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Secession Push Grows as South African Regime Plots Land Thefts.

As the world has finally started realizing in recent weeks, South Africa is coming apart at the seams amid an explosion of violence, tyranny, and hate. Most recently, the rapidly deteriorating situation was exposed in South Africa's Parliament. In February, lawmakers there voted in favor of a racist plot to confiscate property from European-descent South Africans without any compensation. The scheme to authorize mass theft, which requires a change to the Constitution, comes amid a growing tsunami of racist violence targeting Afrikaner farmers, often labeled Boers. There have been thousands of unimaginably brutal "farm attacks" and "farm murders," known as plaasmoorde in Afrikaans, since whites voted to surrender political power some 25 years ago in the face of a brutal communist terror campaign.

One non-political civil-rights organization, CapeXit, formerly known as the Afrikaner Society, has already put the South African government on notice that the people of the Cape are working to secede using a lawful, internationally recognized process. In a December 2017 letter delivered to then-South African President Jacob Zuma, the group said the effort would comply with the South African Constitution and international law. The area in question is known as the Cape region, which includes the provinces of the Western Cape, the Northern Cape, and parts of the Eastern Cape. According to the latest census data, a majority of the region's residents are Afrikaans-speaking Christians who are either white or what is known in South Africa as "coloured."

While all of the efforts are guided by, and in compliance with, South Africa's Constitution and a variety of international treaties to which the central government is a party, the South African government is unlikely to accept any move that would threaten its wealth, territory, power, or prestige. But with the South African Constitution recognizing and protecting "the right of self-determination of any community sharing a common cultural and language heritage," the law may be on the side of the secessionists. And with essentially no acceptable options left, this may be literally a fight for survival.

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Date:Apr 23, 2018
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