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Seafood - Effects of Technology on Nutrition.

Wild fish are just that, man has little control over their pattern of growth and even less over their nutrition. Indeed, it might be said that, with all the man-made pollution pouring into our seas, he is ruining it. More seriously, fish needs handling carefully to ensure that its nutrient value is not 'processed' out of it.

The authors, by their experience, realized that a barrier had grown up between the nutritive value of food and the technology that is used to handle, process or harvest it. As they say, before we can understand nutrition in its complete sense, we need to discover how foods react biochemically when consumed. The various practices that are used between the harvest place and the consumer all affect the total nutritive value of a food material.

To the above complex equation must be added the fact that the world is still trying to increase its food supplies to feed the undernourished populations. Some of the fish stocks have been overfished and others will be, so that fish farming will gradually become more important as this resource comes to be utilised more and more.

This book sets out to remedy this apparent imbalance in our knowledge and its ten chapters cover the area in detail. Their titles are: Food from the sea; Components of seafood; Effects of processing on nutrients; Preprocessing-general considerations and preprocessing; Adding and removing heat; Controlling water activity; Irradiation; Utilizing fish flesh effectively while maintaining nutritional qualities; The role of lipids in human nutrition; and Extracting and processing marine lipids. The book concludes with two appendices on aquaculture and seaweeds.
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Date:Aug 1, 1992
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