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Second basement floor caught on tape in Cizre (exclusive).

E[currency]IRNAK (CyHAN)- As the curfew in southeastern Turkish Province of E[currency]yrnak is still ongoing, the basement floors, which are used as shelter for many people also remained on the Turkey's agenda long time, were caught on tape for the first time. It is seen in the video that second basement floor, in which a lots of dead bodies had been removed, almost turned wreckage while other residences around the surrounding area almost rubbles.

Curfew, which has been declared on December 14 last year, is still on going in Cizre. Despite the completion of the operation in the district, local residents could not be able to enter their homes due to security reasons. Houses which are located in the Nur, Sur, Cudi and Yafes neighborhoods where witnessed fierce fighting since two months, became unusable. Meanwhile, the information concerning two basement floors in Cudi neighborhood, in which 150 people had been requesting help and other one basement floor in Sur, became clear.

Cihan News Agency managed the caught the second basement floor located on Narin Street of Cudi neighborhood on tape. The building where 41 dead bodies were removed turned rubble with its basement floor. According to the latest video, whole buildings and houses were turned wreckage. It is seen in the video that many buildings became unusable across the Narin Street.

A building located just opposite of the second basement floor turned wreckage and its rubbles have not been removed yet. Foul smells can be felt every corners of the region were totally abandoned by the local resident. On the other hand, clashes gave severed harm to stray animals along with livestock and caused to have their termination to a large extend.


-Var of damaged and holed buildings

-Var of burned and demolished buildings

-Var of some local residents while looking the demolished residences

-Var of inside a burned home

-Var of second basement floor which totally became unusable

-Var of a hunger cat while eating meat given by the local residents

-Var of houses which almost demolished



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Publication:Cihan News Agency (CNA)
Date:Feb 19, 2016
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