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Second City And Sourcebooks Improvise Book Deal.

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Celebrating comedy at its highest level, The Second City and leading independent publisher, Sourcebooks, Inc., announced today their plans to commemorate the improv icon's 40 years of "first in comedy" tradition.

Sourcebooks will be the exclusive publisher to present highlights, excerpts, interviews and stories direct from the legendary stages of the Chicago-based landmark. The yet untitled book will feature a remarkable integration of text and rare photographs detailing behind-the-scenes activities, glimpses of backstage humor and a direct link to the past with two audio CDs containing both classic and never-before-heard material.

"A book alone would not do justice to this endeavor," explained Sourcebooks' Publisher and President Dominique Raccah. "With the CD element we are recreating the experience of hearing 'new' material by some of the greatest comedians of our time - people like John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner and Chris Farley. This is an adventure that readers can share with their neighbors, families and friends and one that they will not soon forget."

"This book - with photographs, audio and written components - offers us the most complete way to tell our story," comments Kelly Leonard, Producer of The Second City. "And what a story it is: funny, touching, historic and still relevant after 40 years. We are so pleased to be able to tell our story in pictures, words and sounds - the way we do it on the stage every night of the year. The Second City could not have found a better partner to collaborate with on this project than Sourcebooks. The history of Second City is so vast, wild and hilarious, that only a company as diverse and risk-taking as Sourcebooks could handle the job."

Sourcebooks enjoyed a tremendous amount of success with prior mixed-media offerings. We Interrupt This Broadcast and And the Crowd Goes Wild, by Joe Garner, both made the first-of-the-millennium New York Times Bestseller list on January 2, 2000.

"At Sourcebooks, we want to help people experience books in entirely new ways," said Todd Stocke, Sourcebooks' Managing Editor. "In this case, we're bringing The Second City right into your living room. The result is a treasure that ensures future generations will share in the rich legacy of comedy from The Second City."

About Sourcebooks:

Through its commitment to making an impact on society, the publishing industry and the lives of individual readers around the world, twelve-year-old Sourcebooks has grown from a home-based dream into a multi-million dollar company with new 16,000 foot headquarters, three locations across the country and its very own cow. From its small-town, Naperville, Illinois, location, Sourcebooks boasts over 300 titles in print, three imprints and new company acquisitions on a regular basis. Every day around the world, thousands of people are enlightened and inspired by the books published by Sourcebooks.

About The Second City:

For 40 years, The Second City has produced cutting-edge satire and wickedly funny improvisation, while also serving to train thousands of young comedic performers in the art of improv-based sketch comedy. Beginning as a hundred-seat cabaret on Chicago's North Side, The Second City has grown into a comedy empire, with resident theatres in Chicago, Toronto, Detroit and soon - Cleveland; 5 touring troupes that bring Second City comedy worldwide; a training center with enrollment of over 2,500 students a year; Second City Communications, a division that brings comedy into the corporate sector; and film and television pursuits that have included the classic television series "SCTV."

The Second City alumni list reads like a who's who of North American comedy: Alan Arkin, Barbara Harris, Robert Klein, Peter Boyle, Joan Rivers, Harold Ramis, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, Bill Murray, John Candy, Martin Short, Andrea Martin, George Wendt, Chris Farley, Bonnie Hunt, Mike Myers, and more.
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Date:Jan 8, 2000
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