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Seatac Marine Services.

Seatac Marine Services

6701 Fox Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98108 206-767-6000 *

Walter Seay, President

Susie Ripley, Vice President

SeaTac Marine Services is a full-service logistical support and freight company with a 12 [1/2] acre marine terminal on the Duwamish Waterway located in Seattle, WA. We have 1,600 feet of waterfront dock space and barge loading ramps within 400 feet of a 400' x 100' x 70' high-ceiling specialty construction support building. Equipped with steel deck barges with a range of carrying capacities reaching 9,854 tons, along with tugboats, crane service, and 35-ton forklifts. Providing turn-key solutions for transportation needs anywhere in the US or abroad.

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Title Annotation:INDUSTRY MEMBERS--Regional Patrons
Publication:Defense Transportation Journal
Date:Jun 1, 2019
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