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Seattle's summer games and festival.

When the Soviet Union sends its best athletes, best ballet dancers, and some of its finest works of art to the Seattle area this summer, the result promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all lucky enough to get tickets. Be it basketball or ballet, now is the time to order. More than 2,500 top athletes from the U.S., the Soviet Union, and about 50 other countries will compete in the second Goodwill Games. The first games, designed to advance U.S.-Soviet relations, were held in Moscow in 1986. An arts festival will bring ballet, opera, theater, and visual arts from around the world, particularly the Soviet Union. The arts festival and most sporting events will take place at sites from Tacoma to Seattle.

Watching world-class athletes, July 20 through August 5 Conceived by media magnate Ted Turner, the Goodwill Games combine 21 sports from both winter and summer. With no prospect of the U.S. hosting the Olympics this decade, these games provide the best first-hand chance to see top-caliber athletes in so many events.

Scats should still be available for most events, though some, including swimming and diving, are sold out. Tickets are surprisingly reasonable-more than half are priced at or below $10. For an order form, call (900) 773-4567. Beginning sometime in April, you can buy tickets from TicketMaster's Goodwill Games ticket line, (206) 292-1990.

Visual and performing arts, June through September

To watch the Bolshoi Ballet, the Grand Kabuki Theater of Japan, or any of more than 200 other performances, your best bet is to buy a package. Individual ticket orders will be processed after package orders, and by then the most popular shows will no doubt be sold out.

Various packages are available; the smallest ($45 and up) include four performances and four visual arts exhibits. Only one exhibit-Moscow: Treasures and Traditions-has started selling advance individual tickets. Held in Seattle, the show displays 500 years of Russian fine and decorative art. Tickets cost $7.50, $4.50 ages 12 and under.

Call the games ticket line (above) to order tickets or get a brochure with details on exhibits and performances.
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Date:Mar 1, 1990
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