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Sean, sea, sand and fun; A job on the Algarve is just perfect for the former Dangerfield actor.

SWAPPING leafy Warwickshire for the sunshine beaches of Portugal proved a health hazard for actor Sean Maguire.

The one-time Dangerfield star had no sooner unpacked his suntan cream and slipped on his flip-flops then he found himself in casualty nursing a broken hand.

"I fell over and broke two little bones in my hand, but it looked worse than it was," he insists with a grin. "It would have been fine and the cast would have come off earlier but the medical people in Portugal didn't set it well, so I had to go back and have it broke again and reset."

Sean had to spend six weeks in plaster while filming the new series of Sunburn for BBC 1. The drama about a team of holiday reps in Portugal returns tonight, but Sean says viewers will have to be eagle-eyed to spot his plaster cast.

"I had to film with my arm hidden," he explains, "but I wasn't needed too much while I was in plaster so it wasn't really that much of a big deal."

Sean is only 23 but he is already a veteran as far as the world of showbusiness is concerned. He began acting when he was five with a role in Voyage Around My Father with Laurence Olivier and then made his name on Grange Hill as Tegs Ratcliffe.

In EastEnders, he was aspiring soccer star Aidan Brosnan and he went on to find himself in Warwickshire playing Dangerfield's wayward son Marty.

The series led to him finding romance with co-star Liza Faulkner. She played his sister in Dangerfield and has gone on to success in Holby City and their on-off relationship lasted for four years before they finally split-up in 1998.

Along the way there has also been a brief fling with pop stardom with Sean touring with Boyzone and enjoying chart success with singles like Someone To Love.

However, when his record company dropped his contract on his 21st birthday, Sean ended up playing Romeo in a pub theatre production of Romeo And Juliet for pounds 50 a night.

Since then he has appeared in panto and last year his career took an upsurge when he was picked to star in thriller film Out Of Depth.

Now Sean is looking forward to playing cheeky holiday rep Lee Wilson in Sunburn alongside series regulars Michelle Collins, Rebecca Callard and George Layton.

"There's a lot of kissing girls and pulling most of the time. It's a real bind. I'm finding it really tough to do," jokes Sean.

He even did his own research for the role and explains: "I went to see a friend in Ibiza for four or five days and met some holiday reps so I asked them what the job involved. They said they get some people onto a glass-bottomed boat or whatever and do as much drinking and chatting as possible.

"It's a great job for young people who don't want to sit in an office all summer. Young people in the sun having fun, dancing, drinking and snogging. That's it really. My research in a nutshell."
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Date:Jan 22, 2000
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