Second hand tyres pose risk.

It is dangerous to drive on dilapidated, worn out and low tread tyres as they affect the vehicle's ability to brake quickly and move efficiently under different road conditions.

This puts the driver, passengers and other road users at risk of being involved in a road accident since the car is unable to grip on the road well leading to skidding.

Worn out tyres are more likely to lose air pressure because they are vulnerable to punctures.

This affects the car's fuel consumption, steering and braking distance and they are the main causes of tyre blowouts leading to losing control of the vehicle.

However the high cost of new tyres has led many to resort to buying second hand tyres from street tyre and puncture repair vendors.

A new size 14 tyre costs around P400 and P700 whilst a second hand reuse tyre from the street will cost the user around P100 to P150 each.

One disturbing thing about these second hand tyres is that there is this heartless tendency by the dealers to polish and re-furrow the treads with a wood curvier's knife in order for them to attract customers by making the tyres look like they are still in a good condition.

The danger with these tyres is that since they were already worn out this trend leaves them with a thin layer left, seconds away from a possible blowout.

One anonymous taxi driver said the tyres are cheap but expose users to danger as they cannot cope with the hot day temperatures Botswana has been experiencing.

'Which is better, to buy a cheap worn out tyre leading to death or to buy an expensive good quality tyre guaranteeing you total safety,' he said.

Superintendent Boiki Mojalemotho of Mogoditshane police warned drivers against using used second hand tyres as they are risky to their lives.

'These tyres cannot stand several conditions, tarred road temperatures, vehicle pressure and the friction between the ground and the tyre, it is very risky for motorists to use them,' he said.

Superintendent Mojalemotho said there were many accidents attributed to tyre bursts, and that the re-furrowed tyres may be the root cause of some of the accidents.

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Publication:Botswana Daily News (Gaborone, Botswana)
Date:Jan 31, 2018
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