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Seaton-SSK establishes permanent mold & design div.

Seaton-SSK Establishes Permanent Mold & Design Div

Seaton-SSK Engineering, Inc, Au Gres, MI, has established a new division, Permanent Mold & Design, dedicated to providing piston mold design and build services, as well as the manufacture of piston molding machines and auto pouring units. State-of-the-art CAD equipment at the facility helps to speed design drawings and provide high accuracy.

The molds are built using premium grade tool steel to maintain high quality. Tolerances are held to [plus or minus] .002 for all parts. The division also designs single and double cavity piston molding machines, which are manufactured by the parent company, Seaton-SSK. Typical range of the heavy duty machines is up to a five in. piston. In addition to new machines, Permanent Mold & Design Div and Seaton-SSK provide rebuilt machines and spare parts.

Auto pouring units are built to suit customer requirements. Equipment may include fixed automation systems or robotic systems. These units provide for improved quality by ensuring consistent pouring.

Permanent Mold & Design is under the supervision of John Pejakovich, divisional manager. Piston mold building is led by Mike Pejakovich. The division is located at 533 N. Court St, Au Gres, MI 48703.
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Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Sep 1, 1989
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