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Searching in the title field of Web pages. (Searching the web).

Searching in the title field of the HTML code of a web site allows precision searching on the World Wide Web. Generally, web site designers try to reveal the subject contents of the site in the title of their web page. Thus, a search for words in the title field should yield web sites about that topic.

Searching the title field of the HTML code of web sites is as close as searchers can come to a subject search on the Web. Not all search engines permit searching in the title field, and various search engines handle title searching differently.

The search engine help screens should explain the correct syntax for searching the title fields for that engine.

Try these title field searches: Use AltaVista ( to locate the web site for Information power: Nine information literacy standards.

Syntax: title:"Information power nine information literacy standards'

Google ( uses two different commands for searching in the title field: intitle or allintitle.

Use Google to locate an article with the phrase "changing role of the teacher-librarian" in the title part of the web page.

Syntax: intitle:"changing role of the teacher-librarian"

Google's allintitle command locates web pages with all the words in the title part of the Web page. (These words do not have to be in sequence.) Use the allintitle command to locate an article with the three words "land" "confusion" and "students" all in the title part of a Web site.

Syntax allintitle:land confusion students

Some search engines have title field searching as an option already coded into the search interface. For example, see the Advanced Search features of Google and AlltheWeb (

Explore these sites to learn more about searching in the title field:

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Holly Gunn is teacher-librarian at Sackville High School, NS. She can be reached at

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Author:Gunn, Holly
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Date:Feb 1, 2003
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