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Searching for faith.

Toronto -- The United Church of Canada has sent out questionnaires to 900 congregations asking its members to "define their beliefs", having found its present statement of belief to be "outdated and cumbersome". It has done this before, with the foregone negative results of everyone continuing their form of belief or unbelief.

During the last half-century, the community has moved from a (theological to a sociological mode. Today, it wants to tackle again doctrinal questions such as "Is Jesus the only means of salvation?" and "What is the Holy Trinity?" The latter concept seems to be well accepted in the new Statement of Faith, but in 1997 former U.C. Moderator Bill Phipps showed it to be hollow when he denied the divinity and resurrection of Jesus. He is not the only Moderator to have done so.

The U.C. has had a long history of divisive debates, with the approval of homosexual ordination driving out large numbers of the faithful in recent years. But liberalists never seem to learn from history.
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Title Annotation:Canada
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Date:Oct 1, 2003
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