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Seal-Tite International.

Seal-Tite[R] International offers a brochure devoted to its engineered sealing solutions. The firm offers unique pressure-activated sealants that seals leaks in oilfield environments. Among applications listed are pipeline pinholes and weld defects, flange connections and ball valves. The sealants are unique in that the pressure drop through a leak site causes the sealants to polymerize into a flexible solid only at the point of differential pressure. As the reaction proceeds, polymerized sealant forms at the edges of the leak site and simultaneously links together to form a flexible bond across the leak site. The remainder of the sealant in the system remains liquid. Pressure-activated sealant characteristics listed: liquid sealant, pressure activated, polymerizes into a flexible solid, solidifies only the leak site, excess sealant remains liquid, tested to 22,000 psi and 500 degrees E Contact Bob Taylor, 888-674-3385, 504-390-3656,

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Title Annotation:What's New: In Products & Services
Publication:Pipeline & Gas Journal
Date:Sep 1, 2012
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