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Almost a year since issuing its RFP, Sears has appointed licensing agency LMCA to handle its Kenmore, Craftsman, and DieHard brands worldwide. LMCA is headed by founder Allan Feldman, and handles other corporate brands such as Westinghouse and Frigidaire, as well as organizations such as the New York Philharmonic and the San Diego Zoo.

As reported in TLL in September and October last year, Sears has been extending those house brands into new categories (for example, DieHard to Dorcy International for alkaline batteries and flashlights), and making some products available through other retailers including Ace Hardware and Costco.

The retailer is leveraging those brands in the face of declining market share in its core retail operations. Licensing is potentially a lifeline for the company, and some have speculated that it may ultimately license the Sears name itself.

According to our report, "Private Label Consumers" (, Kenmore and Craftsman have by far the highest brand recognition--almost four times the average--of any private label or house brand in the U.S., with 78% of women correctly identifying that those brands are sold at Sears; across more than 40 brands surveyed, the average awareness of where private label brands are sold is 20%.

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Publication:Licensing Letter
Date:Apr 16, 2012
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