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Cnidocyte Supporting Cell Complexes Regulate Nematocyst-Mediated Feeding Behaviors in the Sea Anemone Diadumene lineata. Mcauley, Virginia; Thorington, Glyne U.; Hessinger, David A. Oct 1, 2020 9103
Out of the Blue: The Failure of the Introduced Sea Anemone Sagartia elegans (Dalyell, 1848) in Salem Harbor, Massachusetts. Wells, Christopher D.; Harris, Larry G. Technical report Dec 1, 2019 6573
Self/Non-Self Recognition Affects Cnida Discharge and Tentacle Contraction in the Sea Anemone Haliplanella luciae. Gundlach, Katrina A.; Watson, Glen M. Report Oct 1, 2018 4979
Experimentally Induced Bleaching in the Sea Anemone Exaiptasia Supports Glucose as a Main Metabolite Associated with Its Symbiosis. Molina, Victor Hugo; Castillo-Medina, Raul Eduardo; Thome, Patricia Elena Report Jan 1, 2017 5364
Integrins of the starlet sea anemone Nematostella vectensis. Gong, Qizhi; Garvey, Katrina; Qian, Chenghao; Yin, Isabel; Wong, Gary; Tucker, Richard P. Report Dec 1, 2014 5328
MS research under the sea. Bernstein, Sara Jun 22, 2013 809
How a sea anemone grows its tentacles. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article Jun 15, 2013 170
Latitudinal diversity of sea anemones (Cnidaria: Actiniaria). Fautin, Daphne Gail; Malarky, Lacey; Soberon, Jorge Report Apr 1, 2013 4961
Parents aid fry with low pH. Raloff, Janet Brief article Jul 28, 2012 168
Populations of symbiodinium muscatinei show strong biogeographic structuring in the intertidal anemone Anthopleura elegantissima. Sanders, Jon G.; Palumbi, Stephen R. Report Jun 1, 2011 6447
Stunning sea flower, or deadly animal? A scientist travels the world to unlock the secrets of strange and beautiful sea anemones. Goudarzi, Sara Jan 24, 2011 1113
What do you want to know? Jan 24, 2011 269
Stunning sea flower, or deadly animal? One scientist unlocks the secrets of a strange and beautiful sea creature. Goudarzi, Sara Jan 1, 2011 869
Effects of satiation and starvation on nematocyst discharge, prey killing, and ingestion in two species of sea anemone. Thorington, Glyne U.; McAuley, Virginia; Hessinger, David A. Report Oct 1, 2010 6640
Distribution patterns of zoochlorellae and zooxanthellae hosted by two Pacific northeast anemones, Anthopleura elegantissima and a. xanthogrammica. Bates, Amanda E.; McLean, Lily; Laing, Patrick; Raeburn, Lisa A.; Hare, Crystal Report Jun 1, 2010 7049
Formation of the apical flaps in nematocysts of sea anemones (Cnidaria: Actiniaria). Reft, Abigail J.; Westfall, Jane A.; Fautin, Daphne Gail Report Aug 1, 2009 6176
Importance of time and place: patterns in abundance of Symbiodinium clades A and B in the tropical sea anemone Condylactis gigantea. Venn, A.A.; Loram, J.E.; Trapido-Rosenthal, H.G.; Joyce, D.A.; Douglas, A.E. Report Dec 1, 2008 6123
Cyclophilin and the regulation of symbiosis in Aiptasia pallida. Perez, S.; Weis, V. Report Aug 1, 2008 6366
Nutritional role of two algal symbionts in the temperate sea anemone anthopleura elegantissima brandt. Bergschneider, Heather; Muller-Parker, Gisele Report Aug 1, 2008 10208
Genomic survey of candidate stress-response genes in the estuarine anemone Nematostella vectensis. Reitzel, Adam M.; Sullivan, James C.; Traylor-Knowles, Nikki; Finnerty, John R. Jun 1, 2008 15712
Embryonic and larval development of the host sea anemones Entacmaea quadricolor and Heteractis crispa. Scott, Anna; Harrison, Peter, L. Oct 1, 2007 6517
Knockdown of actin and caspase gene expression by RNA interference in the symbiotic anemone Aiptasia pallida. Dunn, Simon R.; Phillips, Wendy S.; Green, Douglas R.; Weis, Virginia M. Jun 1, 2007 5499
