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blinkx [,]

"Blink and you'll miss it" certainly doesn't apply to blinkx, a free search technology that thinks for and links users to relevant information anywhere, in any format. Unlike Boolean keyword search tools, blinkx reads the information on users' computer screens, extracts the main ideas to derive meaning, and then automatically links users to related information on Web sites, in the news, and on their own computers (including Microsoft Office and PDF documents). The technology even searches email messages, video clips, blogs, graphics, and MP3 files. A companion site, blinkx.TV, makes thousands of hours of TV content (including podcasts and video blogs) fully searchable.



CHIEF OFFICER: Suranga Chandratillake, Founder & CTO

PRODUCTS: blinkx 3.5, blinkx.TV, my.blinkx tv

Endeca Technologies, Inc. []

Endeca, a privately held company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, offers a variety of search, navigation, and analysis solutions. This year, Endeca announced a new product that adds aggregation, analytics, and visualization to its capabilities for handling structured data and unstructured content, designed for self-service business intelligence and reporting. Endeca Latitude uses the same search and browse technology, called Guided Navigation, that is the foundation of Endeca's enterprise search (Endeca ProFind) and ecommerce search (Endeca InFront) solutions. The company also rolled out several new industry solutions tailored to the unique needs of specific verticals.



CHIEF OFFICER: Jim Baum, President & CEO

PRODUCTS: Endeca Navigation Engine, ProFind, InFront, Latitude

Fast Search & Transfer ASA []

Seeing enterprise search as the fast track to success, Norway's Fast Search & Transfer believes its real-time, integrated search and filter technology will search Web sites, intranets, and global databases. Whether it's compliance, revenue enhancement, or content management, Fast intends to provide a single point of access to enterprise data. New partnerships include ones with library management company SISIS Informationsysteme GmbH, Babelstore's Priceminister brand, LegitiName, IntelliReach, Germany egovernment portal, and LexisNexis Applied Discovery.



CHIEF OFFICER: John M. Lervik, Co-founder & CEO

PRODUCTS: Fast ESP, Data Search, Marketrac

Google, Inc. []

Google and search are synonymous these days. Looking more closely, advertising-fueled Google is stretching its boundaries well beyond search. And more is coming. Use Google Earth to "fly" around the world, manage your photos with Picasa, express your opinions in a blog powered by Blogger, track current events with Google News and its alerting service, shop with Froogle, find what's on your hard drive with Google Desktop, and research scholarly literature with Google Scholar. Google Labs previews new products and tools. Google's Print library project, hailed as a major initiative to open library stacks to electronic use, has also attracted the ire of copyright holders.



CHIEF OFFICER: Eric Schmidt, Chairman & CEO

PRODUCTS: Search, News, Scholar, Print, Labs, Talk, Appliance, Answers, Earth (Keyhole), Blog Search, BIogger, Froogle, AdSense, Desktop Search, Picasa

Intellext, Inc. []

Intellext lived up to its "Intelligence in Context" moniker with a string of banner achievements in 2005. In January, the company emerged from incubation and hired a CEO; in April, it unveiled ActiveContext iSuite, its second product; and in June, it launched the second-generation version of Watson, its flagship product. An outgrowth of work conducted at Northwestern University's research-to-product incubator, DevLab, Watson strives to remove the burden of search by reading and understanding what computer users are working on and then using that knowledge to proactively find and deliver useful information. Version 2.0 features a side-pane user interface and integrates with Google's Desktop Search and Search Appliance products.

ISYS Search Software []

Reality doesn't bite for ISYS Search Software, a Sydney, Australia-headquartered company that sells enterprise search solutions to "real people doing business in the real world." A quick glance at its customer list--which includes the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Hewlett Packard, and Blue Cross Blue Shield--confirms that ISYS is deeply entrenched in the here and now. Its flagship technology, now in its seventh generation, searches more than 140 file types, allowing users to index, search, and view the contents of any file to which they have security access, even without the source application.



CHIEF OFFICER: Ian Davies, Founder & Managing Director

PRODUCTS; ISYS:desktop, :web, :sdk, :emailsearch, :spider, :publisher, and :rdu

Thunderstone Software LLC []

Thunderstone's long history in search and retrieval technology serves it well. As the Web and enterprise search marketplaces have evolved this decade, Thunderstone has continued to expand and update its offerings. One of its more noteworthy products is a search appliance that competes favorably with Google Appliance. Google may have made the appliance market, but Thunderstone brings its own power to the play.




PRODUCTS: Texis, Webinator, Thunderstone Search Appliance, Texis Categorizer

Verity, Inc. []

It is true that not all information comes in nicely managed databases, and Verity's search products enable users to find needles of results in the haystacks of unstructured corporate information. This year Verity introduced an add-on feature to its Ultraseek platform, CCE (Content Classification Engine), to more closely integrate browsing and searching functions. Following its late 2004 acquisition of Cardiff Software and Dralasoft, Verity developed LiquidOffice 4.0, a BPM solution that can search and monitor in-process, time-sensitive content.



CHIEF OFFICER: Anthony Bettencourt

PRODUCTS: Verity K2 Enterprise, LiquidOffice, Ultraseek, Desktop Search

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