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Seabirds of Eastern North Pacific and Arctic waters.

Seabirds of Eastern North Pacific and Arctic Waters, edited by Delphine Haley (Pacific SEarch Press, Seattle, 1984; $39.95), is a large-format, 214-page volume that covers the entire West Coast. Where a field guide offers a thumbnail sketch, this book takes you through a bird's daily feeding, grooming, fighting, breeding, and flying.

The information and photographs are all the more remarkable because the subjects are sea birds, some of which rarely come within sight of land. If you ever sighted a sooty shearwater on its annual transhemisphere migration, you'd want to know more. This book gives it to you.

The research is impeccable, the writing clear and direct, and the photography topnotch.

The book is organized by bird family: you'll find separate sections for tubenoses (albatrosses, fulmars, shearwaters, petrels), pelican-like birds, gull-like birds, phalaropes, and alcids. Maps show distributions; illustrations help you understand bird behavior.

This is a book to read, not just to keep around for reference.
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Date:Feb 1, 1985
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