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Seasonal effects on fish populations and distribution in a Coastal South Carolina River.

South Carolina generally experiences very hot summers and moderate to cold winters. Along with the temperature variations, other factors are affected through seasonal changes. In the coastal region of South Carolina, summers are known for increased tourism. Due to this increase, construction usually takes place during winter in order to be completed before the tourist season. The purpose of this research was to determine if seasonal variations have any effects on fish populations in the Cooper River, South Carolina. It was hypothesized that the seasonal variations, as well as the physical parameters, would have an effect on the populations. Six sites on the Cooper River were tested in July, for the summer trials, and November, for the winter trials. At each site, physical parameters were measured using a YSI, an air thermometer, and a secchi disc. Fish populations were determined through electrofishing at each site. The fish were then counted and released. Mullet, Flounder, Spotted seatrout, American eel, and Gar were used in this study. Several t-Tests, at an y = 0.05, determined that there was no significant difference between the physical parameters for the summer and winter. However, there was a significant difference between the fish populations at an y = 0.05. For the sample mullet population, with t(6)=.203, p>0.05, a significant difference was found. Similar results were determined in all five fish populations tested.
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Author:Norell, Grant C.
Publication:Bulletin of the South Carolina Academy of Science
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Date:Jan 1, 2005
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