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Second Hand Cat.

Second Hand Cat

Vell Sweeny, author

Elizabeth Mifflin Sweeny, illustrator

Pink Pig Press

980 Broadway, Suite 248, Thornwood, NY 10594

9780981636023, $14.95,

"Second Hand Cat" is a remarkable true story about a real shelter cat who became a beloved family member after being adopted by his forever family. Phantom was dirty, white, and deaf, with unmatched eyes, and he lived a long time at the shelter before finally being adopted. He did not know he was deaf, but discovered a style of cat-to-cat communication with another cat, Kit-Kat. The miracle of Phantom was that he remained determined in the face of all discouragement. When he finally was taken home by his family (along with his friend Kit Kat), he discovered showers, large spaces, positive human attention (otherwise known as love), and a fear of second hands on clocks. Because Phantom had been called a second hand cat, he was afraid the second hands on the clocks would somehow lead the family to return him to the shelter! Showing unusual fortitude and imagination, Phantom put a plan in action to stop the Second Hand Sequence once and for all. The astonishing conclusion of "Second Hand Cat" will restore faith in human/animal friendships and inspire cat lovers everywhere. The charming mixed crayon illustrations convey the warmth and kind regard that Phantom inspired in his adoptive family. "Second Hand Cat" is a wonderful book to share to teach children responsibility and caring for feline and other animals.

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Title Annotation:The Pets/Wildlife Shelf
Publication:Children's Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Oct 1, 2013
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