Anemone wars: clone armies deploy scouts, attack tidally. Milius, S. Jun 4, 2005 488
Phylogenetic placement of "zoochlorellae" (chlorophyta), algal symbiont of the temperate sea anemone Anthopleura elegantissima. Lewis, Louise A.; Muller-Parker, Gisele Oct 1, 2004 4184
Microscaling: why larger anemones have longer cnidae. Francis, Lisbeth Oct 1, 2004 8714
Predation resistance and nematocyst scaling for Metridium senile and M. farcimen. Kramer, Andrew; Francis, Lisbeth Oct 1, 2004 6745
Early development and acquisition of zooxanthellae in the temperate symbiotic sea anemone Anthopleura ballii (cocks). Davy, Simon K.; Turner, John R. Aug 1, 2003 3870
Mycosporine-like amino acid content in four species of sea anemones in the genus Anthopleura reflects phylogenetic but not environmental or symbiotic relationships. Shick, J. Malcolm; Dunlap, Walter C.; Pearse, John S.; Pearse, Vicki B. Dec 1, 2002 9931
Biogeography of Two Species of Symbiodinium (Freudenthal) Inhabiting the Intertidal Sea Anemone Anthopleura elegantissima (Brandt). LAJEUNESSE, T. C.; TRENCH, R. K. Oct 1, 2000 6371
Cropping of Sea Anemone Tentacles by a Symbiotic Barnacle. YUSA, YOICHI; YAMATO, SHIGEYUKI Dec 1, 1999 1593
Translocation of Photosynthetic Carbon From Two Algal Symbionts to the Sea Anemone Anthopleura elegantissima. ENGEBRETSON, HILARY P.; MULLER-PARKER, GISELE Aug 1, 1999 7053
A nematocyst release response in the sea anemone tentacle. Thorington, Glyne U.; Hessinger, David A. Oct 1, 1998 6871
Homeoboxes in sea anemones (Cnidaria; Anthozoa): a PCR-based survey of Nematostella vectensis and Metridium senile. Finnerty, John R.; Martindale, Mark Q. Aug 1, 1997 4421
Physiological variation among clonal genotypes in the sea anemone Haliplanella lineata: growth and biochemical content. McManus, Michael G.; Place, Allen R.; Zamer, William E. Jun 1, 1997 10223
Oxidative stress in the symbiotic sea anemone Aiptasia pulchella (Carlegan, 1943): contribution of the animal to superoxide ion production at elevated temperature. Nii, Calvin M.; Muscatine, Leonard Jun 1, 1997 8292
Antibacterial properties of isolated amoebocytes from the sea anemone Actinia equina. Hutton, Danielle M.C.; Smith, Valerie J. Dec 1, 1996 6393
Ultrastructural localization of Antho-RWamides I and II at neuromuscular synapses in the gastrodermis and oral sphincter muscle of the sea anemone Calliactis parasitica. Westfall, Jane A.; Sayyar, Kelley L.; Elliott, Carol F.; Grimmelikhuijzen, Cornelis J.P. Dec 1, 1995 2884
Sea anemones. Lambeth, Ellen Nov 1, 1995 493
Localization of digestion activities in the sea anemone Haliplanella luciae. Bumann, Dirk Oct 1, 1995 972
The snack attack: a tale of two critters. Kranking, Kathy Mar 1, 1995 352
Effects of flow and seston availability on scope for growth of benthic suspension-feeding invertebrates from the Gulf of Maine. Lesser, Michael P.; Witman, Jon D.; Sebens, Kenneth P. Dec 1, 1994 10288
Identification of synaptophysin-like immunoreactivity in the sea anemone Condylactis gigantea (Cnidaria: Anthozoa). Dellacorte, Christian; McClure, William O.; Kalinoski, D. Lynn Dec 1, 1994 4137
Neurofilament-like immunoreactivity in the sea anemone Condylactis gigantea (Cnidaria: Anthozoa). Dellacorte, Christian; Anderson, Don S.; McClure, William O.; Kalinoski, D. Lynn Oct 1, 1994 5083
Glutamate immunoreactivity in non-neuronal cells of the sea anemone Metridium senile. Anctil, Michel; Carette, Jean-Pascal Aug 1, 1994 3801

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