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Second amendment sister.

In the late evening of November 1, 2003, Judy Abram was playing dominoes with her sisters at her home in San Antonio, Texas, when a man began breaking into the residence through a living room window.

Abram yelled at him to leave. When he did not, she ran to her bedroom and grabbed a handgun. Returning to the living room, she told him she had a gun, and when he continued his efforts to enter the dwelling she fired two shots while screaming, "Can't you see I have a gun? Get out of here!"

The intruder, Ernest Flores III, remained undeterred, so, as reported in the November 3 San Antonio Express-News, "Abram fired the remaining four bullets at him," then "dashed to her bedroom to reload." By the time she returned, however, Flores was gone.

Suffering from a gunshot wound to his upper chest, Flores staggered to a neighboring house, crashed through the front window, and fell face down on a table. By the time the police arrived a few minutes later, Flores was already dead.

A police spokesman later told reporters that no charges were likely to be filed against Abram, since she had acted in self-defense. Neither she nor her sisters were harmed during the harrowing ordeal.
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Title Annotation:Exercising The Right
Author:Lee, Robert W.
Publication:The New American
Date:Jan 12, 2004
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