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Sea trout returned to beck.

AN EAST Cleveland beck is once again home to thousands of sea trout after it was restocked by the Environment Agency.

Skelton Beck was devastated when it was polluted with pig slurry in March 2012, stripping oxygen out of the water and killing trout, salmon and minnows.

To bring the beck back to life, Environment Agency fisheries experts started a programme of restocking fish which have been reared at its Kielder Hatchery in Northumberland.

This will eventually see 84,000 young fish released into Skelton Beck at several locations.

The latest stocking saw 26,000 young sea trout - known as fry - released.

Environment Agency fisheries officer Paul Frear said: "Pollution incidents can decimate watercourses and so we occasionally need to give nature a helping hand by stocking fish which otherwise can take decades to naturally recolonise rivers and streams."

The Yorkshire Esk Rivers Trust has helped the project by donating fish to breed from, with the adults returned to the River Esk along with thousands of juveniles to boost stocks there.

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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jul 24, 2015
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