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Searching Clinical Chemistry on the Web.

The AACC home page ( contains the Tables of Contents for all issues of the Journal since January 1996. The Table of Contents for each monthly issue is added to the home page by the first day of the issue month, making the information available before delivery of the printed version to most locations.

Also included on the home page are the abstracts for those articles that contain abstracts in the printed journal (Articles; Case Reports; Overviews; articles from the Beckman, Oak Ridge, and NACB Meetings; Reviews). The abstracts of these articles now can be searched for keywords or concepts by following simple directions on the home page. This feature greatly speeds retrieval of information from the Journal.

At present, searches do not include pieces that contain no abstract (Editorials, Opinions, Special Reports, Technical Briefs, Book and Software Reviews, and Letters to the Editor), although their titles are listed in the monthly Tables of Contents.

I encourage readers to explore this service and let us know if it serves your needs. All involved will value your input; comments (sent to will be acknowledged promptly and considered thoughtfully. A specific query to our readers: Should the search strategy on the home page include the titles of pieces (Letters, Technical Briefs, etc.) that lack abstracts?

Compiled by David E. Bruns, Editor
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Title Annotation:The Clinical Chemist
Author:Bruns, David E.
Publication:Clinical Chemistry
Date:Jan 1, 1997
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